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Commercial Pump Specification Tools. Taco Flanges All casings available with Class 125 flanges or Class 250 flanges.

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1 Commercial Pump Specification Tools

2 Taco Flanges All casings available with Class 125 flanges or Class 250 flanges

3 Heavier Construction / Durability Taco Casting = 76 lb B&G Casting = 64 lb Taco FI2510 B&G 2½ BB

4 Superior Wall Thickness All Taco volutes are cast to a thickness required for 250psi working pressure Taco FI2510 B&G 2½ BB

5 Additional Casing Features ALL models are Flanged Anti-rotational vane Drain

6 Externally Flushed Seal We have the ability to externally flush our seal Taco provides standard seal flush tap

7 External Flush We have given the commercial sector the ability to adopt the best maintenance practices used in critical municipal applications. Externally Flushed Seal

8 B&G Cover Untapped B&G does NOT provide standard seal flush taps. Cover NOT tapped. B&G 2½ BB Cover

9 All casings / volutes are tapped for gauges and flush lines Standard Tappings Tappings

10 All casings / volutes are tapped for gauge installation Standard Gauge Tappings

11 Overhanging tangential discharge volutes are less desirable because they incur both bending & torsion stresses Competition uses overhanging tangential discharge All Taco FI volutes are centerline discharge Centerline discharge evenly distributes the piping loads to the base Piping Load Centerline Discharge Centerline geometry does not trap air

12 Better suited to support inevitable piping loads associated with improper installation Piping Load Foot Foot Mounted Volutes Taco foot mounted volutes with feet positioned directly below the pipe flange provide better support

13 Lost Foam Impellers Tools are made of aluminum No tool wear when injecting foam Each piece is dimensionally identical

14 Lost Foam Impellers Foam impellers prior to casting

15 Dip foam in clay slurry… Lost Foam Process ….and let dry

16 Lost foam is precision investment casting process Foam is vaporized and replaced by molten bronze Lost Foam Impellers

17 Advantages: –Superior surface quality creating smoother passageways –Higher efficiencies & hydraulic performance –Repeatability No tooling wear Lost Foam Impellers

18 Sand Cast Impellers Competitors use a sand casting process Over time, sand packing abrades and degrades patterns This is like making a copy of a copy of a copy indefinitely.

19 The difference… Lost Foam Impellers Lost Foam Domestic Sand Cast

20 The difference… Lost Foam Impellers Lost Foam Offshore Sand Cast

21 Dry Shaft Design Taco FI2510 bearing assembly with impeller and cut-away cover

22 Benefits: –More reliable by preventing shaft corrosion –Easier to service Sleeve slides on with no additional tools required. Competitions press/shrunk/glue-on sleeves difficult to replace Dry Shaft Design

23 Impeller Slip-on Shaft Sleeve Stationary Seat Cover Rotating Element Dry Shaft Design Pump Shaft

24 Seal Components Slip-on Shaft Sleeve Rotating Element Stationary Seat Sleeve O- Ring

25 Carbon rotating element (shiny black) Forms seal against the stationary ceramic seat mounted in cover EPT O-ring inserted into shaft sleeve EPT bellows forms tight seal between rotating element and bronze sleeve. Dry Shaft Design Retainer & spring are 316 SS Bronze Sleeve ASTM B SAE660

26 Stationary Seat Pump Shaft Dry Shaft Design Cover EPT Elastomer Cup Ceramic Seat

27 Dry Shaft Design O-Ring creates seal against back of impeller Pump shaft

28 Dry Shaft Design Back of impeller is sealed against shaft sleeve o-ring Impeller Cover

29 Dry Shaft Design EPT O-ring Impeller machined sealing surface Impeller washer Impeller bolt Dowdy washer provides tight seal between impeller washer & bolt Impeller washer o-ring forms tight seal on smooth machined surface on front of impeller Impeller washer Dowdy Washer w/ EPT Elastomer

30 B&G Shaft Sleeve Permanently affixed shaft sleeve makes maintenance difficult B&G utilizes glue Armstrong utilizes shrink fit B&G 2½ BB Bearing Frame

31 All pumps should have a drain pan per best practices Moisture buildup –Seal leaks –Chilled water pump sweating.1875 Thick Steel Factory Installed Drain Pan

32 Superior Base Taco FI2510 Base B&G 2½ BB Base

33 Superior Base Taco FI2510 Base B&G 2½ BB Base

34 Heavier Casting Superior Bearing Frame Taco FI2510 Casting 24.3 lb B&G 2½ BB Casting 12.5 lb

35 Larger shaft and larger maintenance free bearings Superior Shaft Taco FI2510 Shaft 13.1 lb B&G 2½ BB Shaft 4.35 lb Note: Sleeve could not be removed

36 All bearing frames come standard with Forsheda seals –Protects the bearings from external moisture and airborne contaminants. –None of the competitors do this. Forsheda Seals

37 Woods Dura-Flex Couplings standard –Ideal for all applications –Superior for variable speed applications Competitor –Not desirable for all applications –In variable speed applications, constant loading & unloading of coupling causes rubber insert to vibrate & wear, resulting in premature failure Pump Couplings

38 Minimize the need to EVER service the pump Taco Design Philosophy –Resulting in a minimum number of seals and bearings throughout the entire product line –Owners spend significantly less maintenance dollars –Owners use less storage space

39 B&G Philosophy What happens when you dont use a minimum number of seals and bearings? Requires more space Increases storage costs Requires owner to stock MORE replacement parts

40 Taco pumps require minimal replacement parts These gaskets, seals & bearings cover the entire line of Taco pumps!! Taco Parts Philosophy

41 Majority of pump UNITS shipped are smaller inline pumps Overview of Industry Overall, our industry does not offer the end user a robust, simple inline pump Majority of maintenance hours are spent on smaller pumps Majority of maintenance dollars are spent on larger pumps Most manufacturers want to maximize their profit opportunity on the installed base of their products (All pumps, small to large) –They try to do this in 2 ways: Use a design that inherently requires service Use a part numbering system that implies you need a unique new part # (SKU) for each model of pump you own Pump Maintenance Issues Tacos entire product line addresses ALL of these points –i.e & 00 offering vs. B&G Series 60

42 KS Seal Outside Seal Inside Seal

43 TACO provides support for alternative layouts with Taco products Defensive strategy for VSC


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