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Industrial Revolution: Inventions and Innovations.

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1 Industrial Revolution: Inventions and Innovations

2 Essential Question What inventions came about during the Industrial Revolution and how did they change things?

3 Spinning Jenny Invention that made it quicker to produce yarn Demand for cotton and slaves increase


5 Steam Engine It is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid. Replaced human energy

6 Steamboat Ships now use steam engines instead of relying on the wind or manpower Transports goods and raw materials quicker and cheaper b/c it can hold more

7 Bessemer Process - Steel Process that takes iron and produces steel which is stronger and more flexible Get bridges, trains, and eventually skyscrapers

8 Brooklyn Bridge - 1883


10 Electric Light Bulb Can light streets, homes, and most of all, factories Factories can stay open longer – more production

11 Railroads/Locomotives Shipment of goods/materials – people can receive fresh food/more food in cities Transportation of people Will boost other industries because trains need metals, timber, coal, etc…





16 The Factory System Built close to and powered by water at first Used unskilled labor Bad working conditions/long hours Goal: PROFIT



19 Overall Changes & Effects Mass production of goods Unskilled labor used Urbanization – growth of cities Movement of people

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