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Tivoli Storage Network Manager Sales Presentation

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1 Tivoli Storage Network Manager Sales Presentation
Keeping information available has always been a challenge for an IT executive. But today, IT extends way beyond the computer center and touches every aspect of our company’s existence. Everyone here knows a little something about Storage Area Networks, but perhaps not about how to manage them and the tremendous data volumes that they hold.

2 Agenda Environment/Issues Review Tivoli Solution Focus
Solution/Value Review We’re going to discuss the evolution of stored information in recent years, and the impact major initiatives such as e-business have played on information availability. We’re going to discuss not only the challenges, but also the opportunities that today’s dynamically changing environment is bringing. We’ll address how new storage strategies like SANs are helping build the infrastructure that is ready for the challenges that lie ahead, because we believe that executives who are savvy about how to implement, manage, and protect their information infrastructure are those who will propel their businesses into market leadership positions. We’ll also take a look at how the newest category of SAN management tools are helping to manage the burgeoning growth and implementations of SANs. And, of course, we’ll show you how Tivoli is solidly positioned to support your growth and evolution.

3 Data Explosion - The Information GridTM
In today’s world, there are many types of devices and methods of storing and using information. In the past, things were relatively simple to manage as everything was usually associated with a particular server or operating system. With the advancement of the Internet, mobile computing, hand held devices and satellite communication, a corporation’s information is spread out across the massive highway of data. Tivoli refers to this as the Information GridTM. Being able to manage that information, and most importantly gain access to that data is critical for today’s information intensive organizations. Today’s storage and network management tools are not equipped to handle this new information grid. Most companies have no idea what information is available or at risk outside their corporate “fire wall”. What is needed is a comprehensive solution suite that can manage all aspects of the Information Grid from a single location, improve timeliness and quality of information to the knowledge worker. This includes the Data Storage, the Network, and the emerging Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastrcuture being implemented. [maybe new microdrive pic]

4 New Dynamics in Today’s Business
Stored information is growing in the e-customer base at % In 2000, 70% of systems expenditures will be on Storage. Enterprise is spending 5 times more on managing and protecting information than acquiring storage. Companies bought more storage in 1999 than in all years before combined. It used to be that information volumes doubled each year. Now industry magazines report that companies who use the Web to perform business transactions via the Internet or extranets can see information volume increases at ten-fold per year. In addition, according to IDC, more storage was sold in 1999 than all prior years combined, bringing the world’s data storage to 1,000 petabytes (1 million terabytes). * * (actually the petabytes information came from the National Storage Industry Consortium as reported in Datamation 10/98.)

5 Storage Driving Forces
Heterogeneous Platforms Connectivity & Security Data Explosion Total Cost Manageability & Scalability Mission Critical Availability & Performance STORAGE What is happening in your IT infrastructure that is driving the need for advanced storage strategies? The business trends toward E-business, telecommuting, and supply chain management are all conspiring to put a tremendous draw on your systems. As we noted, data is multiplying very quickly, and companies are forced to look past the “quick fix” and find a strategic solution that will allow them to proactively manage data volumes without expending valuable resources. In addition, the aggressive ramp-up of systems and storage often leaves many IT infrastructures with a mixed bag of vendors, platforms, and operating systems, making it very difficult for users across the enterprise to share data, files, and storage resources. The answer to these problems can be found in Storage Area Networks. Consolidated Externalised Networked

6 The Evolution To SAN Enterprise Storage Captive Storage
Centralized Storage Fibre Channel Storage Area Network SCSI Servers Servers Servers Messaging Network (LAN) Messaging Network (LAN) Messaging Network (LAN) Storage strategies have evolved as client/server networking took hold of the enterprise computing landscape. The original captive storage units were connected directly to specific servers, which allowed the servers to act as the gateway to the data stored on those disks. The problems was that there was no failover or alternate processing strategy, and file servers that got overwhelmed simply shut down cutting off user access to that data. Centralized network-attached storage made great advances in data availability by allowing several servers to access data from the LAN, thus eliminating the single-point-of-failure inherent in captive storage. However, in today’s connected marketplace, data volumes are extremely heavy, and data from e-business, ERP, and supply chains can quickly bog down a network trying to move data across the LAN. All of which brings us to the Storage Area Network; a dedicated network focused on data movement independent of the network.

