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OSP “All Hands” Meeting

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1 OSP “All Hands” Meeting

2 Agenda Welcome Announcements 2012 OSP “Top Ten” Initiatives
OSP Operational “To Do” List Q&A

3 Strategic Initiatives
2012 OSP “Top Ten” Strategic Initiatives

4 2012 OSP Strategic Initiatives
Goal 1: Attract achievement-oriented people to employment opportunities in state government. Recruitment Website NC PAY

5 Recruitment Website Champion: Dusty Wall
Improve the State’s recruitment website to more effectively attract qualified job candidates by capitalizing on e-recruit capabilities and incorporating marketing elements of NC Brand and information about Total Rewards. Champion: Dusty Wall Strategy Team Members: Team Lead – Lynn Floyd; Amy Perry; Chris Clemmons; Kassia Elliott; Vivian Jackson Target Completion Date: September 30, 2012 

6 Recruitment Website Deliverables:
Conception of website “look and feel” Draft of identified key pages and topics Draft of content of pages Final mock up Live production website

7 Recruitment Website Action Plan/Milestones:
Brainstorming for website “look and feel” and team input on content – 5/25 Assignments to team members for crafting pages – 6/1 Develop pages (content) – 6/22 Approval from Champion and Deputy Director - 7/13 Mock-up of pages - 9/1 Approval from Champion and Deputy Director– 9/14/12 Implementation – 9/30/12 Maintenance – care and feeding, ongoing

8 Recruitment Website Dependencies:
E-Recruit Go-Live for DPS, General Assembly, DPI E-Recruit “care and feeding” Potential level of involvement of salary administration staff on NCPAY 50% of professional RSSA Division staff engaged in this specific initiative Potential RIF activity in spring/summer

9 NC PAY Pilot the NC PAY classification structure in one state agency to determine its effectiveness and suitability for statewide system use. Champion: Pam Bowling Strategy Team Members: Chris Clemmons and Laura Sheely, Leads; staff of Classification/Compensation Division. Target Completion Date: January 1, 2013

10 NC PAY Deliverables: Testing of new NC Pay structure
Development of new classifications associated with structure Implementation of new structure/classifications in Beacon Identification of pay mechanisms and policy changes Report of findings and issues 

11 NC PAY Action Plan/Milestones:
Internal and external communication completed; conclude modeling structure transition – June 2012 Classification and pay issues addressed; structure transition complete in BEACON - October 2012 Analysis of pilot and recommendations completed - January 2013 Dependencies: Structure implementation in Beacon with Release 2 in October, 2012

12 2012 OSP Strategic Initiatives
Goal 2: Develop the employee and managerial knowledge and skills needed for current and future state government effectiveness. Learning Management System On-boarding Program Employee Training New Manager/Supervisor Training

13 Learning Management System (LMS)
Identify and implement a comprehensive enterprise-wide learning content management system. Champions: Paula Kukulinski and John Correllus Strategy Team Members: Functioning as the Core Project Team are Dimple Katira (ITS), Mike Cline, Jane Bozarth, Tony Oakley, Don Childrey(OSC), John Correllus and Paula Kukulinski. Formal sub-committees - Program Design and Development, Citizen Training, Work Flow/Processes, Naming Conventions, etc. will be established with both OSP and agency representation.

14 Learning Management System (LMS)
Target Completion Date: December 31, 2012 (Phase I)   Deliverable: Implement an enterprise LMS Action Plan/Milestones: Conduct state-wide needs assessment meetings – Complete Issue RFP – Complete Selection of Vendor – In Process Implementation Activities Phase One ”Go Live” Phase One Closeout

15 Learning Management System (LMS)
Dependencies: Continued funding source after initial license period

16 On-boarding Program Establish a statewide on-boarding program to facilitate new employee adjustment to organization and to enhance engagement and retention. Champions: Nellie Riley and Paula Kukulinski Strategy Team Members: Anthony Jones, Lead; Linda Jefferson, Sondra Wilson; Vivian Jackson Target Completion Date: December

17 On-boarding Program Deliverables:
On-boarding process, policy and guide/toolkit Integration of on-boarding process into LMS Best practices identified Process posted on website Action Plan/Milestones: To be determined by re-chartered team by May 30, 3012 Dependencies: To be determined

18 On-boarding: Employee Training
Establish a training program for all employees on the responsibilities of being a public employee and on “How to be Successful in State Government”; link to on-boarding and LMS initiatives. Champion: Nellie Riley Strategy Team Members: Windy Willis, a member of the Young Employees’ Initiative, one seasoned employee and one HR Director Target Completion Date: December 1, 2012

19 On-boarding: Employee Training
Deliverables: Completed training course Integration into On Boarding Program Integration into LMS

20 On-boarding: Employee Training
Action Plan/Milestones: (dates to be determined) Training course developed – Training course piloted – Training course piloted with On Boarding Program LMS integration completed – Dependencies: To be determined

21 New Manager/Supervisor Training
Create a standard and consistent learning program for new managers and supervisors to prepare them to manage the human capital they are accountable for and enhance productive and respectful relationships. Champion: Paula Kukulinski Strategy Team Members: Annis Barbee (DHHS), Jim Gray (AOC), Kent McLamb (State Auditor), Gwen Norville (Public Safety), Kathi Parker (OSP, Team Leader), Steve Sheppard (NCDOT), Linda Smith (DOR) Target Completion Date: 6/30/13

22 New Manager/Supervisor Training
Deliverables: Validated competencies for NC state government leaders at four different levels. Multi-level, consistent, competency-based, accessible, cost-effective leadership development programs for centralized delivery and/or guided agency customization. Leadership development program evaluation protocols that measure impact and guide ongoing improvements.

