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Tivoli Storage Manager v. 4.1

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1 Tivoli Storage Manager v. 4.1
Technical Presentation Keeping information available has always been a challenge for an IT executive. But today, IT extends way beyond the computer center and touches every aspect of our company’s existence. IT executives face new challenges never before seen and information availability takes on a whole new meaning. At Tivoli, we’re experts at helping IT executives solve these challenges and more.

2 Discussion Implications of e-business on storage needs
How Integrated Storage Management Can Help Tivoli Storage Manager Why Tivoli? Today we will discuss the impact major initiatives such as e-business have played on information storage requirements. We’ll address how integrated storage management can help you build an “info-structure” that is ready for the challenges that lie ahead, because we believe that IT executives who are savvy about how to implement, manage, and protect their information infrastructure are those who will propel their businesses into market leadership positions. We will then discuss the Tivoli Storage Manager solution and how it addresses the challenges of complex storage management across distributed environments. And finally, of course, we’ll show you how Tivoli is solidly positioned to support your growth and evolution.

3 e-Business: Implications on Storage Needs
Stored information is now growing at 8-fold per year, largely driven by e-business initiatives More storage sold in 1999 than all prior years combined Storage prices falling at rates that exceed 35% per year For the first time, companies are spending more time and money on managing data, instead of storing it 40% of corporate assets still reside on S/390 - waiting to be unleashed! It costs 5 – 8 times as much to manage storage as it does to buy it! While the opportunities and promise of e-business are exciting, it comes with its own set of challenges. The tremendous data volumes are requiring companies to re-examine their entire infrastructure to scale up to meet users’ needs. It used to be that information volumes doubled each year. Now industry reports note that companies who use the Web to perform business transactions via the Internet or extranets can see information volume increases at eight-fold per year. Because storage prices have dropped so significantly, buying more of it has been a smart move for so many companies. The aggressive price point makes more complex storage networks to provide fault tolerance and recovery a reality for companies of all sizes. More storage means more information immediately available … if you can find it, of course. Given the complexity of technology infrastructures in today’s e-business world it costs a lot more to manage complex storage networks than to actually buy the storage requirements.

4 Integrated Storage Management Helps
Integrated Storage Management is: Centralized administration Monitoring Reporting Protection Puts key information at your fingertips by: Making more efficient use of storage Reducing Total Cost of Ownership by standardization and simplification Eliminating disparate “point solutions” across heterogeneous environments Supporting incremental growth through business application support Integrated Storage management performs centralized administration, monitoring, reporting, protection, and recovery of mixed platform storage activities. By centralizing these tasks, you make better use of existing resources, often eliminating or slowing down the need for further purchases. Standardization helps to address those skyrocketing per-user costs and better balancing makes more efficient use of existing resources. Finally, you probably have several “point solutions” in place to address individual platform needs. Imagine the benefits of being able to eliminate individual solutions, and more effectively manage the entire environment from a single software platform.

5 The Tivoli Information Integrity Initiative
The Tivoli Storage Management Initiative provides an end-to-end management solution with proven methodologies to help customers link storage management policies with key business practices, to enable them to use information to DRIVE business, rather than simply support it Some of you may be familiar with our history. Tivoli Storage Management started with the award-winning IBM’s ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM) product. And, as you know, Tivoli is an IBM Company. By moving ADSM to Tivoli, we are able to provide closer integration of storage management with the other disciplines (systems, networks, and applications management), giving IT organizations the ability to manage and support change throughout their entire enterprise. No other vendor offers as much depth in functionality across as many platforms.

6 Tivoli Storage Manager Provides:
Centralized administration for data and storage management Efficient management of information growth High-speed automated data recovery Compatibility with hundreds of storage devices, as well as local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and emerging storage area network (SAN) infrastructures Customized backup solutions for major groupware, enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and database products Tivoli Storage Manager is the core product of the Tivoli Storage Management product set. It provides a solution for distributed data and storage management in an enterprise network environment. It is a premier choice for complete storage management in mixed platform environments. Tivoli Storage Manager protects and manages data on more than 35 operating platforms, covering mobile, desktop and server systems over the entire distributed world. It is used by more than 80 of the Fortune 100 companies, and it protects more than one million systems around the world.

