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California Paddle 2007 Campaign For Plastic-Free Oceans SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.

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1 California Paddle 2007 Campaign For Plastic-Free Oceans SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

2 California Paddle 2007 Overview Campaign For Plastic-Free Oceans Mission California Paddle 2007 (CP '07) will be a record-breaking expedition by Tom Jones, a world- class endurance athlete and environmental advocate, to raise awareness of the problems associated with plastic pollution in our oceans. California Paddle 2007 Highlights –First person in history to paddle the 1200-mile length of Californias coast –Joined by some of the worlds legendary surfers and celebrities –Opportunities for individuals and groups to participate and even paddle with Tom –The three-month event will garner international publicity About Tom – Has set three world records for endurance running – Has run the length of California three times at the pace of a marathon-a-day – Has run from California to New York at the same marathon-a-day pace (26.2 miles)

3 About Tom Jones The Greatest Athlete Ive Ever Met – Joe Montana Who is Tom Jones? Tom Jones is an extreme athlete, motivational speaker, martial arts expert, international kickboxing champion, endurance runner, inventor, humanitarian and child advocate. Tom has dedicated his life to helping environmental and childrens causes. Extreme Athlete Extraordinaire In 2000, Tom ran an unprecedented 120 consecutive marathons (26.2 miles) in 120 days from his home in Huntington Beach, California to New York City, New York. There he participated in ceremonies and competed in the New York City Marathon to raise money for underprivileged children. These extreme running events were spectacular media success stories for the principal sponsors: Viking Computer Memory in 1998, 24-Hour Fitness in 1999, and Logic Nutrition in 2000. The combined value of media exposure for the three events is estimated at more than $3.5 million.

4 Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans A World-Wide Issue That Affects All of Us How Extreme is the Plastic Pollution Issue? While plastic is an important part of our daily lives, a recent study found six times more plastic than plankton in the ocean off the California coast. A United Nations Environment Program report entitled: Marine Litter: Trash that Kills, estimates that more than 5.76 million tons of plastic will end up in our oceans in 2006. To put that number in perspective, thats enough to cover 2/3 of California with plastic. Enough Plastic in the Ocean to Cover The U.S. by 2014 At the current plastic usage acceleration rate of 5% per year (according to The Resin Review, published by the American Plastics Council), we could cover the entire U.S. by 2014, and every landmass on earth by the year 2042! That amounts to 573 million square miles of plastic trash in the oceans in just 37 years. Stricter Recycling and Alternatives to Plastics Recycling is more commonplace than ever, but only 3.5% of plastic is actually recycled. The rest may take centuries to decompose. One of the goals of California Paddle 2007 is to promote stricter recycling policies and increased use of biodegradable and renewable materials.

5 Campaign For Plastic-Free Oceans Plastic Pollution is Everyones Problem What Can Government Do? - Issue stricter policies on plastic recycling - Encourage manufactures of plastics to find more biodegradable alternatives - Invest in programs to educate the public on the dangers of plastic pollution What Can Corporations Do? - Implement new ideas for plastic packaging that reduce litter - Support Plastic-Free Oceans initiatives and encourage others to as well - Create more biodegradable alternatives to plastic What can YOU Do? - Participate in beach clean-up activities - Always recycle plastics wherever possible - Ask elected officials to support Clean Ocean legislation

6 Sponsorship Opportunities Join Tom On His Historic Journey Title Sponsor - $50,000 - Naming rights to the event for 2007 - Logo inclusion on all materials, equipment and websites - Limited use of Toms name and likeness for endorsements - Opportunity to display products at or during events - Appearances by Tom at Sponsor events when possible Corporate Sponsors - $20,000 - $40,000 - Logo inclusion in all event materials, websites and on Toms watercraft and clothing - Mentions in interviews and articles wherever possible - Opportunity to include Event Brand in advertising - Opportunity to display products at or during events Supporting Sponsors - $10,000 - $20,000 - Logo inclusion in all event materials, websites and on Toms watercraft and clothing - Opportunity to include Event Brand in advertising Partners - < $5,000 - Logo inclusion in all event materials and websites - Opportunity to include Event Brand in advertising In-Kind Sponsors - (see next page)

7 In-Kind Sponsorships All That It Takes to Create History In-Kind Sponsorships By donating the necessary equipment or use of equipment to the California Paddle 2007 event, you will play a key role in a history-making event. It takes an enormous amount of planning, training, equipment and volunteers to make a world-record challenge like this happen. Tom has successfully completed three previous world record challenges and he know exactly what it takes to do it. Key In-Kind Donation Items Still Needed - Chase Vehicle – Use of motor home for Toms headquarters and accommodations - Tow Vehicle – Use of a large enough rig to tow a small trailer for a jet ski - Zodiac Boat – Chase boat with motor to monitor and supply Tom during paddling - Fuel – approximate $5,000 in fuel for vehicles and water craft - Food – a three month supply for Tom and his crew of 4 In-Kind Sponsor Benefits - Logo inclusion in all event materials, websites - Opportunity to use California Paddle 2007 identification for your business

8 Sponsor Benefits Making History Makes News Gain Maximum Media Exposure Tom Jones has become a veritable "media magnet." His personality and incomparable "extreme" athletic ability, seemingly present the perfect combination to provide maximum media exposure for both the charitable events he stages, and his corporate sponsors. National Reach Tom has been featured in dozens of magazines, newspapers and other print media around the nation. His extreme "feats of endurance" have also been captured via features and interviews on dozens of network and television news and talk broadcasts including the highly rated, nationwide syndicated Dr. Laura (Schlessinger) Show. Plastic Pollution Has World-Wide Impact Everyone needs to be aware of the impact of Plastic Pollution. With the unique endurance aspects of this event and the world-wide impact of the cause the event supports, association with California Paddle 2007 will give you enormous exposure for your company.

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