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MFLEX Overview January, 2011

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1 MFLEX Overview January, 2011
MFLEX Confidential

2 Table of Contents Company Overview
MFLEX Value Proposition & Value Added Differentiation FPC Technology FPCA Technology Module Integration Conclusion Appendix Slide – 3 Slide – 7 Slide – 13 Slide – 27 Slide – 40 Slide – 50 Slide – 55 MFLEX Confidential

3 Company Overview MFLEX Confidential

4 Company Overview NASDAQ symbol: MFLX Who is MFLEX ?
Flex Manufacturer with State of the Art Manufacturing Facility in Suzhou, China capable of 35um L/S CY 2009 Third largest FPC fabricator worldwide (Source: Japan Marketing Survey, Japan) Global Leader in Flex Assembly Additional New Clean Room Assembly Facility in Chengdu, China, online Q1 2011 Global Leader in Module Assembly & Chassis Integration Dedicated Secure Assembly Facilities to protect Customer Intellectual Property (IP) Where does MFLEX Operate ? Manufacturing Operations 150,000 m2 of manufacturing space in Suzhou & Chengdu, China R&D in USA, UK, & China for Process and Product Development Center of Excellence in USA to Incubate Ideas for New Offerings Multiple offices in USA, Europe and Asia for Local Sales and Applications Engineering Support Approximately 17,000 employees globally How is MFLEX Performance ? Revenue $791 Million (FY-2010), Cash & Cash Equivalents of $100 Million* 2003 – 2010 CAGR of 30% Ranked # 35 on FORTUNE’s 2010 list of Fastest Growing Companies * November 4, 2010 MFLEX Confidential

5 Continued Investment in Capability & Capacity
MFLEX has a history of investing nearly 10% in capital equipment each year Investing over $80 million in 2010, continue plant capability investments in 2011 Equipment and facility expansion for capacity increase Bare Flex capacity & capability addition (MFC3) and upgrades to MFC2 in Suzhou, China Dedicated assembly facilities to protect customer IP Technology, quality, and efficiency Rigid Flex, fine pitch and automation including Roll to Roll Automation Initiatives for FPC and FPCA Strategic Initiative on Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Quality Systems Ongoing training programs for line leaders, supervisors and managers Advanced Technology Group Anaheim New Materials and Processes China Process Development Cambridge HID Development MFLEX Confidential

6 MFLEX Evolution - Moving Up the Value Chain
BARE FLEX Commodity Flex Early Design Involvement Through Global Application & Design Engineering FLEX ASSEMBLIES Integration of Flex & Components MODULE INTEGRATION Functional Modules, Chassis Integration TECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURING Enabling Technologies to help customers differentiate MFLEX Confidential

7 MFLEX Value Proposition & Value Add Differentiation to Meet Market Trends
MFLEX Confidential

8 MFLEX Value Proposition – Concept to Production
Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) during Concept Phase Advanced Technology with minimal design constraints Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) at product concept stage to create a 3-D packaging solution to make products thinner, smaller, smarter & lighter New Product Introduction (NPI) Quick ramp to volume capabilities Production Cost effective & sustainable High Volume Production Concept Pre-Production Design Prototype Production NPI ESI MFLEX Confidential

9 MFLEX Value Added Differentiation
Expand use of core technology Upward Integration by adding functionality Applications Engineering Support to solve 3-Dimensional Electronic Packaging Needs FPC FPCA MFLEX Core Technology Product Chassis Assembly & Higher Level Integration MFLEX Confidential

10 MFLEX Approach to Meet Market Trends
MFLEX Strengths Enable Unique Industrial Designs with better Ergonomics Rapid Response Production Capacity Smaller & Smarter Electronics Packaging Solutions Higher Complexity Products MFLEX Confidential

11 IP Protection Benefit For optimal IP protection MFLEX uses dedicated satellite assembly sites for Module Integration Secure facilities dedicated to a specific Customer or Program Customer/Program Specific Dedicated Operators & Project Teams IP is secured since only specific/related customer is allowed as an external visitor to the facility If demand needs adjustment, impact on other projects can be made visible Highly efficient and appreciated by current customer base MFLEX Confidential

12 Electronics Assembly & Interconnect Levels
FPC Direct Chip Attachment to FPC FPCA Module Assembly & Chassis Integration End Product Flexible printed circuit fabrication Wire Bond or Flip Chip attachment to flexible printed circuit A fully assembled FPC containing IC’s, resistors, capacitors, diodes, FPCA mounted on chassis with various types of hardware Functional System MFLEX Confidential

13 FPC Technology (Level 0)
MFLEX Confidential

14 FPC Capabilities Overview
3 FPC Fab Facilities in Suzhou including a state of the art new 56,680m² facility operational September 2010 with roll-to-roll capabilities Current FPC monthly production capacity: 120,000m² FPC monthly production capacity by April 2011: 150,000m² FPC monthly production capacity by July 2011: 175,000m² MFLEX Confidential

