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BS1192:2007 & PAS 1192-2 MR1 Consulting ltd Collaborating for Business Performance.

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1 BS1192:2007 & PAS 1192-2 MR1 Consulting ltd Collaborating for Business Performance

2 BS1192 The BS was developed and published from practical application of the processes known as Avanti. It has been implemented on a number of projects of various value and the savings of 10% have been sustained on all projects. This is 50% of the target set by the BIM Strategy.

3 1976 Building Research Establishment A discrepancy of 10mm in one dimension cost £3,000 and seriously affected the contractors programme. Lack of coordination demonstrates Waste at 10-20% Waste

4 The UK Government construction total expenditure per annum is £ 80bn. (2005) Possible min £ 20bn of waste The European Construction Institute 2003 stated that non-quality in European construction represents E80bn of waste per annum. Waste

5 The Client buys risk every time he accepts non quality information from his supply teams Waste

6 The BIM Strategy has set its target at 20-25% of construction cost that is generated because information for construction is: – Inaccurate – Incomplete – And Ambiguous The use of CAD solutions has perpetuated the problem even though it had the capacity to solve the problem.

7 Level 2 Maturity for BIM

8 PAS 1192-2

9 The CPIx Protocol PIP Project Implementation Plan Assess your IT and your Resource capability to deliver the employers requirements

10 CPIx Execution Plan Building Information Model and Management (BIM(M)) Agreed Supply Chain Execution Plan(SCEP) Produce you delivery plan and agree with your supply chain and the second and third tiers

11 CIC Scope of works:2012 Alignment of the Industry Institutional deliverables. Levels of Model Detail appropriate for the purpose NOT high detail because we can. Levels of Information appropriate to the scope stages and the Employers Information Requirements (EIR).

12 Supply Chain- Client

13 Questions

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