7 SAN Opportunity SAN market accelerates 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2 4 6
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Unix NOS Win2000 ECKD SAN array market revenue ($ billion) Companies all over the world are turning to SANs as the premier strategy for managing their data. IDC has identified the SAN market as one of the fastest growing technology segments. Still, there have been several arguments against SANs along the way. Most concerns have fallen into three camps: high cost of entry, lack of interoperability, and lack of SAN management tools. With vigorous market competition, the cost to implement a SAN solution is at an all time low, and movement toward open standards has lessened the concerns for interoperability. Today, the most commonly heard complaint is “how can I manage it all?”

8 The SAN Advantage Consolidate / Share Valuable Resources and Data Centralize Storage Administration Improve performance / scalability / connectivity / availability Faster data movement - backup, restore, disaster recovery, other applications Lower management costs through consolidation, centralization Storage Area Networks have evolved to offer benefits far beyond any of their predecessors: SANs permit enterprise-wide access to consolidated storage resources, translating to higher availability, lower storage management costs, and better asset utilization. Centralized storage administration allows companies to easily manage all storage assets without adding significant IT staffs. SANs also offer vast improvements in performance, scalability, connectivity, and availability. Advanced connectivity like Fibre channel encourages faster data movement for backup, restore, and disaster recovery, as well as mission-critical enterprise applications. This year, 25% of all storage budgets will be allocated to SANs, and Dataquest expects the SAN market to increase five-fold by The question for most companies, then, is no longer “should we install a SAN?” – it’s become “How fast can we get it done?”

9 The Dual-Edged Sword of SANs
Local Area Network Host - NT Host - Linux Host - AIX Host - Sun Host - HP Host - OS/390 Host - AS/400 Host - True64 other Disk Subsystem - IBM Switch - McDATA Bridge - Crossroads Tape Subsystem - STK Switch - Brocade Switch - Vixel Switch - Ancor Array - Clariion EMC HDS JBOD - Dell Compaq Storage Area Network Looks like a pretty scary place, doesn’t it?!? Lots of links, ties, and connections -- and every one of them is necessary to ensure continuous access and availability to information 24 x 7 x FOREVER. No wonder so many IT execs stay awake at nights!!! That’s why we refer to the dual-edged sword of SANs. SANs may be the future of enterprise storage management, but they come with some very specific problems. Such network complexity coupled with massive data volumes make it a real challenge to maintain your existing business processes as well as make strategic decisions to enter new markets to expand your business. Still, there have been several arguments against SANs along the way. Most concerns have fallen into three camps: high cost of entry, lack of interoperability, and lack of SAN management tools. With vigorous market competition, the cost to implement a SAN solution is at an all time low, and movement toward open standards has lessened the concerns for interoperability. Today, the most commonly heard complaint is “how can I manage it all?” Getting past the intimidation of so many components and connections, we realize there are 3 key requirements to managing a storage network: Integrate new SAN and storage technologies quickly and easily into your enterprise infrastructures to alleviate the storage constraints you face Simplify the management of existing and new technologies and reduce the overall cost of managing the environment. Provide quick,reliable access to data for processing

10 What Decisions Have You Made So Far?
Selected Hardware Vendors Host Servers Switches / Hubs / Routers HBAs Storage Devices Selected Application/s to exploit SAN Backup, Archive, Disaster Recovery, ERP etc. Selected Services Organization to Install If you’re considering installing a SAN, you’ve probably begun the discovery process regarding all the elements it takes to successfully implement one. And you may already have made some decisions on vendors and applications. Hardware devices like hubs, routers, and switches are often as important as the storage servers and devices themselves, and are available from leading vendors as well as smaller startup manufacturers. In addition, SAN exploitation software is available to optimize data availability across the enterprise. Finally, storage installation and integration solutions are offered by small resellers and large enterprise solution providers alike. However, there is one area of the equation that is not often addressed – the management of all these components. What is left to decide?

