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By: Andrew, Brooke, Taylor, Tiara 02/08/2012 3th period.

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1 By: Andrew, Brooke, Taylor, Tiara 02/08/2012 3th period

2 Mother Ann Lee  She is best known as the founder of the American Shaker Movement.  She was the founder of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing.

3 Lymon Beecher  A Presbyterian clergyman  An outstanding preacher  Achieved national fame as a reformer and a educator of Theological

4 Horace Mann  Known as the “Father of American Education”  He called for public schools and universal education  Wanted the state to oversee education, not the federal government

5 William Lloyd Garrison  He was an abolitionist that published “The Liberator”  He fought for black rights for twenty years after the Civil War  In his last fourteen years, he fought for women’s suffrage.

6 Frederick Douglas  He escaped slavery  He wrote an autobiography  He became a leader of the abolitionist movement

7 Henry Clay  The man that created the American System  Leader of the Whig Party  A strong enemy against the Jackson Democrats

8 Nicholas Biddie  Former President of the once National Bank

9 Charles Grandsion Finney  Rejected the Calvinist doctrine of passive salvation  Believed that anyone who accepted God is saved  American evangelist during 1820s

10 William Ellery Channing  Minister of the Federal Street Church in Boston Massachusetts  Spokesman during the Unitarian controversy

11 Joseph Smith  Founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

12 Sojourner Truth  Famous advocate for women’s rights as well as black rights.  Gave speeches at the Women’s Right Convention

13 Angelina and Sarah Grimke  Spoke in front of crowds of men and women  Published the most powerful tracts of antislavery of the antebellum

14 Elizabeth Cady Stanton  A women that was a social activist and a leading figure of the early women’s movement.

15 Dorothea Dix  Improved the treatment of the insane  She recruited women to join the Army Medical Bureau

16 John Humphrey Noyes  Founder of the Oneida Community  Teachings of “Mutual Criticism”, “Complex Marriage”, and “Male Continence”

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