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Types of Friends.

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1 Types of Friends

2 Best Friends Describe your very best friend
Why are they you're best friend? How are they a good friend? What do you do together? When do you see/talk to them?

3 Get Up & Move! Activity Friendship means… A good friend always…
A good friend never…

4 What is a friend? Video Reflections?

5 Chester’s Way Listen and think about who you would consider good and bad friends…

6 What is a FRIEND? A person who is important to you
Like to spend time together Enjoy doing some of the same things (have things in common)

7 What is a FRIEND? A person you think about even if they are not with you. A person who is kind and is interested in you A person who notices your feelings

8 True Blue Friends Make you feel included
Show interest in your life and hobbies, even if they have different interests Tell the truth, keep promises, say sorry & forgive mistakes Don’t stay mad at you (They don’t hold grudges)

9 True-Blue Friends Stay your friend in good times and bad times
Make you feel good about yourself when you are with them Notice your feelings

10 Talk about Which character was a True Blue Friend to Chester?
How do you know he was a True Blue Friend?

11 Fair-Weather Friends Sometimes act like your friend, sometimes do not act like your friend. might make you feel bad Might just ignore you sometimes if you are having a rough day

12 Fair Weather Friends Tease & talk mean about you when you are not there. (“Behind your back”) Make you feel excluded and confused

13 Talk about Which characters were Fair Weather Friends in Chester’s Way? How were they fair weather friends?

14 DNEIRF (Backwards “Friend”) A type of Fair Weather person
Person who pretends to be your friend, but really just wants something from you “Uses” you as a friend Might try to make you do things you are not comfortable with (take dares, etc.) Might put you down (insult) or tease you in a mean way in front of other people

15 Look at the handout and compare DNIERFS vs FRIENDS
DNIERF vs FRIEND Look at the handout and compare DNIERFS vs FRIENDS Take this sheet with you to help you think about people in your life and what category of friend they fit into

16 Role-Playing Listen to the following situations.
Decide if that person is being a FRIEND or DNEIRF Hold up your card to show what you think.

17 EXIT SLIP On the FRIEND side of your purple sheet
Tell me what a TRUE BLUE friend is On the DNEIRF side of your purple sheet Tell me what a DNEIRF or FAIR WEATHER friend is

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