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My Birth Plan. Where? Hospital Birthing Center Home.

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1 My Birth Plan

2 Where? Hospital Birthing Center Home

3 Support System Spouse Parent Sibling Friend

4 Environment Music Lighting Things from home Pictures Clothing

5 Mobility –Maintain mobility (Walking, rocking, up to bathroom, etc.) –Freedom to move in bed only (up to the bathroom) –Mobility not important (catheter, used with regular epidural)

6 Pain Relief Options Non-Medicinal Relaxation Positioning Water (Shower or tub) Heat or Cold Therapy Massage Acupressure Medicine –IV –Epidural Classical Epidural General Anesthesia

7 Positions Using "Birth Ball" In Labor

8 Hands and knees Reduces strain on the perineum. Allows free movement into other positions such as semi-sitting and side-lying. Helps to slow down a rapid birth. Squatting Naturally helps to open the pelvis Allows the baby to rotate into a position conducive for birth Can become tiring or uncomfortable for the mother if the delivery exceeds the normal time period. May require some practice to get used to. May make it difficult for the doctor to support the perineum.

9 Semi-sitting Involves a semi-sitting position with the spine curved and legs drawn up. Makes use of gravity to facilitate the delivery. Makes it difficult sometimes for the baby to descend under the pubic bone. Side-lying Reduces the need for an epistiomy—a surgical incision made in the perineum to enlarge the vagina and facilitate delivery. Reduces pressure of the uterus on major blood vessels and the perineum. Is more relaxing for the mother. Helps prevent back ache. Is ideal for mothers suffering from high blood pressure. Helps to slow down a rapid birth.

10 Cord Cutting –Immediate (Sometimes done because the cord is around the neck or because the parents have no preference.) –Delayed (Some parents prefer that the cord not be cut until after it has stopped pulsating so that the baby receive all of the blood from the placenta.) –Partner to cut cord

11 Feeding Baby –Breast feeding only –Bottle feeding only –Combination –No pacifiers or glucose water

12 Separation –Delayed (after recovery period) –Partial Rooming-In (Baby with mother during day, but not night.) –Nursery (baby brought to you on your schedule.)

13 Circumcision –None (Check here if you do not intend to have the baby circumcised, or if you do not intend to have him circumcised at the birth place.) –Do not retract the foreskin –In the Hospital –Parents Present –Use anesthesia (Depends on the practitioner)

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