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Agriscience Applications Animal Science Identification Test.

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1 Agriscience Applications Animal Science Identification Test

2 Directions- Beef Identification zPlease label your paper from 1- 7. zPay close attention to the following slides and state what kind of animal is shown on the slide show. (Breed- worth 1 pt) zALSO, be sure to classify if it is a British or an Exotic breed. (Label- worth 1 pt) z BreedExotic/ British

3 One

4 Two

5 Three

6 Four

7 Five

8 Six

9 Seven

10 Directions Dairy Identification zNumber your paper from 8-12 zIdentify each breed of dairy cattle. (1 pt) zIdentify 1 unique fact about each breed. (1 pt)

11 Eight

12 Nine

13 Ten

14 Eleven

15 Twelve

16 Animal Science Questions zRead each question carefully and answer it to the best of your ability. zThere will be 6 questions in this section, each question will be worth 2 pts.

17 Questions... z13. Define the following terms A. Broiler B. Layer z14. In what industry is the above terms used? Also, name two types of animals that are included in that industry. z15. What rank is NC in swine production?

18 Questions- Continued z16. Define the following terms: A. NurseryB. Market z17. Name four types of companion animals. z18. What does chicken taste like?

19 Extra Credit- Identify this Breed

20 Extra Credit- Answer the Questions zWhat county in ranked number one in hog production in North Carolina? zIdentify two types of livestock which is grown in Ashe County.

21 The End! zTurn your test over until I ask you to pass them to the front of the room… once all of the papers are passed forward, I will collect each stack from the front tables. zWe will be going to listen to a guest speaker from John Deere in the lecture room shortly. While, there, you MUST stay awake and pay attention to what he has to say. This material “may” be on your next quiz.

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