7 Features of Tivoli Storage Manager
Progressive backup methodology Tape resource sharing Network-free rapid recovery LAN-free data transfer Dynamic multi-threaded transfer Adaptive sub-file differencing technology Enterprise administration Progressive backup methodology Saves time and disk space by backing up only new files and modified files. This feature uses its own database to track data wherever its stored. This database eliminates the need for base-plus-incremental file restores, and subsequently reduces the amount of data sent across the network. Tape resource sharing Allows multiple Tivoli Storage Manager servers to use the same tape library and drives. This improves backup, recovery performance, and tape library and drive asset utilization. Network-free rapid recovery Supports high-speed client data recovery directly from a tape, CD-ROM or file. This minimizes recovery time by eliminating the use of network and central server resources. This also improves availability in case the Tivoli Storage Manager server is unavailable. LAN-free data transfer Moves back-end office and IT data transfers from the communication network to a dedicated data network or SAN. Dynamic multi-threaded transfer Permits a client to simultaneously transfer data using multiple sessions to and from the same Tivoli Storage Manager server. This feature boosts performance of backups to more than 3X faster than the rate of a single-threaded session. Adaptive sub-file differencing technology Backs up only the changed piece of the file after an initial full-base backup is done. No need to backup the entire file each time the file changes. This technology accommodates mobile computer users and other users who need to minimize the time it takes to complete a backup. Enterprise administration Simplifies centralized control across multiple Tivoli Storage Manager implementations, without sacrificing network performance.

8 Tivoli Storage Manager Base Functions
Data Protection Operational Backup and Restore of Data Disaster Recovery Storage Resource Management Vital Record Retention, Archive and Retrieval Hierarchical Space Management The base functions of Tivoli Storage Manager and its complementary products are data protection and storage resource management. The solution is network based and all functions can be automated to run in a 24X7 lights-out environment. Data Protection The backup process creates a copy of the data to protect against the operational loss or destruction of file or application data. The restore process places the backup copy of the data back into a customer-designated system or workstation. Manage and automate the recovery process of the Tivoli Storage Manager server and clients from a major loss of IT infrastructure and data across the enterprise. Storage Resource Management The archive process creates a copy of a file or set of files representing an end point of a process for long term storage. The retrieval process locates the copies within the archival storage and places them back into a customer-designated system or workstation. The hierarchical space management process provides the automatic and transparent movement of operational data from the user system disk space to a central storage repository. If the user accesses this data, it is dynamically and transparently restored to the client storage.

9 Tivoli Storage Manager Architecture
Tivoli Storage Manager Server Software Tivoli Storage Manager Backup/Archive Client Tivoli Data Protection for Applications and Hardware Integration Complementary Tivoli Software Products Tivoli Storage Manager is implemented as a client/server software application. The Tivoli Storage Manager Server Software builds the data management backbone by: managing the storage hardware, providing a secure environment, providing disaster recovery functions, providing automation, reporting and monitoring functions, implementing the storage management policies, and by storing all object inventory information in the Tivoli Storage Manager database. The Tivoli Storage Manager Client Software, Tivoli Storage Manager Storage Agent Software, and complementary products implement data management functions like data backup and recovery, archival, hierarchical space management

10 Tivoli Storage Manager Server
In-built relational database Storage repository Locally connected to the server Connected through a SAN Storage hierarchies Built-in drivers Over 300 different device types Operating system device drivers External library manager software (Windows 2000 RSM) In-built relational database: The Storage Manager database was designed for the task of managing data. All policy information, logging, authentication and security, media management and object inventory is managed through this database. Storage repository: For storing the managed data, the Tivoli Storage Manager Server uses the Storage Repository. It is designed from any combination of disk, optical tape, or robotic storage devices, which are locally connected to the server system or which are accessible through a SAN. Within the storage repository, the devices can operate stand-alone or can be linked together to form one or more storage hierarchies. Built-in drivers: The server software provides built-in drivers for more than 300 different device types from every major manufacturer. It is also able to utilize operating system device drivers and external library manager software such as Windows 2000 Removable Storage Manager (RSM).

