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Pick a seat. Assigned seats will begin tomorrow. Fill out the worksheet on your desk.

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1 Pick a seat. Assigned seats will begin tomorrow. Fill out the worksheet on your desk.

2 About Your Teacher I grew up all over, but always ended back in North Carolina. I have lived in Kansas and Germany. I like to play with my dog, CrossFit, travel and spend time with my family. This is my second year teaching sixth grade math.

3 Expectations Arrive to your seat on time and prepared Remain seated unless told otherwise Follow directions immediately Respect yourself, others, and property Clean up after yourself When I raise my hand I get your undivided attention

4 Rules Follow directions quickly. Raise your hand for permission to speak. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. Make smart choices. Keep your dear teacher happy.

5 Consequences 1. Warning 2. Point deduction 3. 4 square and contact home 4. Alternate Placement

6 Rewards ClassDojo Point Rocket Dollar Candy

7 Organization IS KEY! (and part of your grade!) When you get a piece of paper you should write your name, core number, and date on it. You MUST keep up with your math notebook, you will need all your notes all year long. Your binder should contain a math tab. ◦Newest item in front

8 Classroom Jobs Attendance monitor– (2 nd and 3 rd core only) Lets teacher know at the beginning of class who is absent. Paper returner – Return graded papers AT THE BEGINNING of class Pencil Sharpener– Responsible for emptying the pencil sharpener each day Line leader– (3 rd core only) Lead the line to lunch and to PAVs Door/Phone monitor– Answer the door when someone knocks, closes the door when we leave the room. Answers the phone when it rings. Should say, “This is Mrs. Beal’s room.”

9 Classroom Jobs Lights monitor- Turn lights on and off as directed by teacher Bathroom monitor – Make sure there are three people in the bathroom and they are behaving ◦Boy and girl Teacher assistant – Assist teacher with tasks when needed. For 3 rd core only they will wash the tables when we leave the lunchroom. Calculator Monitor – collects calculators at the end of class Job Temp – Take over the job of absent student

10 Homeroom* No restroom during homeroom, beginning and end of the day Beginning of the day ◦No talking once you enter my room ◦Grab your laptop bag and go to your seat ◦You may read a book or work on classwork/homework for any class until 7:50am (do NOT pull out your laptop) ◦Door closes at 7:50am, anyone entering after door is closed MUST have a note (from parent or office) ◦Warm-up time begins at 7:50am End of the day ◦Plug in your laptop (if leaving it at school) ◦Go to your seat ◦You may talk as long as you are seated IF YOU CANNOT FOLLOW THESE RULES I WILL HAVE EXTRA WORKSHEETS YOU MUST COMPLETE- FOR A GRADE

11 Locker Time* Go to your locker BEFORE coming to homeroom in the morning You will not go back to your locker until the end of the day ◦Bring your stuff for PAVs, bring your lunch / lunch money

12 Lock / Locker Assignment* Last Name, First Name Lock Number: Combination:

13 Your Number Mrs. Beal will give you each a number for math class; this will be used for: ◦Calculators ◦Laptop Hooks ◦Putting you in groups ◦Putting you in seats

14 Grading Test/Projects: 40% Quizzes: 25% Classwork: 20% Homework: 15%

15 Signed Progress Reports Every 2-3 weeks Due the next day Turning it in will count as a homework grade. 4 points possible ◦4 points: turned in on time ◦3 points: 1 day late ◦2 points: 2 days late ◦1 point: 3 or more days late

16 Homework Almost every night Should take 20 minutes or less, on average, to complete Two types: notebook work and practice problems Missing homework: Fill out your sheet in missing homework binder. -1/2 point off for everyday it is late ◦2 missing in a row = Silent Lunch until complete

17 Homework – Notebook Work Some nights you will take notes I will check it for completeness and organization 4 points possible ◦4 pts: notes are complete and organized ◦3 pts: 75% of notes are complete and organized ◦2 pts: 50% of notes are complete and organized ◦1 pt: 25% of notes are complete and organized ◦0 pts: none of the notes are complete and organized

18 Homework – Practice Problems If you are struggling, show what work/thoughts you can and move on- DO NOT LEAVE IT BLANK I will check it for completeness- SHOW YOUR WORK (no work = no credit) 1 point will be given for each question assigned. If there were 8 problems, your score will be out of 8.

19 Classwork You may use your notes and a calculator to help with any classwork (unless teacher says otherwise) Graded for correctness Types: ◦IXL- Orange SmartScore is your grade ◦VersaTiles- 12 problems, 2 points each (1 for showing your work, 1 for correct answer) ◦TRP/Article- 1 point for each answer (form A = 10 points, form B = 15 points) ◦Clipboard Math ◦Other (Quia, Extended Response Prompts, Study Island, Exit Tickets, etc.)

