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Classroom Management “Nip it in the bud!”

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1 Classroom Management “Nip it in the bud!”
Developed for Public Schools of Robeson County by Shanita Anderson, Teresa Hardin, Shameicha Wade

2 Get up, get moving! Energizer! B-I-N-G-O

3 What is Classroom Management?
It’s effective discipline It’s being prepared for class It’s motivating your students It’s providing a safe, comfortable learning environment It’s building your students’ self esteem It’s being creative and imaginative in daily lessons And . . .

4 . . . It’s different for EVERYONE!!
WHY? Teaching Styles Personality/Attitudes Student population Not all management strategies are effective for every teacher Try different strategies to see if they work for you

5 Classroom Management Profile

6 Behavior Management Truths
Consistency is the key! If students are engaged, they are not causing trouble. You can win the battle but lose the war. Choose your battles wisely. Parents can be allies or enemies. Assigning blame is ineffective.

7 Behavior Management Truths
Children need structure. Students rise or fall according to our expectations. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. We all make mistakes.

8 GIVE IT TIME Lasting change takes time. Behavior is a habit.
* Think of a bad habit you have overcome, or one you still have. * How long did it take you to break that habit? * Did you "relapse?" * What finally helped you change? We must find some value or purpose for changing before we attempt or desire to change.

9 GIVE IT TIME Implications for the Classroom * Be patient with students as they begin to work toward change. * Assist students with designing and implementing a plan to improve. * Give private praise if appropriate for positive changes. * Understand that behavior will slip sometimes and don't give up on the child.

10 Identify the trick Define it Rationale for it
What do I do? Identify the trick Define it Rationale for it

11 Tricks of the Trade

12 Tricks of the Trade Connections Don’t raise your voice Redirection
Fish Bowl Using sign language WHY???? Do these work?

13 Classroom Management Scenarios
Read your groups scenario Provide a possible solution and be ready to share!

14 Scenario #1 Sixth period, the last period of the day, has just started when Kim* walks into your classroom and slams her books onto her desk. Kim is a student who is usually moody, but in general has not caused many problems (or disturbances in your classroom, although you have heard of her being disrespectful to other teachers). You can’t help but think that first she comes late and then interrupts your review of yesterday’s material with the slamming of the books. You continue your lesson, but hear heavy sighs coming from Kim. A few moments later, you clearly hear an obscenity. Directions: Identify the problem What is your suggestion to help this teacher?

15 Throughout class you notice that Chris. and Keith
Throughout class you notice that Chris* and Keith* are glaring at each other and making some snide comments, when they are within ear-shot of each other. As your class begins to exit the room, Chris and Keith end up next to each other. Keith shoves Chris, which results in Chris turning around and throwing a punch. Chris has caused many previous problems in your class all year – particularly with the other children. He usually responds fairly well to you, but has had previous displays of aggressive behavior. Keith has previous not caused any problems for you and typically is a very well-behaved young boy, just with a little more energy than others. Directions: Identify the problem What is your suggestion to help this teacher?

16 A student sitting in the middle of the class has to be constantly reminded to stop talking. When this is addressed with him, he argues with the teacher and states that he was just asking a question. How could his teacher handle this behavior? Directions: Identify the problem What is your suggestion to help this teacher?

17 Exit Ticket What topic would you like to discuss at our next scheduled meeting?

18 Closing Questions/Concerns

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