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Nashville School of the Arts July 24 and August 1, 2013.

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1 Nashville School of the Arts July 24 and August 1, 2013


3 Introduction from Dr. Gregory Stewart, Executive Principal of NSA, and Oceana Sheehan, Assistant Principal Introduction of NSA School Counseling Team Exemptions/Diplomas & More General scheduling information Senior Committee Starting Off Your Senior Year Right

4 Rebecca Frame: Freshman- Juniors, Last names A-K April Gung Seniors Julia Hoge Freshman- Juniors, Last names L-Z

5 April Gung, Senior Counselor Office: , ext. 307 Fax: College counseling website: seling seling A note about communication & s…

6 me quick questions or to set up an appointment Stop by during lunch, after school, or ask to see me during advisory If Im unavailable, complete a referral form hanging on my door and put in my box.

7 Take out your phone and sign up now! Via text: to Via You can leave the subject

8 Have a 90 average or higher in the class At least one of your 9 weeks grades must be a 93 or higher You must not be suspended out of school for any reason You must not miss more than 6 days each semester (includes Excused and Unexcused) You must not have more than 7 discipline referrals total Three tardies to a class will equal one days absence. Each of your teachers will track attendance for his/her class. An exemption from one class does not automatically mean an exemption from all classes.

9 Seniors get 3 days that will be counted as excused absences BUT will not count against exam exemptions Must bring documentation from college showing you were there – give copy to your teachers for their records and to Ms. Street in the main office for attendance

10 Diploma with Honors ACT English: 18 ACT Math: 22 ACT Science: 24 ACT Reading: 21 Diploma with Distinction Earn a B average (85 or higher) AND one of the following: Nationally recognized industry certification Participate in Governors School Be selected as a National Merit Finalist or Semi- Finalist Attain an ACT composite of 31 or higher Attain a score of 3 or higher on at least two AP exams Earn 12 or more semester hours of transcripted college credit

11 Criteria is tentative – may be adjusted NSA AP Scholars program Take and pass 3 or more AP classes (full-year) by graduation Expected to take the PSAT (at least twice for rising 10 th /11 th graders and once for rising 12 th graders) Expected to take AP exam – no requirement to receive a specific score Benefits: Extra award during graduation season, potential field trips, resume, rec letters, etc. NSA Honors recognition Take and pass 8 Honors classes by graduation Maintain an overall B average Benefits: Extra honor during graduation season, resume, rec letters, etc.

12 Benefits: medallion at graduation, seal on diploma, tuition assistance at some colleges, resume, etc. Criteria: All regular diploma requirements 4 math credits (Bridge Math does not count) 80 hours of volunteer service Overall C average with no Fs as final grades 95% attendance required (no more than 36 absences in high school) No out-of-school suspensions

13 Course# of Credits English4 Math (Algebra 1 and above; take at least one class each year) 4 Science (Biology, Chemistry, and one additional)3 Social Studies - World History or World Geography or AP Human Geo1 - US History1 - Government.5 - Economics.5 - Personal Finance.5

14 Course# of Credits World Languages (two years of same language)2 Lifetime Wellness1 Physical Education1 Fine or Performing Arts6 Elective1 TOTAL25.5


16 Changes in the Master Schedule – conflict between classes offered on block schedule and those offered on 50 minute schedule Overlooking graduation requirements Bridge Math: Seniors with a 19 or below on ACT math subtest Seniors with no ACT score No teacher recommendation for Arts classes Summer A+ not complete

17 Missing Dual Enrollment application packet (not just initial interest form) Missing Virtual School application packet (not just initial interest form) Academic rigor Should have at least 3 academic classes on senior schedule Colleges look for rigor and advanced coursework in junior/senior year schedules Personal challenge – fight senioritis!

18 Bridge Math Designed for students who made below a 19 on ACT Math Will be online at NSA Will count as Learning Support Math for college, which is required for students with below a 19 on ACT Math before they can take college math classes Psychology and Yearbook will be offered at NSA Independent Study – no credit received In general, cannot repeat Wellness

19 Auditing Arts classes - do not get new credit for repeating courses or auditing class Retake class you failed but received credit for through grade averaging Retake class you made a D in for grade improvement Virtual School and Dual Enrollment classes Senior Capstone Regular Senior Capstone College Counseling Intern with Ms. Gung NSA Presents Intern with Ms. Hoge

20 For those who have already submitted required forms: Grab a handout with important virtual details Report to computer lab (Ms. Sheehans old office) unless otherwise directed You must sign in daily. Students will be written up if found to be skipping. May request permission slip to leave campus if you have virtual classes 7 th period or 6/7 th block. REQUIRED orientation: Saturday, August 10 th Expect course to start on August 1 st. Remember, weekly deadlines count for grades and for attendance.

21 For those who have NOT already submitted required forms: Deadline to register for Fall: Thursday, August 1 st. Three steps: Must setup MNPS address on school computer Must get online application link from Ms. Gung Must submit parent form to Ms. Gung Free if part of regular day schedule; $175 per ½ credit if its in addition to school day Can put the class in any open period on your schedule Cannot drop class mid-semester

22 Expect 5-10 hours/week of work for standard courses Courses offered: All standard academic course plus several Honors options not offered at NSA (Government Honors, Economics Honors, etc.), plus Wellness & PE Others: Psychology, Sociology, Art History, Physical Science New courses (one semester each): Introduction to Information Technology Image Design & Editing Principles of Business Principles of Accounting Introduction to Social Media Web Design Digital Arts Principles of Marketing Principles of Finance