20 Projects Announced approximately a week before it is due Late ◦3 points deducted for each day it is late.  After 3 days you will have silent lunch until it is completed. Class time to work on projects If you need supplies for at home, let me know

21 Tests/Quizzes Quiz each Friday If you are absent the day before a test/quiz, you will still be expected to take the test/quiz Test corrections ◦Required, completed as soon as test is submitted Quiz corrections ◦Optional, due before the next quiz/test

22 Clipboard Math Every day Review ALL topics learned this year One school week per sheet Turn it in if you want your answers checked

23 Room Tour

24 Beginning of Class Enter the room and go directly to your seat Put your stuff in the basket under your seat Pull out your homework and warm-up notebook ◦Fill out Late Homework Sheet if you do not have your homework for ANY reason Those with beginning-of-class jobs complete them Complete the warm-up in your warm-up notebook Sharpen pencils if needed (2-3, this is the only time!) Connect your laptop to teacher’s (then close it) ◦Grab a loaner laptop if you do not have your own

25 End of Class I will tell you when to pack up, do not begin to do so until I say When I say to, pack up your stuff, put away supplies, and throw away trash Complete exit ticket Stay seated until I tell you to line up. Line should be: ◦Straight ◦Quiet ◦Everyone facing forward

26 Bathroom Use You will get a Bathroom Pass each quarter with 18 slots ◦18 slots for 9 weeks means you can go an average of 2 times each week To request to use the restroom: ◦Sit quietly in your seat and raise 2 fingers ◦I will nod if you have my permission or shake my head if you need to wait ◦When you have permission, bring your Bathroom Pass to me ◦After I sign it, sign out of the room (keep the pass) ◦Sign in when you get back to the room

27 Leaving the room / Getting supplies Sit quietly in your seat and raise: ◦1 finger for supplies ◦2 fingers for restroom ◦3 fingers for drink ◦4 fingers nurse/office ◦I will nod if you have my permission or shake my head if you need to wait ◦When you have permission, bring your Bathroom Pass to me (if using the restroom or getting water). ◦Sign out of the room and grab a wooden pass ◦Sign in when you get back to the room

28 Participation Participation is expected App will be used to call on students

29 Moving in Class You must raise your hand and get teacher’s permission to leave your seat for ANY reason Keep your hands to yourself Do not disturb other students Do what teacher permitted and return to your seat without delay

30 Notebook Must have COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK (Spiral for AVID students) Like a personalized textbook you create Each entry is two pages ◦Right side = Input (notes, foldables, charts) ◦Left side = Output (practice problems, reflections, tricks to remembering, proof of learning) Each page: Title, Date, Page Number, Objectives (“I can…” statements) You are responsible for keeping this up-to- date, even if you are absent Bring to class EVERY DAY

31 Notebook (cont.) Graded 2 ways ◦Informal checks  Usually 1 per week  4 points possible  Complete ◦Formal checks  1-2 times each quarter  12 points possible  Learning Grade & Effort Grade Absent ◦Check “While you were out..”  Blue folders- classwork (if there were handouts)  Manila folders- homework (if there were handouts) ◦See website or trusted friend to copy notes  All homework, classwork, notes, and lessons will be posted daily.

32 Notebook (cont.) Lost or Damaged Notebook ◦Tell Mrs. Beal AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ◦Continue working on new assignments ◦Stay after school or work during lunch to rebuild notebook Storing Notebook ◦If it is homework, obviously it must go home ◦If not needed for homework it can stay in your locker or in Mrs. Beal’s room

33 Sharpening Your Pencil Can be done at anytime if using your own handheld pencil sharpener If using the class sharpener, can only be sharpened during warm-up time ◦You should have 2-3 sharp pencils for class One at a time at the pencil sharpener, stay seated until sharpener is available

34 Food and Drinks You must have a food/drink pass to eat/drink in class Your food: ◦May not contain nuts ◦Does not distract you from what is happening in class ◦Doesn’t require a spoon, fork or knife ◦Does not need to be refrigerated or heated ◦Cannot be eaten while using a computer You clean up after yourself

35 Missed Class* Excused or Suspended: can make up work Unexcused: cannot make up work Must have note within 3 days of absence You are responsible for finding out what you missed while you were absent ◦Check the absent bin (during warm-up time) ◦Complete Late Homework Slip (during warm-up time) ◦Check my webpage Must make-up missed notebook work, homework, test/quiz; other assignments excused

36 Late to class Need to have a note from teacher, office or parent (for homeroom) ◦If you do not have one you will be sent back to get one ◦Put this note in basket on the corner of my desk Do not disturb other students as you enter the room and quietly close the door behind you

37 Unprepared First ask a classmate, near your seat, to borrow what you need If they cannot help you, ask another classmate near your seat If the second classmate cannot help, ask the teacher.

38 Computer Use ALWAYS hold your computer with BOTH hands ALWAYS connect to Mrs. Beal’s laptop (SMART Sync) When computers are not being used they should be closed Access only those programs and websites as directed by your teacher Do not touch another student’s computer

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