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Webex Michael Pjetraj DAQ. Webex

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1 Webex Michael Pjetraj DAQ

2 Webex


4 Webex - Capabilities Your Cisco WebEx Meeting Center package includes: Unlimited online meetings Up to 25 participants PC and Mac compatibility Integrated phone conferencing Free VoIP calling

5 25 participant limit DAQ has not had an issue with this limit – yet. When we meet with all regional offices, we request that each individual office only use 1 participant slot by physically attending in a conference room in their regional office

6 Telephone Connections Integrated phone conferencing Free VoIP calling DAQ has been using the “meet me” phone numbers. We purchased 2 meet me numbers and pay a flat fee rather than a per minute with a webex service Once we get VOIP at Green square we may need to reanalyze

7 Choose payment plan Select a monthly payment plan or save with a prepaid annual plan. For a limited time, get 1 month FREE when you choose either plan! Monthly Plan $69/mo No commitments—cancel any time Prepaid Plan $59/mo Best value: prepay a yearly subscription and save $120

8 You can “schedule a meeting” Or Set up an instant meeting

9 Send E-mail to participants

10 Participants join meeting

11 Computer set-up

12 Install Active X control “meeting center” Could be an issue if you do not have administrator rights to your computer

13 Software install

14 ~ 1 minute

15 Shared screen

16 Once the screen is viewed by attendees, anything on the “Host” screen will be seen on the attendees screen. The Host cannot take control of your computer You cannot take control of the host computer The host can “transfer” control of the meeting to an attendee

17 Remember – if you are using a laser pointer while hosting, your attendees cannot see the laser – use your mouse cursor Webcams allow a more personal touch to the meeting Phone conversations MUST be limited to 1 person at a time. Otherwise, those on the phone cannot understand the conversation

18 More microphones, or phone sets w/ longer extensions are desirable Prepare, prepare, prepare!!!! You will not be handing out documents. You may have e-mailed the content to attendees, but the goal of the software is to present the documents on the screen

19 Have everything scanned or digital Have everything readily available Meetings have crashed for less reasons than a host searching for material Come up w/ a naming convention that helps you, such as:

20 C://my documents/1-agenda.doc C://my documents/2-introductions.doc C://my documents/3-DimDim-Larry.ppt C://my documents/4-goto-claudia.ppt C://my documents/5-webex-michael.ppt C://my documents/6-wrap-up.doc

21 That way your files are ordered to flow w/ the agenda which saves search time Or If you are fancy, you can set-up an agenda & hyperlink w/in the document to the files you want to open

22 Webex - Positives Reduce travel time Reduce travel cost More availability for meetings

23 Webex - Negatives Face to face interaction missing – even w/ web cams Potential for reduced input – Web conference attendees may “multi-task” (ie – do other things)

24 Webex – Cost Savings - Fuel Example of cost savings: DAQ Regional Supervisor meeting Typically all 7 regional supervisors would attend for 1 to 2 days. ARO – 8hrs driving ~480 miles @$0.25/mile = $120 MRO (2 Supervisors) ~5hrs driving ~300 miles @$0.25/mile = ~$75

25 Webex – Cost Savings - Fuel WSRO (2 Supervisors) ~4hrs driving ~240 miles @$0.25/mile = ~$60 WARO ~3hrs driving ~180 miles @$0.25/mile = ~$45 WIRO ~4hrs driving ~240 miles @$0.25/mile = ~$60 Total Driving Cost = $360

26 Webex – Cost Savings - Subsistence Subsistence ARO - $80 Hotel & $40 food = $120 MRO X 2 - $80 Hotel & $40 food = $240 WSRO X 2 - $80 Hotel & $40 food = $240 WARO - $80 Hotel & $40 food = $120 WIRO - $80 Hotel & $40 food = $120 Total - $720

27 Webex – Cost Savings – Time=$$ Total driving time ARO (8hrs) + MRO (10hrs) + WSRO (6hrs) +WARO (3hrs) + WIRO (4hrs) = 31hrs 31 hrs X ~$35/hr = $1085

28 Webex – Cost Savings Total Cost Savings: Gas - $360 Subsistence - $720 Lost travel time - $1085 Total = $2165

29 Webex – Cost Savings Yearly cost of product for unlimited meetings: $708 Net savings using Webex for this 1 meeting: $2165-$708 = $1457

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