11 Backup/Archive Client
Implemented as multi-session clients Graphical, command line or Web user interface Progressive backup methodology Adaptive sub-file backup technology Record retention methods File Archive File Backup The Tivoli Storage Manager backup/archive client provides the operational backup and archival function. The multi-session implementation exploits the operating system’s multi-threading capabilities and runs backup and archive operations in parallel to maximize the throughput of the server system. Depending on the client platform, the backup/archive client may provide a graphical, command line or Web user interface. Command line is used for experienced users who can use scripts for scheduled execution Graphical interface ease of use design is for end users Web client useful for those clients where no native GUI is available or for remote operations For file level based backup, the main difference from many other backup applications is that Tivoli Storage Manager uses progressive backup methodology. Only those files that have changed since the last backup will be backed up. This prevents unnecessary backups of unchanged data to reduce and consolidate the recovery tape-set. This offers a more efficient use of storage resources by not storing redundant data and a faster recovery by not restoring multiple versions of the same file. Adaptive sub-file backup technology implements another powerful method to reduce the amount of data transferred from the client to the server system. This feature enables the backup-archive client (Web client, command line and GUI) to back up only the changed portion of a file, either on byte or block level, instead of transferring the whole file to the server every time. This feature is great for mobile or remote client systems. It helps significantly to overcome bandwidth limitations of the network link. Record retention methods in Tivoli Storage Manager The difference between backup and archive: backup: creates and controls multiple backup versions that are directly attached to the original file archive: creates an additional file that is normally kept for a specific period of time, as in the case of vital records

12 Adaptive Sub-File Backup Technology
DES 56-Bit Encryption Fully Integrated with Tivoli Storage Manager Platforms All V4.1 servers V4.1 Windows 95/98, NT4, W2K clients Encryption Adaptive sub-file differencing technology may fundamentally change the way organizations transfer data throughout the enterprise. This technology supports LANs, WANs, SANs, and Internet dial-up This technology is extremely beneficial to mobile computer users who are constrained by infrastructure bandwidth. Subfile backup Dynamically selected delta backup technique based on file size Differencing technology: base + differential delta for a restore High performing, minimizes network traffic DES 56-Bit Encryption Select files for encryption via include/exclude list User managed key(s) Fully Integrated with Tivoli Storage Manager Policy management Fault tolerant backup/restore Same user interface Platforms All V4.1 servers July 2000 ptf for Windows 95/98, NT4, W2K clients Encryption Windows 32-bit intel backup

13 Tivoli Data Protection
The storage agent software dynamically shares SAN connected and Tivoli Storage Manager server controlled tape library resources and has the ability to write directly to server-owned tape storage media in a format which is consistent with that used by the server. This capability was added to support LAN-free backup solutions exploiting SAN infrastructures. LAN-Free Client Data Transfer exploits the SAN path by enabling the Tivoli Storage Manager Client to back-up and restore data directly to and from the SAN attached storage, eliminating data transfers across the LAN. This reduces network traffic and improves available bandwidth for LAN dependant applications. The storage agent software receives data objects from the Tivoli Storage Manager data management application programming interface (API) and communicates with the Tivoli Storage Manager server software over the LAN using TCP/IP to exchange control information and meta-data about the objects being backed up. But, the data movement utilizes the LAN-free path over the SAN to write directly to the tape storage media. So, the data movement is off-loaded from the LAN and from the Tivoli Storage Manager server processor for greater scalability.

14 Complementary Tivoli Products
Tivoli Space Manager Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager Tivoli Decision Support for Management Analysis Tivoli Data Protection for Applications and hardware integration Tivoli Enterprise Control Tivoli Storage Manager complementary products use the Tivoli Storage Manager server software package as a backbone product to implement additional data and storage management functions.

