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Tivoli Storage Manager v. 4.1 Technical Presentation.

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1 Tivoli Storage Manager v. 4.1 Technical Presentation

2 Discussion Implications of e-business on storage needs How Integrated Storage Management Can Help Tivoli Storage Manager Why Tivoli?

3 e-Business: Implications on Storage Needs Stored information is now growing at 8-fold per year, largely driven by e-business initiatives More storage sold in 1999 than all prior years combined Storage prices falling at rates that exceed 35% per year For the first time, companies are spending more time and money on managing data, instead of storing it 40% of corporate assets still reside on S/390 - waiting to be unleashed! It costs 5 – 8 times as much to manage storage as it does to buy it!

4 Integrated Storage Management Helps Integrated Storage Management is: Centralized administration Monitoring Reporting Protection Puts key information at your fingertips by: Making more efficient use of storage Reducing Total Cost of Ownership by standardization and simplification Eliminating disparate point solutions across heterogeneous environments Supporting incremental growth through business application support

5 The Tivoli Storage Management Initiative provides an end-to-end management solution with proven methodologies to help customers link storage management policies with key business practices, to enable them to use information to DRIVE business, rather than simply support it The Tivoli Information Integrity Initiative

6 Tivoli Storage Manager Provides: Centralized administration for data and storage management Efficient management of information growth High-speed automated data recovery Compatibility with hundreds of storage devices, as well as local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and emerging storage area network (SAN) infrastructures Customized backup solutions for major groupware, enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and database products

7 Features of Tivoli Storage Manager Progressive backup methodology Tape resource sharing Network-free rapid recovery LAN-free data transfer Dynamic multi-threaded transfer Adaptive sub-file differencing technology Enterprise administration

8 Tivoli Storage Manager Base Functions Data Protection Operational Backup and Restore of Data Disaster Recovery Storage Resource Management Vital Record Retention, Archive and Retrieval Hierarchical Space Management

9 Tivoli Storage Manager Architecture Tivoli Storage Manager Server Software Tivoli Storage Manager Backup/Archive Client Tivoli Data Protection for Applications and Hardware Integration Complementary Tivoli Software Products

10 Tivoli Storage Manager Server In-built relational database Storage repository Locally connected to the server Connected through a SAN Storage hierarchies Built-in drivers Over 300 different device types Operating system device drivers External library manager software (Windows 2000 RSM)

11 Backup/Archive Client Implemented as multi-session clients Graphical, command line or Web user interface Progressive backup methodology Adaptive sub-file backup technology Record retention methods File Archive File Backup

12 Adaptive Sub-File Backup Technology Subfile backup DES 56-Bit Encryption Fully Integrated with Tivoli Storage Manager Platforms All V4.1 servers V4.1 Windows 95/98, NT4, W2K clients Encryption

13 Tivoli Data Protection

14 Complementary Tivoli Products Tivoli Space Manager Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager Tivoli Decision Support for Management Analysis Tivoli Data Protection for Applications and hardware integration Tivoli Enterprise Control

15 Tivoli Space Manager Migrates inactive data Transparent recall Policy managed Integrated with backup

16 Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager

17 Tivoli Decision Support Storage Management Analysis Tivoli Decision Support available on Windows NT Decision Support Discovery Guides: Storage Event Analysis Storage Performance Analysis Storage Capacity Analysis Supported Databases: DB2, MS SQL, and Oracle Supports 3.7 and 4.1 Tivoli Storage Manager Servers

18 Tivoli Data Protection Application Solutions Hardware Integration Protection available for: – Lotus Domino – Lotus Notes – Informix – Oracle – Microsoft SQL Server – Microsoft Exchange Server – SAP R/3

19 Tivoli Data Protection Solutions TDP SolutionApplication LevelOperating SystemOS Level TDP for Lotus Notes V x, 4.6.0, 4.6.1, – AIX NT 4.2x, 4.3x 4.0 SP4 TDP for Lotus Domino V , 5.0.2, 5.03, AIX NT Windows 2000 Sun Solaris OS/390 USS 4.3.1, 4.3.2, SP4, Win2k 2.6 or7 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 TDP for MS Exchange V1.1.1 V , NT Windows SP4 TDP for Informix V , 9.14, , 9.21 AIX Sun Solaris HP , , , 9.21 TDP for Oracle V , 8.0.X, 8.1.5, 8.16 AIX NT & Windows 2000 Sun Solaris HP-UX 4.3.1, 4.3.2, , Win2k 2.6, 7 (64 bit) 11.0 TDP for R/3 V C to F, 3.1 up to Z, 4.0 up to 4.6C AIX HP-UX Sun Solaris Compaq Tru64 NT (Intel) Windows 2000 LINUX RedHat 6.1 EE TDP for EMC Symmetrix For Oracle v Sun Solaris7 TDP for MS SQL Server V V , , 2000 NT Windows SP4