11 How Will I Do SAN Management?
How will I maintain availability of the SAN allowing continuous data access for applications? How will I provide a simple, secure method to allocate disk resources to host systems? How can I apply automation to add needed disk resources to maintain application processing? How do I gather needed data to assist in making intelligent decisions for growth and stability? There are many specific concerns IT managers have about managing the multiple components of their SAN architecture: Availability: there are many individual components of a SAN: how can I ensure they are all operational and can be brought together as a cohesive whole? Plus, how can I discover all the storage resources on the SAN that may be underutilized? Disk allocation: how can I dynamically assign disk space on an “as needed” basis without expending valuable IT staff resources? Application processing: how can I ensure my mission critical applications have continuous access to data, regardless of where its stored? Decision support: how can I be absolutely clear on data movement and storage resource information to allow me to make strategic IT decisions about my infrastructure? Can I get the necessary data for event/capacity/performance analysis and decision making? SAN management tools are the answer to many of the questions associated with managing the multiple components throughout the SAN infrastructure. Without adding more personnel overhead !!

12 How Do I... Admin. Issues / Concerns
Discover my SAN interconnections and components? Identify available storage resources? Securely allocate/remove storage to my host systems? Apply policies to automate resource growth? Monitor all SAN components for errors? Isolate problems for corrective action? Launch applications to fix problems? Automate storage administrative tasks? Provide data for event/capacity/performance analysis and decision making? When it comes to the individual activities of managing SAN components, the list of concerns gets even longer. How do I: Discover my SAN interconnections and components? Identify available storage resources? Securely allocate/remove storage to my host systems? Apply policies to automate resource growth? Monitor all SAN components for errors? Isolate problems for corrective action? Launch applications to fix problems? Automate storage administrative tasks? Provide data for event/capacity/performance analysis and decision making?

13 The Short List of Options
Draw/maintain Topology with Paper/Pencil and Sneaker-net. Use multiple consoles and software apps for zoning/masking/monitoring/maintenance. Switch Vendor Apps. Intelligent Storage Sub-system Apps. Individual Host Server Apps. Adding Greater SAN Deployment Risk - More Complexity, Confusion and Costs!! For small SANs, the paper and pencil blueprint can often help companies track storage resources on the SAN. Unfortunately, this method only works for so long, and many companies are turning to SAN management tools to help manage their SANs at the device level. SAN management tools offer simplified / centralized management of the SAN infrastructure and its attached storage resources. As a category, SAN management tools can help optimize the connectivity of individual SAN devices without having to hire new IT storage administrators. A major problem with some of the SAN management tools on the marketplace is that they are provided by hub and switch vendors using their own proprietary standards. While these management functions are necessary and evolving, they present only a limited view of the SAN (e.g., limited to only that vendor's particular switches and having only a limited view/understanding of endpoints like storage devices). Issues like device discovery, allocation, and monitoring can only be addressed through a single management solution that utilizes an open SAN standard and consolidates the management of all the individual SAN devices through a common interface.

14 Install Tivoli Storage Network Manager!
What is it? Enterprise SAN Management Solution for Heterogeneous Computing Environments Open SAN Standards Focused Broad Support of IBM and non-IBM Platforms and Devices Scalable from a single, application oriented SAN (SANlet is an IBM derived term) to Complex SANs What does it do? Provides a Single Solution for Enterprise SAN Management SAN Device/Resource Discovery, Monitoring and Management Disk Storage Identification and Secure Allocation Automation of Key Storage Administrative Tasks Data Gathering for Analysis and Trending For enterprise customers who need to confidently deploy and maintain their SAN infrastructure and storage resources, Tivoli Storage Network Manager is a single comprehensive solution package that discovers, allocates, monitors, automates, and manages SAN fabric components and disk storage resources, and is built upon a scalable architecture to manage large and complex configurations. Unlike other SAN offerings that are limited in function and may use limiting proprietary interfaces, Tivoli Storage Network Manager utilizes industry standards, reduces management interfaces and when integrated with Tivoli NetView provides LAN, WAN, and SAN management functions from the same console.

15 Storage Network Manager Key Values
Availability Allocation Automation Decisions We created Tivoli Storage Network Manager to focus on four Key Values: 1. Maintain high availability of the SAN infrastructure and devices to provide continuous data access for applications. 2. Provide a simple, secure and efficient method to identify and allocate heterogeneous disk resources to host systems. 3. Apply policies and automation of tasks to add and extend needed disk resources to maintain application processing 4. Gather/store data to assist in making intelligent decisions for growth and stability.

