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Clinical pathology: SEROMARKER FOR TB

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1 Clinical pathology: SEROMARKER FOR TB
GENERAL OBJECTIVE: After finishing lab activity of Seromarker TB, the student will be able to describe the Seromarker TB in the DMS case problem SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: At the end of lab activity of Seromarker TB, the student will be able to interprete: - the normal of Seromarker TB - the abnormal of Seromarker TB

2 Introduction Tuberculosis : Chronic infectious disease M. tuberculosis
involves multiple organs >> lung Indonesia: number 3 in the world after India and China West Java Health Profile 2000: The caused of morbidity (no 4) in the hospital Number 2 the caused of mortality

3 Transmission droplet nuclei size 1-5 µm 1-3 AFB Source of infection
Patients with Sputum AFB (+)

4 Diagnosis: - Direct smear:Ziehl Nielson: Acid fast bacilli - Culture: GOLD STANDARD - Tuberculin test - Chest X ray (Pulmonary TB)

5 Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Problem? Culture: 4-6 weeks Not available in all center/laboratory Extra pulmonary TB Smear negative Pulmonary TB Children SEROMARKER TB/Immunological test Detection of antibodies againts TB

6 Seromarker TB Anti Myc. TB ELISA ICT TB - A chromatographic immunoassay for qualitative detection of antibodies againts TB in human serum or plasma - The test employing recombinant antigen 38kD, 16 kD and 6 kD (ESAT-6), lipoarabinomannan - The use of a collection of antigen improves the sensitivity of serological test

7 Seromarker TB Mycotec TB( recombinant) employs the complexes conjungate with gold colloidal particle passes over the immobilized multiple of recombinant TB ag precoated on the test area (T) once the patient sample is added to the sample well.

8 Principle of the test If there are some ab to TB are present in patient sample then the TB recombinant ag capture them, a pink/purple band is produced on the test area.

9 The migration of remaining complexes which were not bound by those TB ab, will be then immobilized to the control area (C). A pink/purple band is appeared on control area, the band on control performs a properly test

10 Prosedur Pengujian Interpretasi Hasil
1. Pipetkan 100 μl serum atau plasma 2. Baca hasil 5-20 menit setelah penetesan spesimen Interpretasi Hasil Positif Tampak 2 garis warna merah muda atau ungu di area Test (T) dan Kontrol (C) Negatif Tampak 1 garis warna merah muda atau ungu di area Kontrol (C) Invalid Tidak tampak garis di area Kontrol (C)

11 Mekanisme Reaksi

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