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Analisi e design B. Pernici. Sommario Modelli (design) –Presentation design –EJB design.

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1 Analisi e design B. Pernici

2 Sommario Modelli (design) –Presentation design –EJB design


4 Analisi Packages Boundary-control-entity


6 Model-View-Controller Secondo Conallen: –Boundary – control – entity Separare logica applicativa da presentazione e da dati presentati all’utente View ControllerModel EJB JSP pages, JavaBeans components Session EJB e controller classes

7 Primo passo analisi Use case: Mostrare Configurazione Computer Standard

8 Elaborazione analisi

9 Design UX mapping Presentation tier –Pagine JSP, Pagine HTML, classi Java di servizio Application tier (EJB) –Control –Session data management (alcuni dati non persistenti) Resource tier –Gestione persistenza –Collegamento a DB design, interface with EIS

10 Scelte di progetto (1) Controller –Java class (JavaBean) local to JSP page –Session EJB Stateless –Piu’ veloce, non mantiene stato Stateful –Se necessario mantenere info di sessione

11 Scelte di progetto (2) Dati –Nelle classi Java (senza persistenza) –In entity EJB Persistenza gestita da container Persistenza gestita da EJB (uso DB) > come proxy –Es: Order class: A proxy for an order entity. This JavaBean interface class's intent is to act as a lightweight interface to Enterprise Java Bean classes that actually represent Orders in the system. All necessary EJB look up and call methods are managed by instances of this class.

12 Esempio ordine Order boundary Order controller Order entity (proxy) Order entity EJB Order in DBMS (tabelle relazionali)

13 Esempio ordine ( >, > Order “proxy”

14 “Pages”

15 Implementation Componenti –Risorse web (URL referenziabili) –Componenti web (JSP, HTML) (web) –Package di classi Java (com) –??? Package JDK (java) –Package J2EE (javax)


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