15 Tivoli Space Manager Migrates inactive data Transparent recall
Policy managed Integrated with backup Tivoli Space Manager uses hierarchical storage management (HSM) to automatically and transparently migrate rarely accessed files to Tivoli Storage Manager storage while most frequently used files remain in the local file systems. Migrates inactive data Tivoli Space Manager maximizes usage of existing storage resources by transparently migrating data from client hard drives to Tivoli Storage Manager storage repository based on size and age criteria. Transparent recall When the migrated data is accessed, Tivoli Space Manager transparently recalls it back onto the local disk. Policy Managed The migration of files and the management of migrated files is controlled by policies. However, user controlled migration and recall is also possible. Integrated with backup Tivoli Space Manager’s HSM function is fully integrated with Tivoli Storage Manager operational backup. Tivoli Space Manager frees administrators and users from manual file system tasks by ensuring that sufficient free storage is always available at your workstation or file server.

16 Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager
Disaster Recovery Manager is an optional package that coordinates and automates the process of recovering from a disaster. This function complements the already implemented robust protection features of Tivoli Storage Manager and provides high-speed, policy based, automated disaster recovery capabilities. As you can see in this table,Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager automates many already facilitated protection functions. Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager coordinates and automates the process of recovering from a disaster. It Automatically captures information required to recover the Tivoli Storage Manager server manager after a disaster. It assists in preparing a plan that allows recovery in the most expedient manner. The plan contains information, scripts, and procedures needed to automate server restoration and help ensure quick recovery. Manages and tracks the movement of off-site media to reduce the time required to recover in the event of a disaster. IT is able to track media that are stored on-site, in-transit, or off-site in a vault,no matter whether it is a manual or electronic vault, so your data can be easily located if disaster strikes. Client recovery information can also be captured by Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager to assist with identifying what clients need to be recovered, in what order, and what is required to cover them.

17 Tivoli Decision Support
Storage Management Analysis Tivoli Decision Support available on Windows NT Decision Support Discovery Guides: Storage Event Analysis Storage Performance Analysis Storage Capacity Analysis Supported Databases: DB2, MS SQL, and Oracle Supports 3.7 and 4.1 Tivoli Storage Manager Servers Tivoli Decision Support is a stand-alone product that provides a ready-to-use view into the wealth of data gathered by Tivoli enterprise products. It consolidates the data from Tivoli products and transforms it into accessible IT business-relevant information. This information, presented in a variety of graphical formats, can be viewed interactively and posted on a URL. The Tivoli Decision Support for Storage Management Guide produces the following analysis: Storage Event Analysis Storage Performance Analysis Storage Capacity Analysis The information used by the guide is obtained from the Tivoli Storage Manager server with the use of the ODBC interface. The information is then transferred to a relational database. The database is used for queries to generated the Tivoli Decision Support reports. Now administrators can make informed, proactive decisions related to their storage management implementation.

18 Tivoli Data Protection
Application Solutions Hardware Integration Protection available for: Lotus Domino Lotus Notes Informix Oracle Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Exchange Server SAP R/3 Tivoli Data Protection for Applications is a group of solutions integrated to Tivoli Storage Manager, which protect data used by business applications. They are interface programs between a storage management API provided by the business application, and the Tivoli Storage Manager data management API. The function of the Tivoli Data Protection for Applications solutions is to receive application backup and restore requests and to translate them into Tivoli Storage Manager backups and restores. Tivoli Data Protection for Hardware Integration program products interface with these features and integrate them into a complete Tivoli Storage Manager data management solution. Provides data protection for a wide variety of applications, databases, and groupware, ensuring that the data is safe and secure – no matter where it is or how it’s stored.