16 How is Storage Network Manager Unique?
Revolutionary Technology Combined with Proven Techniques for Network and Storage Management: Comprehensive Functionality Scaleable Architecture Open SAN Standards Focus Tivoli Netview Integration or Stand-alone Uses Relational Database - Data Exploitation Policy-driven Automation Consolidates Management Applications Tivoli Storage Network Manager is unique from any other SAN management tool in the industry: 1.   A single comprehensive package for a SAN management solution that includes device discovery, topology display, resource identification and allocation, policy establishment, continuous monitoring and automation to maintain continued application processing. 2.   The product is focused on using available and developing SAN Industry Standards and will also use vendor -supplied interfaces as appropriate. 3.   Scalability - The ability to setup, navigate and manage a small SAN, a large number of small SANs or very large/complex SANs. 4.   Can manage WAN, LAN and SAN from a single console when used in conjunction with Tivoli NetView. Tie-ins to other existing Tivoli product include -Tivoli Enterprise Console, Tivoli Decision Support, Tivoli Help Desk. 5. Consolidates management applications - The ability to launch specific element management applications from the Tivoli Storage Network Manager console.

17 After I Connect The SAN Components...
What Steps Do I Take Next??? Install Tivoli Storage Network Manager Server and/or Agent Discover SAN Components and Disk Resources Securely Allocate Disk Resources to Hosts Apply Policy-Driven Automation to Resources Monitor Devices and Resources Continuously Identify Problems Launch Element Managers as Needed to Resolve Add/Extend Disk Resources Automatically The best time to integrate Tivoli Storage Network Manager is at the beginning of SAN implementation, which ensures the maximum optimization of storage resources across the enterprise. After all SAN components are connected, install Tivoli Storage Network Manager, and direct it to automate all your management functions: Discover SAN Components and Disk Resources Securely Allocate Disk Resources to Hosts Apply Policy-Driven Automation to Resources Monitor Devices and Resources Continuously Identify Problems and launch Element Managers as Needed to Resolve When you’re ready to add functionality through adding or extending disk resources, just connect the new components and start the process again – it’s that simple! It’s a very organized process, start from the start and it’s very easy Return to Step 1 for Changes / Growth

18 (Link to CD demo to show functions from previous chart)
How Do We Do It? Let’s watch Tivoli Storage Network Manager in action! (Link to CD demo to show functions from previous chart)

19 Tivoli Decision Support Add-ons
Tivoli Decision Support for Storage Resource Management Summarize SAN assets (hosts, HBA, hubs, etc) Summarize software assets Summarize files systems type by OS Summarize storage growth, free space, capacity etc. Many others Tivoli Decision Support for SAN Management Analysis Summarize events/messages issued Top error messages When are most errors Throughput/transfer rates, peaks Zone usage Capacity analysis In addition to the automation of storage management functions, Tivoli Storage Network Manager can support your decision-making processes regarding adding new storage resources and maximizing the ones you already have. Tivoli Decision Support for Storage Resource Management summarizes all the current storage resources connected to the system, including growth and capacity, allowing you to strategically plan for your next storage purchase. Tivoli Decision Support for SAN Management Analysis examines the events and messages throughout the SAN, maximizing your investment on all the storage resources throughout the enterprise.

20 Architecture for Total Storage Management
Storage Elements (disk, tape, optical, robotics...) Common Services SAN Fabric Elements (switch, hub, bridge) C o p y S e r v I c s SAN Manager Element Managers Disk Removable Media Storage Resource Local File System Database File Applications Database Applications Applications Application Data Network t a g A u m n SAN Data Manager IFS B k When Tivoli helps customers optimize the operations of their SANs, we account for all SAN elements in the architecture for Total Storage Management, from the hardware elements (the disks, servers, and switches) to the applications and data itself. Tivoli Storage Network Manager addresses many needs that often go uncovered: Storage automation, SAN management, disk management, and element management. Plus, the Decision Support modules provide the drill-down data to plan and facilitate long-term storage strategies. Tivoli Storage Network Manager

