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North Carolina’s Executive Branch

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1 North Carolina’s Executive Branch

2 Duties of NC’s Governor
Carries out laws. Appoints non-elected members of Cabinet. Prepares state budget. Obtains grants. Delivers State of the State Address. Can veto. Calls General Assembly into special session. Pardons, reprieves, & commute sentences of state offenders. Appoints judges to vacancies. Oversees the state militia. Has emergency powers. Leader of the state; speaks on behalf of state.

3 NC’s Governor Pat McCrory Elected in 2012 Republican
Serves 4-year term Former mayor of Charlotte Lives in the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh

4 Requirements of NC Governor
Must be at least 30 years old. Must be a resident of NC for 2 years. Must be a qualified voter. Must not have been impeached, convicted of malpractice or any other felony. Must be a 5-year US citizen.

5 The Governor’s Cabinet
Member of the Governor’s Cabinet are appointed by the Governor & approved by the NC Senate. These Departments & Agencies answer directly to the Governor. The Secretaries that head these depts. Are generally from the Governor’s party. Go to the Governor's Website to see who these people are and what they do.

6 Council of State Council of State are all elected to 4-year terms of office These offices work independent of the Governor—he is NOT their boss These officials may not belong to the same political party as the Governor

7 NC’s Lt. Governor Dan Forest Elected on Nov. 6th Republican
Only 2nd Republican since 1887! Serves 4-year term Is an architect

8 Duties of Lieutenant Governor
Secedes Governor. President of NC Senate, but can only vote in the event of a tie. Is a member of the Council of State. May have other duties assigned by the Governor.

9 NC’s Secretary of State
Elaine Marshall First elected in 1996, re-elected in 2012 for fifth term 1st Woman in position 4-year term Democrat

10 Duties of the Secretary of State
Oversees all records. Certifies all elections. Signs and records all new laws. Preserves all state historical documents. Is a member of the Council of State.

11 NC’s Attorney General Roy Cooper Serves a 4-year term
First elected in 2000, re-elected in 2012 for 4th term Democrat

12 Duties of the Attorney General
Serves as the “People’s Attorney.” Protects individual citizen rights. Provides legal advice to state and local agencies. Conducts special investigations and prosecutions. Oversees SBI, Consumer Protection and other state law enforcement. Is a member of the Council of State.

13 NC’s State Treasurer Janet Cowell Serves a 4-year term
First elected in 2008, re-elected in 2012 1st woman to hold office Democrat

14 Duties of the State Treasurer
Responsible for receipt, custody, and disbursement of all state funds. Invests state funds. Provides financial advice to the Governor and other state institutions, agencies, and offices. Is a member of the Council of State.

15 Other Members of Council of State
Pros of elected Council of State? Cons of elected Council of State?

16 Scenario Sheet Read the scenario.
Decide what you as Governor would recommend. Defend your answer. Which roles come in to play in this decision?

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