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Popular TV shows.

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1 Popular TV shows

2 Aida Aída is a Spanish series, belonging to the gender of comedy. "Aída", arose from, the series "Siete Vidas", which Aída (played by Carmen Machi) was character, in particular, a housemaid who worked for Sole and then began working in the Casineko, the Gonzalo's bar. Aída leaves work at Sole's house and at the bar. Later, Aída inherits his father's house, and moved with her children to live with her mother in Esperanza Sur, neighborhood where she lived and where she met again with some neighbors.

3 Aida LINKS

They are weekly programs in which they act different canary music groups. Every week, the programs are recorded in different places of Canary Islands. Moreover, participate people of all ages playing and singing.


6 Callejeros It is a program in which a journalist and a cameraman interviewed and recorded different parts of Spain showing aspects everyday of places, events or occupations. Some of his documentaries are about accidents and traffic controls, drug abuse, poverty, etc..

7 Callejeros LINKS

8 Clave de Ja "Clave de Ja" is a mood program that emerged from "Instinto Cómico" made in 2002 in the Canary Islands. Consist of several sketches with canary vocabulary and each program is recorded in different sites of the Canary Islands.

9 Clave de Ja LINKS

10 El Hormiguero "El Hormiguero" is a talk show produced by Seven and Action for the Spanish channel Four. Its contents revolve around mood, interviews and scientific experiments. Is presented and directed by Pablo Motos in collaboration with puppets Trancas and Barrancas. The program has participations of Luis Piedrahita, Raquel Martos and Flipy ("the crazy scientist "), among others.

11 El Hormiguero LINKS

12 El Internado The series takes place in a boarding school, where live together pupils of different ages, teachers and members of the service, cleaners, cooks, gardeners, etc.. The internship is located at the sites of "The Black Lagoon" in Soria. There nobody is as it seems and everybody hide a sinister story. The main plot is about murders of years ago, when disappeared five students of the internship, that before was an orphanage. The history wisely mix elements of horror, suspense and mystery.

13 El Internado LINKS

14 Escenas de Matrimonio It is a series of TV issued by Telecinco that showing, through a succession of sketches, the funny relations of three couples who live in the same building. The three couples simulated daily life but exaggerating things with a dash of mood.

15 Escenas de Matrimonio LINKS

16 Fama It is a daily program in which 20 dancers compete to get a scholarship to receive training in the Angeles. To the top have to compete in pairs, but only one will get the scholarship. Every week they dance a different style, receive masterclases of famous choreographers and dancers, and participate in Musicals.

17 Fama LINKS

18 Fisica O Quimica The series develops in the College Zurbarán, an institute of secondary, where the conflicts are approached among the pupils and the new teachers, the current problems of the teen society as the harassment, the racism or the homophobia.

19 Fisica O Quimica LINKS

20 La Caja Every individual that enter in ' The box ', will live an intense sensory experience that will allow him to face episodes of fort emotional impact that they have marked his life across a series of sessions supervised by an equipment of six professionals of the Psychology. A succession of images related to the conflict - intercalated with sonorous and olfactory stimuli - will form a part of every session of " The box ", which will develop in a set endowed with a structure specially designed to foment the intimacy of the protagonist and to amplify the sensations that him the experience will generate inside the bucket.

21 La Caja LINKS

22 Los Mejores Años De Nuestra Vida
"Los mejores años de nuestra vida" is a weekly program. There is a battle between the decades 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90, exposing the best of every epoch. Are choosen the worst and the best song, historical acts that have marked the decade, movies, television announcements, etc.. The young present public in the show take charge voting for one of two decades that are exposed.

23 Los Mejores Años De Nuestra Vida

24 Pekin Express Pekin Express is a contest emitted by the Spanish television channel Four, in that ten pairs must cross km for earn a prize of Euros, besides the money that they are obtaining in every stage.

25 Pekin Express LINKS

26 Perdidos en la Tribu In three remote places distributed by Asia and Africa, each of the families will have to coexist for three weeks with the tribe who has been assigned to them. Without interpreter, nor external any help and in the same conditions that his hosts - it is to say, without electricity, either current water, nor mattress to sleep and eating whatever they can - have to learn to adapt to his new life. None, be father or son, major or minor, it can fail and all of them have to receive the final approval of the chief of the tribe if they want to choose to the economic prize in game. It is a weekly program in which three families will have to be unrolled in a wild environment, inside a community very removed from the civilization. The families begin the trip that for them is a new experience, since none of the three knows to where will take them flight them, up to coming to the airport and they will not discover that will live in a tribe up to coming to his destination.

27 Perdidos en la Tribu LINKS

28 By: Yamile Raquel Ariadna

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