21 Tivoli Is Delivering ! Delivering TRUE End-to-End Storage Management
Protect data assets Exploit the capabilities of storage technologies Share data assets and data storage resources Control the storage infrastructure Manage the total lifecycle of data assets and data storage resources When it comes to true end-to-end storage management, we at Tivoli provide solutions. Leverage core Tivoli applications across devices and all networks protocols. Single point of control for easier management Minimizes skill set requirements Hi speed, policy based recovery ensures that critical, revenue generating applications and data are restored first to get the business up and running. LAN free data transfer removes data movement overhead from the IP network to a dedicated data network (SAN) freeing up the communications network Tape resource sharing maximizes costly asset (tapes & tape library) utilization Adaptive Differencing provides byte & block back ups, minimizing data transfer for the mobile user. Multi thread client transfer allows clients to dynamically start multiple data transfer to a storage server, greatly increasing back up performance. Open System storage network management products and concepts Key partner alliances to provide customer the tools necessary for best technical and intelligent solution for their environment

22 Today’s Tivoli SAN Solutions
Tivoli Storage Manager Distributed data protection] Tivoli SAN Solutions Tivoli SANergy File sharing Tivoli Storage Network Manager SAN management As we have already discussed in the executive over view, Tivoli Storage Management solution’s focus is built upon the strategic needs of our customers, and their strategic business requirements. Tivoli Storage Network Manager is a key component of the overall Tivoli Storage Management Solutions Strategy. It is our first offering for comprehensive SAN and storage resource management that will establish our presence in the emerging SAN marketplace. In addition, it is a product that integrates with Tivoli NetView, Tivoli Enterprise Console, Tivoli Decision Support (for SAN resource and management analysis) and other Tivoli applications that will feed an overall system management view of the enterprise for operational integrity of the business. As part of the overall Tivoli Storage management solution set, companies utilizing Tivoli Storage Network Manager within their SANs can enjoy tremendous synergies with other Tivoli storage offerings: Companies that deploy a SAN for backup/recovery operations would purchase Tivoli Storage Network Manager to establish the initial SAN installation and to manage SAN availability/growth, and Tivoli Storage Manager for backup/restore capabilities. Companies looking for complete SAN / WAN / LAN management only would purchase Tivoli Storage Network Manager, Tivoli Netview and possibly Tivoli Enterprise Console for complete application integration. Companies looking for complete SAN / WAN / LAN management plus backup/recovery operations would purchase Tivoli Storage Network Manager, Tivoli NetView (and possibly TEC), plus Tivoli Storage Manager for backup/restore capabilities. All of these scenarios could be supplemented with Tivoli Decision Support Guides for Storage Resource and SAN Management analysis (new offerings coming). In addition, Tivoli SANergy provides complete file sharing capabilities, allowing companies to not only share storage resources, but the files and data sets themselves As a part of the overall Tivoli Storage Management Solution set. Tivoli Network Storage Manager is a key component in Tivoli’s strategy to take advantage of new storage technologies, such as SANs. It can operate as a stand alone product for SAN Management or integrate with Tivoli Netview providing a single network (LAN, WAN, SAN) management console for an enterprise.

23 Building From A Base Of Experience
Tivoli Storage Manager Tivoli NetView Tivoli Enterprise Tivoli customers can truly leverage the long history of successful storage software solutions delivered by Tivoli and IBM. Our software enable Fortune 500 companies to better manage their enterprises, contributing to their long-term success and profitability. From the very beginning with IBM DFSMS -- the industry leading total lifecycle management for OS/390 data assets and data storage resources – we have a long track record of world class management solutions. Today’s Tivoli Storage Manager and Tivoli Netview solutions continue that tradition to deliver true end-to-end management solutions across the enterprise. IBM DFSMS

24 IBM / Tivoli - Your Best SAN Choice
Tivoli Storage / SAN management software WW IGS Interoperability Labs Open SAN Strategy Certified SAN Solutions Been there, done that with ESCON! In addition, Tivoli storage software is an integral part of IBM’s aggressive SAN strategy, formulated to deliver the most integrated storage solutions available in the industry. Combined with IBM’s storage hardware and services, we’re a tough pair to beat!

25 Tivoli Storage Network Manager
Thanks for letting me talk about the benefits of Tivoli Storage Network Manager. I hope I’ve given you some points to consider as you continue down your path to a totally integrated SAN solution. Please let me know if I can answer any questions…

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