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WELCOME! RC Days ESL Meetings August 2014. Sign in to TodaysMeet Go to

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1 WELCOME! RC Days ESL Meetings August 2014

2 Sign in to TodaysMeet Go to

3 Tying It All Together Experts in the Building Our Responsibilities as Teacher Leaders PLC Calendar ESL To Do List Schedules Student Lists

4 Tying It All Together Differentiation Lesson Planning Literacy Online Resources

5 Article: Lincoln Students Face Suspension for Letting Green Cards Fly s=12511553

6 Video: Racism Green Cards and Soccer Students Speak Out 447032

7 Tone for the Day

8 Challenging Students /challenging-students?fd=1

9 Fixed vs Growth Mindset Video and Graphic Organizer =player_embedded&v=o8JycfeoVzg

10 Differentiation What it is/What it isn’t

11 WIDA A Great Tool for Differentiation

12 Differentiation

13 What’s Different About Teaching Reading to Students Learning English? Essential Components of Reading Instruction According to Reading First

14 Take a Stand Anticipation Guide: Predictors of Success in Learning to Read

15 Jigsaw Article Predictors of Success in Learning to Read

16 EVERYONE: Introduction 1: Letter Recognition 2.Oral Language Proficiency 3.Pronunciation 4.Phonemic Awareness 5.Concepts of Print EVERYONE: Summary

17 Differentiation Adapting Text Strategies and Implementations Charts

18 Differentiation Paired Reading/Summarizing

19 Differentiation Adapted Text Reading/GIST

20 Lesson Planning Lesson Plans are the Expectation for EVERY Teacher…. But--- Which template???

21 2013 version of Learning Focused: The Next Generation Template (The Basic Plan) uploads/1/8/2/9/18299627/lesson_plan _2013.docx

22 Differentiation/Acceleration Challenges/Struggles Which Students? uploads/1/8/2/9/18299627/accelerating _a_learning_focused_lesson.docx

23 Previewing Plan For Targeted Students How do you scaffold/support? uploads/1/8/2/9/18299627/previewing _plan_for_a_learning_template.docx

24 Guided Reading Plan ds/1/8/2/9/18299627/guided_reading.docx

25 Star 3 Website for Lesson Planning Advice

26 Additional Template Ideas Forest Park Lesson Plan Template with Drop-Down Menus: /Domain/65/Forest%20Park%20Lesson%20Plan%20Te mplate.docx /Domain/65/Forest%20Park%20Lesson%20Plan%20Te mplate.docx Lesson Plan Template from Ken Dickie: /Domain/65/Lesson%20Plan%20Template%20from%20 Ken%20Dickie%20Flat%20Rock%20MS.xlsx /Domain/65/Lesson%20Plan%20Template%20from%20 Ken%20Dickie%20Flat%20Rock%20MS.xlsx

27 Additional Template Ideas Lesson Plan Template from Emily Dodson: entricity/Domain/65/lesson%20plan%20templ ates%20from%20Emily%20Dodson.docx entricity/Domain/65/lesson%20plan%20templ ates%20from%20Emily%20Dodson.docx SIOP Template 1: entricity/Domain/65/SIOP%20Lesson_Plan_te mplate1.doc entricity/Domain/65/SIOP%20Lesson_Plan_te mplate1.doc

28 Additional Template Ideas SIOP Template 2: entricity/Domain/65/SIOP%20Lesson_Plan_te mplate2.doc entricity/Domain/65/SIOP%20Lesson_Plan_te mplate2.doc SIOP Template 3: entricity/Domain/65/SIOP%20Lesson_Plan_te mplate3.doc entricity/Domain/65/SIOP%20Lesson_Plan_te mplate3.doc

29 Additional Template Ideas SIOP Template 4: entricity/Domain/65/SIOP%20Lesson_Plan_te mplate4.doc entricity/Domain/65/SIOP%20Lesson_Plan_te mplate4.doc

30 Don’t let ‘em quit!!! Death Crawl from Facing the Giants

31 Additional Videos and Articles you may want to check out--- See the next few slides!

32 Video: Students Tell Why Information Equals Money

33 CNN Report Readers: Children learn attitudes about race at home /

34 Courageous Conversations

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