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Welcome to 7 th Grade Science Class!!!. I am Mrs. McCoy!!!

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1 Welcome to 7 th Grade Science Class!!!

2 I am Mrs. McCoy!!!

3 Exactly 20 years ago, I was just like you… In 7 th grade!!!

4 My favorite classes were always SCIENCEENGLISH

5 My favorite science topic was always ANIMALS!!!

6 I grew up in Spring City. GO BULLDOGS!!!

7 I also attended Rhea County High School and graduated 13 th in my class of over 300 in 1995. GO EAGLES!!!

8 I then went to Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, TN. Where I began studying Zoology.

9 But zoology wasnt what I really wanted to do. I discovered in college my passion for teaching…

10 I graduated with two bachelors degrees from Tn. Tech: one in zoology and one in Secondary Education (biology) in 2001.

11 Three months later, I began teaching at RCES as a 6 th grade science teacher. (later moving up to 7 th grade) GO JACKETS!!!

12 I love teaching at RCES so much that I drive from Spring City everyday just to teach here. This means getting up earlier!!! And driving farther!!!

13 I have one sister named Starr. She is four years younger than me.

14 She now has two children, which are my niece and nephew. Bella is now 5 years old and is in kindergarten. Ashton is now 8 years old and is in 3 rd grade.

15 I got married on 07-07-07 to my husband Billy McCoy.

16 We have four very special children now. Dale Millie

17 The smaller children… Roxie Leo

18 I love to camp…

19 Hike…

20 Fish…

21 Shop…

22 Travel…

23 And play with my niece and nephew.

24 My favorite t.v. show is…

25 My favorite musician/band…

26 My favorite food is… ITALIAN FOOD!!!

27 My greatest fears… SNAKES!!! HEIGHTS!!!

28 My pet peeves… No name work, students that dont try, wasting time, rude people, etc.

29 I am so looking forward to this year!

30 Supplies REQUIRED: -3 ring binder -loose leaf paper -pencil (any kind) -5 tab dividers -zippered pouch -3 x 5 index cards (200) -Dry erase markers -5 (large) poster boards -Stretchy book cover

31 Supplies contd OPTIONAL -ziploc baggies (gallon size) -hand held pencil sharpeners -markers -construction paper -copy paper -glue sticks -sticky notes

32 Some things we will be learning are…

33 Earth Science Plate tectonics Volcanoes Earthquakes Layers of the earth Rock cycle Rocks Minerals

34 Physical Science Waves Speed Velocity Newtons laws of motion Simple Machines Work Force

35 Life Science Cells and their parts Plant reproduction Mitosis DNA Heredity Photosynthesis Oxygen cycle

36 We will be doing multiple units.

37 Each unit will consist of multiple assignments, labs, projects, etc…

38 Plus a vocabulary quiz and unit test.

39 Make-Up Work You are now in 7 th grade. I will not be coming to find you to collect this work or give it to you. It is YOUR responsibility to see what you missed and get it turned in. Make-up work board Worksheets you missed will be in the paper boxes. You have as many days as you were absent to get the work turned in. After that, they become late.

40 Gradebook All grades will count once in the gradebook, with the exception of the science fair, semester tests, and projects. (which will be discussed at a later date)

41 Homework/Classwork I know students have a lot going on outside of school. That makes it very important that you work while you are here. For me, homework is what you dont get finished in class. (Use your time wisely)

42 EXPECTATIONS I HAVE OF YOU… I expect you to try. I expect you to be prepared. I expect respect. I expect punctuality. I expect communication with you. Most importantly, I expect SUCCESS!

43 3 Week Averages Also known as Progress Reports. These will be given each six weeks to those in danger of failing for the grading period. (have a D or an F) It will be required that these get signed and returned to me. Those not in danger of failing will simply be told their current average at the midpoint.

44 There are only two ways to fail this class: 1. Not trying 2. Not doing

45 Late Work Late assignments will have 30 points deducted. After you have 3 assignments late in a six weeks, the rest cannot be turned in. They will result in permanent zeros. I generally drop the lowest grade, but missing assignments, quizzes, and tests will NOT be dropped. You are allowed to turn in 3 assignments late each six weeks grading period.

46 REMEMBER: I am your Momma Goose If you need something, let me know. If you feel upset, let me know. If you need to talk to someone, let me know. I love each and everyone of you, that is why I expect to get and give the best in every way. You will be treated the way you treat others.

47 Ways to contact me… Email me: Website: PageName=TeacherPage&Page=1&StaffID=10 5238 Plus, you now know where to find me: Room 318

48 Any questions???

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