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Tivoli Storage Network Manager Sales Presentation.

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1 Tivoli Storage Network Manager Sales Presentation

2 Environment/Issues Review Tivoli Solution Focus Solution/Value Review Agenda

3 Data Explosion - The Information Grid TM

4 Stored information is growing in the e-customer base at % In 2000, 70% of systems expenditures will be on Storage. Enterprise is spending 5 times more on managing and protecting information than acquiring storage. Companies bought more storage in 1999 than in all years before combined. New Dynamics in Todays Business

5 Storage Driving Forces Heterogeneous Platforms Connectivity & Security Mission Critical Availability & Performance Data Explosion Total Cost Manageability & Scalability Consolidated Externalised Networked STORAGE

6 The Evolution To SAN Messaging Network (LAN) Messaging Network (LAN) Messaging Network (LAN) Messaging Network (LAN) Captive Storage Servers Centralized Storage Enterprise Storage Fibre Channel Storage Area Network Storage Area Network Messaging Network (LAN) Messaging Network (LAN) SCSI

7 SAN Opportunity SAN market accelerates UnixNOSWin2000ECKD SAN array market revenue ($ billion)

8 The SAN Advantage Consolidate / Share Valuable Resources and Data Centralize Storage Administration Improve performance / scalability / connectivity / availability Faster data movement - backup, restore, disaster recovery, other applications Lower management costs through consolidation, centralization

9 The Dual-Edged Sword of SANs Host - NT Host - Linux Host - AIXHost - Sun Host - HP Host - OS/390 Host - AS/400Host - True64 other Local Area Network Disk Subsystem - IBM Switch - McDATA Bridge - Crossroads Tape Subsystem - STK Switch - BrocadeSwitch - VixelSwitch - Ancor Tape Subsystem - IBM Array - Clariion Disk Subsystem - EMC Disk Subsystem - HDS JBOD - Dell Array - Compaq Storage Area Network

10 What Decisions Have You Made So Far? Selected Hardware Vendors –Host Servers –Switches / Hubs / Routers –HBAs –Storage Devices Selected Application/s to exploit SAN –Backup, Archive, Disaster Recovery, ERP etc. Selected Services Organization to Install What is left to decide?

11 How Will I Do SAN Management? How will I maintain availability of the SAN allowing continuous data access for applications? How will I provide a simple, secure method to allocate disk resources to host systems? How can I apply automation to add needed disk resources to maintain application processing? How do I gather needed data to assist in making intelligent decisions for growth and stability? Without adding more personnel overhead !!

12 How Do I... Discover my SAN interconnections and components? Identify available storage resources? Securely allocate/remove storage to my host systems? Apply policies to automate resource growth? Monitor all SAN components for errors? Isolate problems for corrective action? Launch applications to fix problems? Automate storage administrative tasks? Provide data for event/capacity/performance analysis and decision making? Admin. Issues / Concerns

13 The Short List of Options Draw/maintain Topology with Paper/Pencil and Sneaker-net. Use multiple consoles and software apps for zoning/masking/monitoring/maintenance. –Switch Vendor Apps. –Intelligent Storage Sub-system Apps. –Individual Host Server Apps. Adding Greater SAN Deployment Risk - More Complexity, Confusion and Costs!!

14 Install Tivoli Storage Network Manager! What is it? Enterprise SAN Management Solution for Heterogeneous Computing Environments –Open SAN Standards Focused –Broad Support of IBM and non-IBM Platforms and Devices –Scalable from a single, application oriented SAN (SANlet is an IBM derived term) to Complex SANs What does it do? Provides a Single Solution for Enterprise SAN Management –SAN Device/Resource Discovery, Monitoring and Management –Disk Storage Identification and Secure Allocation –Automation of Key Storage Administrative Tasks –Data Gathering for Analysis and Trending

15 Storage Network Manager Key Values Allocation Availability Decisions Automation

16 Revolutionary Technology Combined with Proven Techniques for Network and Storage Management: Comprehensive Functionality Scaleable Architecture Open SAN Standards Focus Tivoli Netview Integration or Stand-alone Uses Relational Database - Data Exploitation Policy-driven Automation Consolidates Management Applications How is Storage Network Manager Unique?

17 After I Connect The SAN Components... 1.Install Tivoli Storage Network Manager Server and/or Agent 2.Discover SAN Components and Disk Resources 3.Securely Allocate Disk Resources to Hosts 4.Apply Policy-Driven Automation to Resources 5.Monitor Devices and Resources Continuously 6.Identify Problems 7.Launch Element Managers as Needed to Resolve 8.Add/Extend Disk Resources Automatically What Steps Do I Take Next??? Return to Step 1 for Changes / Growth

18 How Do We Do It? Lets watch Tivoli Storage Network Manager in action! (Link to CD demo to show functions from previous chart)

19 Tivoli Decision Support Add-ons Tivoli Decision Support for Storage Resource Management Summarize SAN assets (hosts, HBA, hubs, etc) Summarize software assets Summarize files systems type by OS Summarize storage growth, free space, capacity etc. Many others Tivoli Decision Support for SAN Management Analysis Summarize events/messages issued Top error messages When are most errors Throughput/transfer rates, peaks Zone usage Capacity analysis Many others

20 Storage Elements (disk, tape, optical, robotics...) Common Services SAN Fabric Elements (switch, hub, bridge) CopyServIcesCopyServIces SAN Manager Element Managers Disk Manager Removable Media Manager Storage Resource Manager Local File SystemDatabase File ApplicationsDatabase Applications Applications ApplicationDataResourceNetworkElement StorageAutomatIonStorageAutomatIon SAN Data Manager IFS BackupServIcesBackupServIces Architecture for Total Storage Management Tivoli Storage Network Manager

21 Delivering TRUE End-to-End Storage Management Protect data assets Exploit the capabilities of storage technologies Share data assets and data storage resources Control the storage infrastructure Manage the total lifecycle of data assets and data storage resources Tivoli Is Delivering !

22 Todays Tivoli SAN Solutions Tivoli Storage Network Manager SAN management Tivoli Storage Network Manager SAN management Tivoli Storage Manager Distributed data protection] Tivoli Storage Manager Distributed data protection] Tivoli SANergy File sharing Tivoli SANergy File sharing Tivoli SAN Solutions

23 Building From A Base Of Experience Tivoli Storage Manager Tivoli NetView Tivoli Enterprise IBM DFSMS

24 Tivoli Storage / SAN management software WW IGS Interoperability Labs Open SAN Strategy Certified SAN Solutions Been there, done that with ESCON! IBM / Tivoli - Your Best SAN Choice

25 Tivoli Storage Network Manager

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