23 For those who have already submitted required forms: Look for registration confirmation from Meaghan Oliver at NSCC. Once you have this, look at course info online to find textbook information and start searching. Dont forget the Dual Enrollment Grant application! Deadline: September 15 th Look for from me about MNPS Gap Fee Application For those who have NOT yet applied: Grab handout with info and NSCC links Could take a course to satisfy high school graduation requirements or just a class for fun Get college credit that transfers to the college you attend in most cases; in most cases get high school credit too Chance to explore content related to potential career interests while the cost is subsidized by Dual Enrollment Grant

24 Potential courses: Macroeconomics (at NSCC or web) Government (at NSCC or web) Psychology Sociology Spanish/French (at NSCC or web) Art Appreciation Computer Science Computer Aided Drafting Beginning HTML Computer Applications Intro to Political Science Social Problems Intro to Criminal Justice

25 Intro to Animal Science (web) Culinary Arts: Baking Skills, Culinary I Child Growth & Development Intro to Womens Studies (at NSCC and web) Studio Recording Music Appreciation Classical Piano I and II Basic Photography Introduction to Social Work (at NSCC and web) Human Behavior and Social Environments Introduction to Theater Intro to Paralegal Studies

26 Deadline to register for Fall: Monday, August 5 th Must reapply for DEG grant each semester; do not have to reapply for admission if youve already taken a course General requirements (except for Arts-related courses): 3.0 minimum GPA requirement (with some exceptions) 19 ACT subscore in specific subject area Can go to NSCC at Main Campus or Hickory Hollow or do online Generally, must be 7 th period or after school – make sure this works for the NSCC class schedule. In general, must leave campus – complete permission form for this Students responsibility to submit application, purchase materials, apply for DEG, pay tuition, pay withdrawal fees (if applicable)

27 Colleges want to know that youve taken rigorous curriculum, as much as they want to know your GPA Makes you more competitive for colleges and scholarships Prepares you for college-level coursework AP/Dual Enrollment (DE) can give you college credit saves you money! Impacts weighted GPA From the Common App

28 All summer A+ coursework must be finished and the final exam (Review Test) passed by July 31 st. If not, your Arts/elective will be dropped to fit it into your schedule. Must come test by July 30 th to allow for a makeup day in case you dont pass the first time Virtual School is not a content recovery option

29 Acceptable Reasons: You have already received credit for the class youre in You have not met the pre-requisites for the class There is another class you need for graduation this year You have 2 classes in the same period You have already taken the course with the same teacher and failed it

30 Unacceptable Reasons: To take the class with a different teacher (if you have not already had the course) To take the class a different period To be in a different lunch period You changed your mind about taking the class You think the class is going to be too hard Your job and/or other responsibilities are interfering You want to be in the same class as your friends Do NOT request schedule changes for any of these reasons.

31 Schedule your A+ test for July 30 th or before ( Ms. Gung) Look for from Ms. Gung to say your schedule is as complete as possible. If you can, come in to fix schedule. Come to gym on first day of school for schedule. Plan to report directly to auditorium.

32 Take master schedule and make choices. Complete and submit additional materials, if necessary Art teacher recommendations AP contracts Parent signatures on course registration forms Dual Enrollment application (August 5 th ) Virtual School Registration (August 1 st ) Request form to leave campus for Virtual School/Dual Enrollment (August 1 st ) Schedule change form Complete schedule change request form and leave it for me.

33 Most important thing… Dont freak out! It will all get done

34 Now, moving on from scheduling. Lets talk about senior year!

35 Dont forget: You can copy-paste this slide into other presentation s, and move or resize the poll. Poll: What's the top thing you're looking forw...

36 Dont forget: You can copy-paste this slide into other presentation s, and move or resize the poll. Poll: What's the top thing that you're worried...

37 Ms. Gung & Ms. Painter are co-Senior Sponsors Ms. Gung – Senior Committee Chair Approximately 10 student leaders to help plan events Pick up handout from the back with some general Senior Year information.

38 Get organized! Use your NSA planner to enter school/college/personal deadlines and plan ahead from there. Use Google alerts for reminders or your phone notepad feature to make a to-do list Set a few goals What are 3-5 specific things youd like to accomplish this year? Build time into your schedule for working on these.

39 Stress management What calms you when youre stressed and brings you joy? Build in time for that (DAILY!) Dont overload yourself. Prioritize the things on your plate. Balance work and play. Build your time management skills Prioritize and plan ahead Work a little each week on big projects/deadlines instead of cramming it in at the last minute. Build in more time than you think you need for tasks. Be wary of senioritis Junior and Senior year grades matter the most for college.

40 Read/use the materials youre given (newsletter, website, etc.) Be politely persistent. Plan ahead for recommendations, applications, etc. Set aside minutes each week for the college process. Use your Fall Break wisely. Create a professional address Have a college folder ready for tracking college/financial aid info (document everything!)

41 Sign up to retake the ACT (particularly if you made less than a 19 on Eng/Rdg/Math) Next test date: September 21 Registration deadline: August 23 Students on FRL can get 2 free waivers (not in yet). Students who didnt take it in April can get free voucher (not in yet). Remember 21 makes you Hope eligible; average ACT score at UTK in 2012 was a 27 Try taking the SAT

42 Start to explore potential career interests and colleges using the following websites: (set up a free account; click the Career Planning and College Planning tabs) (use the College Search engine) Look for college visit days at schools your interested in. Remember seniors get 3 college visit days. Get on a few scholarship listserves:,

43 Colleges that Change Lives (CCTL): Wednesday, August 14 th, 7pm, Music City Center Advisory classroom visits: Week of August 26th Lunch with Ms. Gung NSA Parent College Night: Thursday, September 5 th, 6:30pm MNPS College Fair: September 24 th

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