23 New Manager/Supervisor Training
Dependencies: Identifying common/core leadership competencies across state government agencies with varied customer/stakeholder bases, business needs and organizational structures/cultures. Designing leadership development programs with the right balance of core competency development and agency customization flexibility. Resource sharing across agencies (space, facilitators/trainers, materials, etc.) for centralized program delivery and evaluation.

24 2012 OSP Strategic Initiatives
Goal 3: Motivate high levels of managerial and employee performance. High Performance Workforce Consortium Uniform Mediation/Grievance Policy Increase Employee Engagement

25 High Performance Workforce Consortium
Plan and implement a set of integrated initiatives to create and maintain a high performance state government workforce through a collaboration among agencies that have a major workforce development focus (OSP, Department of Commerce, Division of Employment Security, NC Community College system, and Institute for Emerging Issues.) Champion: Ann Cobb Strategy Team Members: Nancy Astrike, Team Lead; Steve Scott (Wake Tech); Roger Shackelford (Commerce); Dr. Saundra Williams (Community Colleges); Anita Brown-Graham (Emerging Issues)

26 High Performance Workforce Consortium
Target Completion Date: December 1, 2012 Deliverables: Comprehensive set of initiatives which create and maintain a high performance state government workforce. Action Plan/Milestones: Initiatives developed in the following areas: High Performance Attributes Performance Management Customer Service

27 High Performance Workforce Consortium
Employee Engagement Diversity Compensation (complete) Recruitment and Selection (in-process) Classification (in-process) Learning and Development (July, 2012) Dependencies: No dependencies identified

28 Uniform Mediation/Grievance Policy
Develop and implement a Uniform Mediation and Grievance Policy in all agencies to ensure consistency and fairness in how grievances are handled across state government and will offer a cost effective, time effective and less adversarial method of resolving grievances. Champion: Gerry Fisher  Strategy Team Members: Sharon Howard and Ken Litowsky Target Completion Date: October 31, 2012

29 Uniform Mediation/Grievance Policy
Deliverables:   Completed Uniform Mediation and Grievance Policy Implementation recommendations to incoming administration in OSP transition report Action Plan/Milestones:   Policy vetted by OSP legal counsel.   Policy vetted with the HR Roundtable Policy Committee, agency/university HR directors, and OSP leadership.

30 Uniform Mediation/Grievance Policy
Dependencies: Implement funding plan proposed by the Office of State Budget and Management to assess contribution from each agency to support the cost of mediation. Identify and obtain additional administrative support required for scheduling time-sensitive mediations, maintenance of mediator pool information and mediation data.

31 Increase Employee Engagement
Develop model programs and tools to increase employee engagement, commitment and productivity. Champions: Nellie Riley and Gerry Fisher Strategy Teams: Engagement Component: Brenda Dixon, Lead; Susan Adams, Marie Livingston Target Completion Date- December 1, 2012

32 Increase Employee Engagement
Deliverables: Guide and toolkit for making survey results and other data actionable to drive improvement Update engagement section of OSP website to include “Best Practices” Action Plan/ Milestones: To be determined by re-chartered team by 5/30/12

33 Increase Employee Engagement
Exit Interview Processes Component: Sondra Chavis, Lead; Laura Sheely and Dominick D’Erasmo Target Completion Date: December 1, 2012

34 Increase Employee Engagement
Deliverables: Guide and toolkit for making survey results and other data actionable to drive improvement Guidelines and implementation recommendations on effective exit interview processes Updated engagement section of OSP website to reflect Best Exit Interview Practices” Action Plan/Milestones and Dependencies: To be determined by re-chartered team by 5/30/12

35 2012 OSP Strategic Initiatives
Goal 4: Improve effectiveness and efficiency of OSP functioning and operations. OSP Internal Policy Manual and OSP Standard Operating Procedures OSP Workforce Plan

36 OSP Internal Policy Manual and SOPs
Update and revise OSP internal policy manual to reflect current policies and practices and develop Standard Operating Procedures outlining administrative processes. Champion: Carl Goodwin Strategy Team Members: Brenda Dixon, Beverly Townsend, Charlene Shabazz. Target Completion Date: June 30, 2012 Deliverables: Updated OSP internal policy manual New OSP standard operating procedures manual

37 OSP Internal Policy Manual and SOPs
Action Plan/Milestones: Complete first drafts of revised internal policy manual and new SOP manual - May 31 Complete final draft of internal policy manual and new SOP manual – June 30 Distribute to OSP staff and post on internal website – July 2 Dependencies: No dependencies identified

38 OSP Workforce Plan Complete five-year workforce and management of critical knowledge plan for OSP. Champion: Ann Cobb Strategy Team Members: Marie Livingstone, Lynn Freeman, Charlene Shabazz, and all division directors. Target Completion Date: Phase 1 – June 30; Phase 2 – December 1.

39 OSP Workforce Plan Deliverables:
OSP workforce plan with priorities, and short and long-term implementation plan Action Plan/Milestones: Complete division spreadsheets of critical knowledge areas – 5/15 Review full plan including priorities, due dates – 5/22 Complete initial plan and communicate expectations – 5/31 Finalize OSP workforce plan, phase 1 – 6/30 Dependencies: Flood, famine, earthquake

40 OSP Operational “To Do” List
Coming soon …

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