15 New Advanced FPC Fab Capability and Capacity
Panel Process Phase 1 (Sept-2010) – 15,000 m2 Phase 2 (Apr-2011) – 15,000 m2 50µm line/space FPC and Rigid-flex Roll-to-Roll Process Phase 1 (Oct-2010) – 10,000 m2 35µm line/space Single-sided and Double-sided FPC Phase 2 (Feb-2011) : 25 um line/space Copper Plating MFLEX Confidential

16 Roll-to-Roll Process Laser Drilling Copper Plating Dry Film Lamination
Exposure Trademarks and Logos are the property of their respective owners MFLEX Confidential

17 Roll-to-Roll Process (cont.)
AOI Lamination Trademarks and Logos are the property of their respective owners MFLEX Confidential

18 FPC Technology Roadmap-Mass Production
Miniaturization HDI Type: Staggered Blind/Buried HDI Laser Via Size: 100µm HDI Laser Via Size: 75µm HDI Type: Stacked Blind/Buried HDI Laser Via Size: 50µm 2010 (1H) 2010 (2H) 2011 Location: MFC1, MFC2 Location: MFC3, MFC2, MFC1 Location: MFC3, MFC2 Line/Space: 65µm Line/Space: 35µm Line/Space: 25µm 35 65 25 Surface Copper ≤18µm Surface Copper ≤12µm Surface Copper ≤9µm MFLEX Confidential

19 Fine-line Capability Roadmap
Panel/Sheet (SS/DS and Multi-Layer FPC) Copper Thickness Description Process Sep.'10 Dec.'10 May.'11 Oct.'11 MP LP 9 um - Foil Only EL with BP, IL. NA 50 40 35 12 um - Foil Only 64 18 um - Foil Only 18 um - Plated Foil EL with PP (9-3)+12 75 60 25 um - Plated Foil (12-2)+15 Roll To Roll (SS/DS FPC) Oct.'10 Feb.'11 Aug.'11 EL with BP, EL. 25 EL= External Layer BP= Button Plated MP= Mass Production All values shown are in microns (µm) IL= Internal Layer PP= Panel Plated LP= Limited Production MFLEX Confidential

20 Development – Additional processes
LDI Available for dry film processing – November 2010 Registration tolerance better than +/- 25um Feature to holes, layer-to-layer Available for solder mask processing – March 2011 Openings for components 0.4mm pitch for BGA/LGA Electroless copper alternative to Shadow graphite chemistry For Rigid-flex and complex ML FPC that require via fill Development Pilot line available – December 2010 Basis for FPC and Rigid-flex via-fill and stacked-via development; future fine line semi-additive processes Copper filled PTH & microvia ± 7% panel Copper uniformity, high ductility Copper MFLEX Confidential

21 Development – Surface Finish
Flexible (soft) ENIG process (mass production line) Ready for production, pending customer approvals Line fully configured for conversion to ENEPIG Mass Production ENEPIG Development pilot line 200 panels/day capacity Ready by November 2010 For process chemistries evaluation and prototype support MFLEX Confidential

22 Development – Rigid-Flex
Design and Process Concept Target markets: mobile phone, automotive, medical Typical 4-8 layers Static bend and dynamic applications Assembly design and process considerations Ready to market March 2011 Technical considerations Materials – for stability, dynamic applications Design Process Product reliability MFLEX Confidential

23 Development – FPC Materials
Q4 2010 Flexible solder mask Pending customer approval Black coverlay (multiple suppliers) Flexible photoimageable coverlay Q1 2011 Thin copper < 9um for fine pitch display applications LCP for impedance control requirement High temperature press installed by November 2010 Q3 2011 Sputtered copper material on PI for < 25 micron L/S by semi-additive methods MFLEX Confidential

24 Development - Automation
Panel size Coverlay layup and pre-laminate Shielding cut, punch and apply Stiffener pick and place Automatic punch for singulation Roll to roll systems and Material handlers Multilayer Registration Systems -(2+n+2) to 12 layers Automated Plating Line Racking Systems for reduced handling damage MFLEX Confidential

25 FPCA Technology (Level 1 and 2)
(Level 1) (Level 2) MFLEX Confidential

26 FPCA Capabilities Overview
200 SMT lines and 24 Chassis Integration Assembly lines SMT Lines Chassis Integration Lines MFLEX Confidential

27 FPCA SMT Capabilities Overview
SMT Lines include: Solder Paste Inspection AOI 3D X-Ray Conformal Coating and Underfill Encapsulation Solder Paste Inspection AOI Conformal Coating Trademarks and Logos are the property of their respective owners MFLEX Confidential

28 FPCA Chassis Integration Capabilities Overview
Chassis Integration Assembly Lines include: Heat Staking Selective Laser Soldering Laser Welding Bending FPCA for 3D Packaging Selective Laser Soldering Bending Trademarks and Logos are the property of their respective owners MFLEX Confidential

29 FPCA Chassis Integration Capabilities Overview (cont.)
ACF Bonding Chassis Integration Assembly Lines include: Spot Welding ACF Bonding and Wire Bonding Spot Welding Trademarks and Logos are the property of their respective owners MFLEX Confidential

30 FPCA Capabilities Overview
New Clean Room SMT & Chassis Integration Assembly Facility in Chengdu currently under construction, operational by CY Q1 2011 Trademarks and Logos are the property of their respective owners MFLEX Confidential

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