19 Tivoli Data Protection Solutions
TDP Solution Application Level Operating System OS Level TDP for Lotus Notes V2.1.9 4.5x, 4.6.0, 4.6.1, – 4.6.6 AIX NT 4.2x, 4.3x 4.0 SP4 TDP for Lotus Domino V1.1.1 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.03, 5.0.4 Windows 2000 Sun Solaris OS/390 USS 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3 4.0 SP4, Win2k 2.6 or7 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 TDP for MS Exchange V 2.2.0 5.0, 5.5 2000 TDP for Informix V 4.1.0 7.30, 9.14, 9.20 7.31, 9.21 HP 11 4.3.2, 4.3.3 2.6, 7 TDP for Oracle V2.1.10 7.3.4, 8.0.X, 8.1.5, 8.16 NT & Windows 2000 HP-UX 4.0, Win2k 2.6, 7 (64 bit) 11.0 TDP for R/3 V3.1 3.0C to F, 3.1 up to Z, 4.0 up to 4.6C Compaq Tru64 NT (Intel) LINUX 4.3 7 4.0 RedHat 6.1 EE TDP for EMC Symmetrix For Oracle v1.1.0 8.1.5 TDP for MS SQL Server V 1.1.2 6.5, 7.1 7.0, 2000 This table shows the available Tivoli Data Protection for Applications and Hardware Integration solutions and the platforms, operating system level and application level they cover.

20 Supported Environment
DIGITAL OpenVMS (SSSI)*** UNIX AIX AS/400 OS/2 Warp OS/390 UNIX System Services IBM* HEWLETT- PACKARD HP-UX NSM CRAY*** UNICOS FUJITSU*** MICROSOFT Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows NT DEC Alpha Windows 2000 AUSPEX** APPLE Macintosh DB2 NSM Linux A single solution for managing storage and protecting data across the network INFORMIX VM OS/2 LOTUS NOTES OS/400 MICROSOFT Exchange Server SQL Server NOVELL NETWARE MVS ORACLE Oracle7 EBU Oracle8 RMAN AIX SAP R/3 SCO Solaris SYBASE NumaQ Tivoli Data Protection for Applications family: Lotus Domino Lotus Notes Oracle Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Exchange Informix R/3 TDP for EMC Symmetrix For Oracle Tivoli Storage Manager also supports: IBM DB2 Sybase Domino EMC Symmetrix for Oracle Tru64 Unix SUN MICROSYSTEMS Solaris HP-UX Windows NT Windows 2000 Tivoli Storage Manager server and client software is available on many different operating system platforms and can exploit different communication protocols. Tivoli Storage Manager server runs on nine different operating platforms plus the IBM Network Storage Manager (NSM) There are several variations of UNIX clients. Tivoli Storage Manager Server platforms Disk Optical Storage Hierarchy Tape

21 Extend Your Corporate Reach
Tivoli offers unique solutions for: E-business environments: Online non-disruptive backups keep business systems available 24x7x“forever” Mobile environments: Our new Adaptive Differencing technology allows mobile workforces to backup in a fraction of the time Storage Area Network environments: Our new LAN-free data movement capability shifts backup and recovery traffic from the front-end network to the SAN, delivering dramatic reductions in backup and recovery times while restoring bandwidth and response time to central applications online Our progressive backup methodology has earned high marks in the industry for its focus on information availability. An initial full backup is routinely supplemented with incremental backups that require minimal network bandwidth. An intelligent database tracks and backups and builds – offline- the complete up-to-date picture. Tivoli Storage Manager keeps tracks of where files are located, so you don’t have to. Best of all, incremental backups are performed in the background, so you can attend to business matters at hand. No other backup methodology is better suited for today’s business, especially those requiring “24x7xforever” operation. Tivoli Storage Manager is designed to consider your unique processing environments. To help you more effectively manage the rising volume of information stored on laptops, we have patented a unique byte- and block-level technology that only transmits changed data bytes, so backups occur in a fraction of the time. Add slow modem connections and time that could be spent on revenue-generating activities and, well, the benefits add up fast. Let’s explore in real life what that means to your users: For example, let’s say you created a spreadsheet and made a backup copy. Then, a few days later you made one little change to a particular cell on that spreadsheet. Tivoli Storage Manager only updates that one small change over the network. If Storage Area Networks are part of your information management strategy, you’ll once again find Tivoli ahead of the market curve by developing tools that not only integrate – but exploit – SAN functionality toward new levels of economies and efficiencies in data movement and storage. Our new LAN-free backup capability delivers immediate benefits by reducing the traffic on your IP network. Costly IP network upgrades can be put on hold while you enjoy dramatic increases in web and e-business transactions. The bottom line? More profits and a higher return on information assets.

