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Writing an Analysis Paper

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1 Writing an Analysis Paper
“Old Ben” by Jesse Stuart “The Fox Hunt” by Lensey Namioka

2 Compare/Contrast Both are short stories Both use suspense
“Old Ben” by Jesse Stuart Same “The Fox Hunt” Lensey Namoika Non fiction Snake Pg. 80 “He was a big bull black snake.”Pg. 80 “He laid coiled like a heavy strand of black rope.” Foreshadowing only pg 80 “I would soon finished him. My father always told me there was only one good snake—a dead one.” pg. 81 “Besides my father knew…he was our hunting dog Blackie…” Follows chronological order 1st disappears in Sept. gone all winter, 2nd Fred, the horse almost tramples Old Ben, 3rd The milk was still in the pan and saw his trail going into the hog pen. Both are short stories Both use suspense Told in present day time period Foreshadowing element in the stories Fiction Fox Spirit pg. 90 “when the girl lifted up her skirt to sit down Fujin caught a flash of something swishing. It looked like a long fluffy tail.” Flashback Pg. 91“Something about her glance looked familiar where had he seen it before. Chronological order but interrupted by a flashback Lee was drooling over the barbeque chicken, Story of Fujin Liang, Andy’s ancestor, Meets Lee at the entrance to exam room and says he knows she is a fox.

3 Format Introductory paragraph Similarties paragraph
Differences paragraph with quotes from stories and page number. Conclusion paragraph

4 Example 1 of introductory paragraph
When comparing narrative structures, we read, “Old Ben” by Jesse Stuart and “The Fox Hunt” by Lensey Namioka. There are minor differences and major similarities between the two. Both stories are entertaining and keep the reader interested in what happens to the main characters.

5 Similarity paragraph( Use the facts found in the middle column of the graphic organizer.
As one reads both stories one realizes that there are many similarities.

6 3rd paragraph(this paragraph needs the quotes from the stories showing the differences.)
The stories also have many differences.

7 Example 2 of an introductory paragraph
The stories, “Old Ben” by Jesse Stuart and “The Fox Hunt” by Lensey Namioka are both entertaining stories for the reader. “Old Ben” is a nonfiction story and “The Fox Hunt” is fiction. Each writer has a different style to their writing and telling of the story.

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