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Summary & Paraphrase Practice erold/menusp.htm.

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1 Summary & Paraphrase Practice erold/menusp.htm

2 summary a condensed version of the main ideas of all or part of a source, written in your own words

3 paraphrase a rewording of a particular point in a source.

4 Direct Quotes Copy word for word from the source Use quotation marks

5 Where do your notes go? In the note section of your notes page

6 3 rd column is YOUR WORDS ONLY! This is your analysis of the notes—how will it help you answer the EQ?

7 Choose a topic

8 You need… A variety of all three!!!! But make sure you have all three

9 Significance? You can be accused of PLAGIARISM if you only change a few words of the original source and use that as your summary or paraphrase.

10 How to avoid inadvertent plagiarism read and reread your source until you understand exactly what it is saying. put the source and any notes away. Write down the relevant information from the source. At this point you may still be using phrasing and language from the source. So, next, rewrite this information into your own words and sentences so it becomes a coherent part of your paper written in your own style. **Remember, do not include your own ideas or commentary in the body of the summary or paraphrase. Your own ideas should come after the summary or paraphrase. You don't want your reader to become confused about which information is yours and which is the source's. And you always have to document summaries and paraphrases since the ideas are not your own.

11 ORIGINAL "Empire State College has a policy describing the conditions under which students may be warned or withdrawn from the College for such unethical academic behavior as plagiarism, forgery, misrepresentation, or other dishonest or deceptive acts which constitute grounds for warning or administrative withdrawal" (CDL Student Handbook 5).

12 Exercise 1 Number 1 is the summary; it has condensed the source and articulates the main idea. Number 2 is an appropriate paraphrase. The writer has used her own words and sentence structure to relate the essence of the source. Number 3 is a paraphrase that inadvertently plagiarizes because it retains too much of the source's language and sentence structure.

13 For your Galenet source… 1 direct quote 1 paraphrase 1 summary MINIMUM

14 Don’t forget to record the MLA Citation!

15 Start thinking of your thesis! Due tomorrow!

16 Your subtopics emerge from the thesis! Subtopic=reason/opinion

17 For your Galenet source… 1 direct quote 1 paraphrase 1 summary MINIMUM: DUE TOMORROW!

18 Summary…you will turn this in before you leave… Plagiarism happens because… –Think about what we talked about today to help you answer this question. Turn in the slip before you leave!

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