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2011 Summary of Accomplishments 2011 Summary of Accomplishments.

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1 2011 Summary of Accomplishments 2011 Summary of Accomplishments

2 Economic Development Project NameNew Jobs New Investment Grant FundsType of Grant FundsAdditional Benefit Geiger/Herman Miller64$3.5 Million$500,000 Industrial Development Rehab Pump Station $512,500NC Rural Center Rehab Pump Station $100,000One NC Grant Ice River Springs Expansion 12$7 Million Michelle’s Bakery11$500,000$132,000Building Rehab Ekornes56$1.5 Million$480,000NC Rural CenterBuilding Rehab $100,000One NC Grant Caterpillar28$23 Million Case Farms100$8 Million$500,000NC Rural centerBuilding Rehab American Roller Bearing216$22 Million$480,000NC Rural CenterBuilding Rehab $2.6 MillionNC CommerceJob Dev. Incentive

3 Totals New Jobs New Investments Grant Funds Annual Payroll for New Jobs 487 $65.5 Million $5.4 Million $14.6 Million

4 Accomplishments 911 Communications Consolidation Grant and adoption of required Inter- Local Agreement Added additional channels to the VIPER Radio System to improve emergency communication Upgraded 911 Consoles to improve emergency communications Established Review and Authorization process for procurement of 911 Funded Equipment to insure eligibility Approved lease of county property to Community College for Emergency Service Training Facility

5 EMS Manager worked with billing company to reduce percentage of service fee and received, without charge, computers for crews to use to record patient services while in the field and reduce crew overtime cost Obtained special stretcher to serve patients over 300 pounds to improve service and reduce potential employee injuries Completed appointment process for Steve Whisenant to become Sheriff upon Sheriff McDevitt’s retirement Approved reorganization of Sheriff’s Dept. management structure and reassigned 2 special operations deputies to patrol duties Utilized Special 911 Funds available for public safety uses to obtain Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) for patrol vehicles and the purchase of Metal Detectors to improve Courthouse Security

6 Adopted Resolution to authorize Sheriff to enter into Mutual Aid Agreements with other law enforcement agencies Sheriff and Clerk of Superior Ct. revised process for Jury Notification to eliminate provision of postage paid return envelopes Expanded service area of the original Taylor Ave. Waterline Project twice and approximately doubled the number of people benefiting from the original project Approved agreement with Town of Rhodhiss to provide Waste Water Treatment Service Approved Wastewater Collection System Capital Improvement Plan submitted by General Services

7 Completed construction of the Glenwood Hills Housing Facility Completed activities to equip the Conference Center and established rental rates and usage rules Completed replacement of original Courthouse windows with energy efficient windows Undertook and completed activities to obtain Building Reuse Grant that helped in the rehabilitation and leasing of the Wamsutta Building to a new economic development client, Ekornes Relocated Veterans Service Office to the Senior Center Relocated General Services Office to the Burke County Services Building

8 Identified and Contracted with Consultant for Staffing and Efficiency Study and completed study with report in Jan. 2012 Hired Human Resources (HR) Director HR Director took steps to restart Employee Safety Committee and Safety Inspections, and Wellness Program to include Wellness News Letter for employees HR took over responsibility for dispersion of mail to county departments effective with the FY 2011-12 budget and use of contracted mail service to replace full-time position Developed Employee Performance Evaluation instrument and implemented evaluation process

9 Revised Condition of Employment Policy to include requirement for employees to pay financial obligations owed to the Co. Hired Information Technology (IT) Director IT Dir. worked with Tax Collector to eliminate the printing of 400 page monthly report used by Finance Office and replaced with pdf file to reduce cost: paper, ink and use of printer as well as staff time Undertook steps to make Sheriff’s Dept. CJIS compliant, to be completed in Jan. 2012 Undertook steps to enable use of Mobile Data Terminals in Sheriff’s Patrol Cars Developed Life Cycle Policy for all county computers and related support equipment to standardize IT services

10 Established IT Helpdesk to assist employees with IT problems and a Service Tracking System to record use of IT Staff Established Live Feed of Commissioners’ Meetings to internet viewers Tax Collector revised delinquent notice to include required notification regarding use of Debt Setoff procedure to eliminate a separate mailing and cost of postage, paper, envelopes and staff time Library Director obtained funding commitments of $200,000 from several foundations and the Town of Valdese for Phase I of Cole House Renovation Project Finance Officer revised office process for timely payment of bills and completed provision of audit information on time

11 Reduced County Budget by 3.98% or $2,801,226: FY 2010-11 was $70,376,291 and FY 2011-12 is $67,575,065 Adopted 27 Resolutions and 77 Board Appointments Collaborated with Burke Co. Tourism Dev. Authority to place Tourism Website Address on rear bumper of Co. Vehicles Completed marking of county vehicles with County Seal as required by NCGS 20-39.1 Completed appointment process for Johnnie Carswell to fill vacant seat on Burke County Board of County Commissioners Adopted Code of Ethics in compliance with NCGS 160A-86

12 115 Wamsutta Mill Rd Facility Before & After

13 Before


15 After



18 Foothills Higher Education Center



21 Glenwood Hills Apartments



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