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Christmas at Biltmore. When December 18, 2013 Travel Chartered motor coach.

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1 Christmas at Biltmore

2 When December 18, 2013

3 Travel Chartered motor coach

4 What will we do…. Tour Antler Ridge Farm Experience life from the Appalachian farmers point of view. Work crops, make tools in the black smiths shop and feed the live stock End the tour up with a Holiday Craft you can take home.





9 On to the House


11 Tour the 250 room home with……. 35 bedrooms 43 bathrooms 65 fireplaces


13 Time Arrive to school 6:45 – 7:00 a.m. Back Home 6:00 p.m. Because this trip is outside of regular operating hours, bus services will not be provided. Arrangements will have to be made for transportation.



16 Compare the Winter Holiday culture of the of the past with todays cultural experiences. How was life of the Farmer different from that of our Countries Richest family of the early 1900’s



19 Lunch: 1.Bring your lunch in a bag (like that from the grocery) 2.Have your name already labeled. 3.When you arrive, place your lunch in the cooler that belongs with your bus. 4.It will be placed under the bus for safe keeping 5.At lunch break, you will return to your bus, a chaperone will give you your lunch. 6.After lunch, you will throw everything away, nothing to carry. 7.You will be able to order a lunch from the lunch room if you wish.



22 Price: Students$48.00 Include combo ticket for the farm and house Snack for the trip home Chartered motor coach bus Costs can be paid in installments, lump sum or other wise arranged with teacher There will be a payment on line option.

23 Money: no money will be needed on this trip However Ending the house tour will be a visit to the gift shops, bakeries and candy shops. (you want to purchase from these shops, you must have your own money)





28 Electronics: The bus will have DVD players to watch movies on the trip up and the trip down. The Biltmore home will allow cell phones to only be used as a camra with no flash. No texting or on line activity when off the bus. Other electronics are your responsibility. We can label, bag and put in a bin under the bus to be locked. However if it gets damaged, stolen or otherwise has any issue the school will not be liable. If you are worried about this, do not bring any.




32 What to wear: Follow dress code It is located in the mountains in December, it will be cold. Dress for outdoor and indoor weather. There will be walking, wear shoes comfortable for walking.

33 Parents / Guardians that want to participate but are not chaperones will have to pay the full ticket price. They will not be able to ride the coach bus but may follow behind. ~ If your parent does drive behind you are required to ride the bus to the Biltmore House (there is not an option of riding with parents to Biltmore) ~ If your parent wants to take you home at the conclusion of the field trip, there will be a sign out process, just as there is on campus. (this situation should be known before trip date) ~ No student will be allowed to leave with another parent (unless otherwise approved well in advance)


35 Chaperones: There will be a need for 12 parent chaperones. If you have parent that has been cleared to go on field trips and wants to chaperone there will be a form handed out at the end of this presentation for parents to fill out. Cost will tentatively be the same as students.



38 Expect to see lots more information as the trip date approaches. Have your parent or guardian fill out the information sheet…. turn in by Friday of this week

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