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3 PROMOTION zTo be promoted to 10 th grade, Students must have 6 credits, one of which is English I. zATTENDANCE COUNTS! Students automatically fail a course after 8 absences of any kind in a single class period. zCourse Load: Students must carry a course load equal to number of instructional periods in school day (4/semester). 4x4

4 Sample BLOCK SCHEDULE 1ST SEMESTER zMath I zWorld History zHealth/PE zElective 2ND SEMESTER zEnglish I zEarth Science zElective This is just an example. This is not the exact schedule your student will receive.

5 Required Classes zEnglish I (Honors Available) zMath I (Honors Available) Math II (Honors Available) Math III (Honors Available) zEarth/Environmental Science (Honors Available) zWorld History (Honors Available) zHealth & PE z3 Electives (one MUST be in school selected)

6 Selecting Electives zOne elective must be in the school student selected. The following courses are ones you must chose for your school. zFor HLS students, Health Team Relationships or Agriscience Applications zFor ITL students, MSITA, Marketing, Principles of Business, JROTC, Drafting I*, Auto I* * Please make sure you are comfortable with the alternate electives you choose since preference for these courses will be given to upperclassmen.

7 Online Courses zStudents register in Course Planner and on Granville Online page (with signed permission form from GO page or counselor) zDo not select a semester, it will be assigned. zMust be willing to commit to at least 90 minutes/day, studying on own, and pacing self zGO catalog, registration:

8 Athletics zNinth graders are eligible to play any fall sport because they were promoted. Grades and attendance will determine eligibility after school begins. zMust have updated physicals zQuestions:

9 Clubs zStep Team zUkulele zZumba zHabitat for Humanity zCreative Writing zKaraoke zArt Club zYearbook zFFA zFCA zROTC zDECA zFBLA zStudent Council zJournalism All 9 th graders are encouraged to join a club

10 SGHS get the BEST welcome ever!

11 More questions? zEmail Mrs. Ewing: zVisit Mrs. Ewing’s webpagewebpage zEmail Don Griffin: zVisit Don Griffin’s webpage

12 Important Dates zTuesday, March 25 th in the Hawley Cafeteria from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. (Help) zTuesday, April 8 th in the Hawley Cafeteria from 4:00 – 6:30 p.m. (Help) zThursday, April 17 th, Registration Closed.

13 Course Selection Caution Each course has a number assigned. You must make sure you are choosing the correct type of course when you sign up. Example for English I: Standard: (10212X0BAS) Honors: (102115X0BAS) Online: (102212X0BAG) *Course numbers may not be real!

14 Course Sequencing zEnglish (4 required) z__English I (standard or honors) z__English II (standard or honors) z__English III (standard, honors, or AP) z__English IV (standard, honors, or AP) zHonors English I will have summer reading assignment.

15 Math Sequence zFoundations of Math/Math I zMath I (standard or honors) zMath II (standard or honors) zMath III (standard or honors) zAdvanced Functions & Modeling, or Precalculus, or Discrete Math zA.P. Calculus, or A.P. Statistics z4 Required

16 Science Sequence zEarth & Environmental (standard, honors) zPhysical Science or Biology zBiology or Chemistry 3 Required

17 Social Studies Sequence zWorld History (standard or honors) zAmerican Hist. I (standard or honors) zAmerican Hist. II (standard or honors) zCivics and Economics OR zWorld History, AP US History, Civics and Economics, and Social Studies Elective 4 Courses Required

18 PE and Foreign Language zHealth/PE required freshman year. Pass or retake as a senior. Foreign Language: Must have 2 credits in same language if going to 4 year university. Not required for community college, but I recommend it anyway.

19 Health and Life Elective Options zAgriscience ApplicationsVisual Arts zAnimal Science IChorus/Ensemble/VV zEquine Science IMarching/Concert Band zHorticulture IGuitar zHealth Team RelationsTheatre Arts I zStrength and ConditioningCareer Management zJournalismOnline options also zCreative Writing zMicrosoft Word, Powerpoint, ect. zSpanish I, II zJROTC I, II

20 Integrated Tech. and Leadership zMarketingChorus/Ensemble/VV zMicrosoft Word, Power. Etc. zPrinc. Of Business and Finance zDrafting IMarching/Concert Band zAutomotive Tech IGuitar zStrength and Conditionaling zJournalismTheatre Arts zCreative WritingOnline Classes zSpanish I, II zJROTC I, II zVisual Arts


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