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Curator’s Office Blackbeard By: Taylor Sources Cited.

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1 Curator’s Office Blackbeard By: Taylor Sources Cited

2 Background Information Blackbeard was born some time around 1680.Blackbeard wanted to be a pirate instead of a sailor because the captains would beat you, people were sick all the time, and you might not get paid for what you did. Blackbeard had a friend named Benjamin Horingold that taught Blackbeard to become a pirate.When Mr. Horingold retired Blackbeard became the captain, and renamed the ship the “Queen Anne’s Revenge “. While later Blackbeard shot two of his crewmates in the knees because they didn’t listen to him. One of his crewmates said that Blackbeard had 14 wives!! No children though.

3 Accomplishments Blackbeard wore multiple knifes and pistols.Today people think that Blackbeard hid his treasure, but he didn’t because Blackbeard stole food and tobacco so if he did hid it they would get ruined. Edward was a sneaky pirate because he and his crewmates were getting ready to be killed when Blackbeard snuck away. He would sneak on merchant ships and force them to let him come onboard but what he didn’t notice is that they could have thrown him on a deserted island to rot.

4 Conclusion Blackbeard died November 22, 1718 when he was trapped by an English ship and stabbed and shot more than 25 times. Then he was decapitated by the captain and stuck on the front of their ship as a trophy. By living dangerously, killing time after time, and stealing people might have a horrible death just like Blackbeard. His example showed other pirates not to be so cruel to their crew.

5 Sources Cited html html ecaribbean/a/Biography-Of-Edward-Blackbeard- Teach.htm ecaribbean/a/Biography-Of-Edward-Blackbeard- Teach.htm

6 About the author Taylor was born November 1, 2001. She has an older sister named Shelby which is 12 years old and a younger brother named Titus, which is 4 months old. She sings, plays guitar, and plays basketball. She likes this project because it was interesting to find information about Blackbeard.

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