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Exceptional Children’s Dept Additional Compliance Reminders.

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1 Exceptional Children’s Dept Additional Compliance Reminders

2 DEC 5 (WHY?) WHY?..WHY?..WHY?.. WHY?.. WHY?..WHY?..WHY?..WHY?..WHY?…. Always Explain Why Decisions Were Made!!!!!

3 Data and Logs Information, Data Collection, and Progress Monitoring should drive and support the decisions made by the team.

4 EASYIEP Contacts Document all contacts to keep accurate record of communications - use EASYIEP Contacts Menu (quick and easy) also allows multiple individuals to access the information when needed.

5 REMINDERS Invite all related service providers to meetings (OT, PT, Speech etc..) also communicate and collaborate with all related service providers Please contact Dionne Gilmore at 704-216-7335 when OT, PT, and Adaptive PE providers are required to attend IEP meetings Always provide two week’s notice to Program Specialist for pre-audits Be able to discuss and present data at the IEP meeting. The data should drive team decisions, IEP annual goals, and special education services for the student Plan ahead (internet could shut down at any moment) – have hardcopies of all necessary forms saved to desktop. Provide proper notices (invitations for parent and student) as well as all team members for IEP meetings and also make sure to get permission for outside agencies that are involved. Program Specialists can no longer LEA Rep meetings.

6 REMINDERS Invitations need to have the appropriate purpose(s) for the meeting. In the case that a parent doesn’t attend a meeting and proper notice was provided, the IEP team can meet and make decisions reflective of the purpose(s) stated on the invitation. If the parent is present at the meeting the team can discuss and change any area as determined necessary by the team. EASYFAX all documents that have a barcode immediately after the meeting (new EasyFAX number: 704-870-2056) Annual Review meetings should be held a month before due date and Reevaluations should be opened at least 90 days before due date. Sample: Annual Review is Due on on December 15 th the IEP Team needs to conduct that meeting by November 15 th Sample: Reevaluation is due December 15 th the IEP Team needs to hold the DEC 7 meeting on September 15 th

7 REMINDERS Transition section D and Services should be completed within the IEP year of the student turning 16. Please be aware of IEP services as written within current IEP so that proper class scheduling is in place. Make sure to check master calendar before scheduling meetings.

8 THANK YOU ”You make a living by what you earn; you make a life by what you give.” Author: Anonymous

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