20 Supported Environment Storage Hierarchy A single solution for managing storage and protecting data across the network AUSPEX** NumaQ APPLE Macintosh DIGITAL – OpenVMS (SSSI)*** – UNIX HEWLETT- PACKARD HP-UX MICROSOFT – Windows 95 – Windows 98 – Windows NT – Windows NT DEC Alpha – Windows 2000 NOVELL NETWARE SUN MICROSYSTEMS – Solaris VM OS/2 OS/400 MVS Solaris HP-UX AIX Windows NT Tivoli Storage Manager Server platforms SCO DB2 INFORMIX LOTUS NOTES MICROSOFT – Exchange Server – SQL Server ORACLE – Oracle7 EBU – Oracle8 RMAN SAP R/3 SYBASE CRAY*** UNICOS FUJITSU*** Linux – AIX – AS/400 – OS/2 Warp – OS/390 UNIX System Services IBM* Tru64 Unix n Tivoli Data Protection for Applications family: l Lotus Domino l Lotus Notes l Oracle l Microsoft SQL Server l Microsoft Exchange l Informix l R/3 l TDP for EMC Symmetrix For Oracle n Tivoli Storage Manager also supports: l IBM DB2 l Sybase Windows 2000 NSM Disk Optical Tape Domino EMC Symmetrix for Oracle

21 Extend Your Corporate Reach Tivoli offers unique solutions for: E-business environments: Online non-disruptive backups keep business systems available 24x7xforever Mobile environments: Our new Adaptive Differencing technology allows mobile workforces to backup in a fraction of the time Storage Area Network environments: Our new LAN-free data movement capability shifts backup and recovery traffic from the front-end network to the SAN, delivering dramatic reductions in backup and recovery times while restoring bandwidth and response time to central applications online

22 Out of the box best practices Can be easily supplemented to meet unique business needs Tivoli specialist teams and Business Partners Perform installation and build policies that can change with a customers business need Browser-based interface Makes it easy for users to control their own backups and restores, and enables Help Desks to remotely restore data from anywhere in the world Offered in modules Makes it easy to start small and grow as your needs evolve, lowering operating costs! Build a Scaleable Environment

23 About Tivoli Storage Management Solutions Tivoli Delivers The highest return on information: Tivoli Storage Manager is designed to help customers manage information better and faster than ever before A complete, end-to-end solution: Tivoli provides the broadest coverage of hardware and software environments and configurations than any other storage management offering Business-driven intelligence: Tivoli sets a new standard in storage management and helps you align storage management practices with business goals

24 About Tivoli Storage Management Solutions Key features to remember: Lightning fast recovery Resource Sharing (tape pooling) LAN-free data movement for SAN environments Tivoli Decision Support for Storage Resource Management Progressive Backup Methodology Unique tape collocation and reclamation technology Mobile Workforce Support (mobile agility for LAN speeds) Unique record retention features Integrated Enterprise Management Tivoli Data Protection for Applications and Databases Tivoli Decision Support Tivoli Space Manager

25 Tivoli Storage Manager protects more than a million systems and applications around the world. Tivoli Storage Manager is the ONLY choice for complete storage management in heterogeneous platform environments. Tivoli Storage Manager is the product of choice of more than 80% of the Fortune 100 companies Tivoli (and IBM combined) hold more than 24 patents related to storage management technology – the cumulative total of all of our competitors is 4. Tivoli and IBM are investing heavily in Tivoli Storage Management and SANs! About Tivoli

26 Data Infrastructure Data Infrastructure Storage Network Management Storage Network Management Enterprise Storage Mgmt. Enterprise Storage Mgmt. Tivoli Storage Manager Tivoli Data Protection for applications Tivoli Space Manager Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager Tivoli Storage Network Manager Tivoli SANergy Tivoli Open System-managed Storage Tivoli Decision Support for Storage Management Analysis Tivoli Storage Resource Manager Storage Resource Mgmt. Storage Resource Mgmt. Tivoli Storage Management Solutions

27 Tivoli Storage Manager v. 4.1

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