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Water for the Future Martin Zehr Lynn Montgomery Lora Lucero Elaine Hebard.

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1 Water for the Future Martin Zehr Lynn Montgomery Lora Lucero Elaine Hebard

2 Water is Over Appropriated Must Have Either: I.A Net Increase in Water Supply by Importing, and Decreasing Evaporation Losses or, II.A Net Decrease in Water Demand by Reducing Users, Conserving, and Restricting the Number of New Users.

3 Phoenix Scenario Development Committee of the Middle Rio Grande Water Assembly Primary Concerns Depletion of the aquifer has significant ramifications for the future; Existing supply of ground and surface water is insufficient to meet demand; Water quality of Rio Grande must be improved to provide suitable drinking water.

4 Phoenix SDC Was Directed to:

5 County Population History and Forecasts for Counties in MRCOG Region Year Bernalillo CountySandoval CountyTorrance CountyValencia CountySouthern Santa FeRegional Total ,67312,4388,01213, , ,19914,2016,49716, , ,77417,4925,29020, , ,70034,7997,49130,7691,185493, ,57763,31910,28545,2353,700603, ,67889,90816,91166,1529,065738, ,954108,53819,52376,51211, , ,839126,29421,69086,70813,771880, ,114144,37723,47597,33016,206947, ,832162,40924,979108,06418,5381,012, ,750179,99826,318118,59320,5791,075,238 Sources: US Bureau of Census, UNM-BBER, and MRGCOG Forecasts for Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia Counties were produced by the University of New Mexico Bureau of Business and Economic Research (UNM-BBER). The forecast for southern Santa Fe County was generated by MRCOG. Population Continues to Increase

6 Urban Development Year Urban Area (acres) % growth from 1935 % growth from previous period 19354, N/A , , , , ,84271


8 What if drought is more consistent with regional weather patterns.

9 Albuquerque area growth – 1935 to 1991


11 Subsidence causes unintended consequences Destruction of roads and infrastructure Costs $$$ not budgeted for repairs

12 Aquifer Schematic

13 Aquifer levels impact on surface water flow

14 Large scale industrial water users and resultant population increase lead to aquifer depletion and danger of subsidence

15 INCOME The final agricultural sector output from New Mexico farmers and ranchers rose to over $2.3 billion in 2001, up 6.6 percent from Crop output increased 7.3 percent to $538 million and livestock output increased 6.6 percent to almost $1.7 billion. Our Farmers Support Us, We Should Support Them

16 Unchecked housing expansion in previously undeveloped areas taxes water supply.

17 Los Alamos National Laboratories Pollutants from nuclear waste disposal and naturally occurring arsenic levels endanger the quality of water from the Rio Grande

18 Preferred Alternatives Expand Definition of Watershed Plans A-66 Importation of Water A-69 Urban Conservation A-18 Growth Management A-52 Water Quality A-47

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