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Raising My First TN Part 1 The TN Raising Process The greatest process on earth.

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2 Raising My First TN

3 Part 1 The TN Raising Process The greatest process on earth

4 The TN Raising Process CommunicationAlumni RelationsPersonal Network Phone CallEmail First Meeting Follow up JQ SIGNED Matching Servicing Re-sign SALESFORCE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

5 CommunicationAlumni RelationsPersonal Network Brand AIESEC in target markets effectively to generate warm contacts Create alumni champions in organisations to generate partnerships Use your personal network to generate warm contacts and potential partnerships SALESFORCE 1

6 Phone CallEmail SALESFORCE Warm Call! Key things to keep in mind: 1)It will not work on your first try 2)You will feel left out and think they dont care 3)You will know their voicemail message by heart for calling them so many times 4)You need to be persistent if you want to get something out of it 2

7 SALESFORCE Its time to shine! Show the potential partner why its all worth it We will talk about value creation later in this presentation 3-4 First Meeting Follow up They will not give it to you that easily. Follow up and close the deal! This is often where transition hurts the most. If you are leaving or taking on new responsibilities and cant follow up, transition your contact to somebody else!

8 SALESFORCE You have successfully completed the first part of the process! You have identified a need in the partner organisation and they feel that AIESEC can fill that need with our unique program 5 JQ SIGNED

9 SALESFORCE Finding a suitable candidate for this life- changing internship 6-7-8 Matching Servicing Check up on the partner to evaluate satisfaction and adjust if needed Re-signs During or after the internship, given good servicing, there might be other needs for AIESEC interns

10 Part 2 Lets get started!

11 Activity Write down the 5 contacts in your personal network you will contact

12 Activity Get in groups of 5 and share who your contacts are and why you want to approach them

13 Part 3 Our Unique Program Value

14 Who is this? Whats that?

15 Our unique Leadership Development Program Some big numbers Why AIESEC?


17 These guys have partnered with us for multiple years Why AIESEC?

18 Whats that?

19 Customized Hiring


21 Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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