22 Build a Scaleable Environment
Out of the box “best practices” Can be easily supplemented to meet unique business needs Tivoli specialist teams and Business Partners Perform installation and build policies that can change with a customer’s business need Browser-based interface Makes it easy for users to control their own backups and restores, and enables Help Desks to remotely restore data from anywhere in the world Offered in modules Makes it easy to start small and grow as your needs evolve, lowering operating costs! Our specialist teams and business partners make installation and setup fast and easy. Set it and forget it policies are established at time of installation, and the system then proactively manages all files individually, and builds and maintains a user based inventory. An intuitive web browser interface makes it easy for users to control their own backups and even handle their own system restores. It also enables a company’s own internal help desk to perform secure restores to remote systems.

23 About Tivoli Storage Management Solutions
Tivoli Delivers The highest “return on information”: Tivoli Storage Manager is designed to help customers manage information better and faster than ever before A complete, end-to-end solution: Tivoli provides the broadest coverage of hardware and software environments and configurations than any other storage management offering Business-driven intelligence: Tivoli sets a new standard in storage management and helps you align storage management practices with business goals Tivoli Storage Manager sets a new standard in information management. We’re not talking about simply backup and restore. We’re talking about intelligent information management. Today’s solution is designed to help you find and manage information better and faster than ever before. No other provider can match the power of our solution.

24 About Tivoli Storage Management Solutions
Key features to remember: Lightning fast recovery Resource Sharing (tape pooling) LAN-free data movement for SAN environments Tivoli Decision Support for Storage Resource Management Progressive Backup Methodology Unique tape collocation and reclamation technology Mobile Workforce Support (mobile agility for LAN speeds) Unique record retention features Integrated Enterprise Management Tivoli Data Protection for Applications and Databases Tivoli Decision Support Tivoli Space Manager Summary of capabilities

25 About Tivoli Tivoli Storage Manager protects more than a million systems and applications around the world. Tivoli Storage Manager is the ONLY choice for complete storage management in heterogeneous platform environments. Tivoli Storage Manager is the “product of choice” of more than 80% of the Fortune 100 companies Tivoli (and IBM combined) hold more than 24 patents related to storage management technology – the cumulative total of all of our competitors is 4. Tivoli and IBM are investing heavily in Tivoli Storage Management and SANs! No one disputes the market reputation for IBM’s ADSM. 83 of the Fortune 100 rely on it. Dataquest reported it as the #1 choice for UNIX backup/restore. Network Computing awarded it their Editor’s Choice award in 12/98, and more than a million storage devices are protected by it. Tivoli Storage Manager is still the industry’s #1 choice for storage management solutions in mixed platform environments. But the computing world is changing fast, and to stay #1 you have to do more than just be good at backup and restore. That’s why we’re Tivoli now, and we have invested heavily in our future and are focused on these three areas: to enhance our core technologies to make what is already excellent even better. To leverage Tivoli technologies to help transform IT into a strategic business resource, and to make emerging technologies – such as storage area networks – reach their potential in supporting your IT endeavors.

26 Tivoli Storage Management Solutions
Tivoli Storage Manager Tivoli Data Protection for applications Tivoli Space Manager Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager Tivoli Storage Network Manager Tivoli SANergy Tivoli Open System-managed Storage Tivoli Decision Support for Storage Management Analysis Tivoli Storage Resource Manager Enterprise Storage Mgmt. Storage Network Management Data Infrastructure Tivoli Storage Management is much more than ADSM, and it sets a new standard in information management that offers power at your fingertips that you simply won’t find anywhere else. With a broad portfolio, it’s the best end-to-end storage solution for today’s information network world. Storage Resource Mgmt.

27 Tivoli Storage Manager v. 4.1
Thanks for letting me talk about Tivoli Storage Manager. I hope I’ve given you some points to consider as you continue down your path to a totally integrated SAN solution. Please let me know if I can answer any questions…

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