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Back To School 2012/13 Parent Advisory September 18, 2012 September 18, 2012.

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1 Back To School 2012/13 Parent Advisory September 18, 2012 September 18, 2012

2 Capital Projects What is a capital project? How are they funded?

3 Maintenance Summer Capital Projects 2 Roof Replacements 3 A/C Unit Replacements 2 Floor Replacements/Improvements 3 Track Replacements/Improvements 3 School Lighting System Replacements 7 Mobile/Modular Moves 7 Paving/Resurfacing Road Projects Total for Capital Projects 2011-2012: $2,612,220.72

4 Summer Capital Projects Griffith-LightsPhilo-1POD & 2Mobiles

5 Summer Capital Projects East Forsyth Store Front Easton Repaving

6 Summer Capital Projects Glenn High Tile/Sub Floor 200 Hall/Classrooms Replace A/C 300 Building

7 Idlewild Warehouse Summer Projects Carpet Cleaning throughout School System. 5 Program Moves Bond Project Moves-Northwest/Vienna 5 Mobile & POD Moves Combined Philo Middle & Hill Middle 3 Large Carpet Replacements Distribution of Textbook and Science Kit as well as Custodial and Instructional Supplies.

8 Back To School 2012/13 Construction

9 2006 Bond Current Projects Northwest Middle Partial Renovation & New Construction of 23 classrooms - Oct 2012 Vienna Elementary Renovate Kitchen, Restrooms. HVAC upgrade – Dec 2012 Zone 1 Elementary School (Between SG and HW)) – Fall 2013

10 Northwest Middle Northwest Middle Renovation of 103,9000 sq ft and 42,750 sq ft addition and support spaces. Phased construction completion dates between Summer 2011 & Spring 2013. Contract amount $12,684,975

11 Northwest Middle Completion Schedule New Band, String, & Girls Locker Room, Building D-Oct 2012 Renovate Gym-September 2012 Renovate C Wing Classrooms-Jan 2013 Renovate 2 nd Floor-Jan 2013 Renovate 1 st floor-February-March 2013 Renovate 1 st Floor Gym Locker Rooms-March 2013

12 Northwest Middle School Areas to be Completed After School Starts

13 Northwest Middle


15 Zone 1 Elementary New Zone 1 (Smith Farm) Elementary 95,000 sq. ft. designed for 720 students and support spaces. Completion Spring 2013 for Fall 2013 opening. Contracted amount $ 11,768,000 Motsinger Road improvements include ROW acquisition, road and drainage improvements, intersection improvements and storm water work. Completion Fall 2013.

16 Zone 1 Elementary



19 Vienna Elementary Vienna Elementary School phased HVAC replacement and kitchen/cafeteria improvements is in design. Completion Fall 2012–December 2012. Contracted amount $3,464,927.

20 Vienna Elementary



23 U.S. Market Overview 2011 Child Nutrition Back To School Report September 11, 2012

24 Summer Meals Program Update 201020112012 Total Number Serving Days393837 Total Number of Breakfasts Served 25,802 17,080 22,320 Total Number of Lunches Served 76,293 56,538 62,730 Total Number of Meals Served 102,095 73,618 85,050

25 FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PROGRAM The following six schools have received a grant for the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. Forest Park, Griffith, Gibson, Hall Woodward, Kimberley Park, Petree This program provides all students with a fresh fruit or vegetable snack 3 days a week. The goal of the program is too increase fruit and vegetable consumption in students and increase nutrition education in the cafeteria, classroom and beyond.

26 Student Meal Charges and Voucher Policy Process for identifying students with excessive charges: Once a student account reaches a negative balance of $5.00 the Principal and home school coordinator or school designee will be alerted by the cafeteria manager by email. Parents will be notified by the home school coordinator/school designee informing them that they have 5 days to pay charges and fill out a F/R meal application. After the 5 day period the student will receive a voucher meal from that time forward until the F/R application is approved or the debt is paid

27 Student Meal Increase Lunch Prices increased by $.10 this year and are as follows: Elementary$2.45 Middle $2.55 High $2.65 Breakfast Prices remained the same as last year: Elementary $1.90 Middle $2.00 High $2.10

28 Back To School 2012/13 Transportation


30 Number of Buses Running Total runs 1,929 Total active stops 15,880 Total miles traveled 37,399 Total number of students with bus stops38,957 Total Driving Hours 2,077 Average runs per bus6 353 buses Funding is based on the state’s efficiency rate. Last year we received 100% efficiency

31 Bus Delivery

32 Back To School 2012/13 Driver’s Education

33 Starting Oct 15 all students will pay a $45 fee. Reduction in allocation from State requires the charge. Free/Reduced students will not be charged. School System serves Public, Private & Home School Students.

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