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Brief Explanation Short Group Activity Example of Lesson Plan.

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2 Brief Explanation Short Group Activity Example of Lesson Plan

3 Engage Explore Explain Extend Evaluate

4 “Priming the Pump” Assessment of prior knowledge Example: Using props or figures that may directly or indirectly correlate with lesson

5 Describes initial investigation Lab activities Examples: ubiquity experiment, olfaction experiment, tablecloth pull experiment

6 Understanding what has happened in the Explore stage Hardest Stage/ Very Important Example: Explanation of experimental results Diving board

7 Taking the knowledge learned and relating it elsewhere Similar instances, different circumstances Example: Factors affecting bacterial survival vs. factors affecting human survival

8 Assessment of Understanding Example: Test students knowledge in some form, to determine if they grasped the concept. How it’s done can make a world of difference


10 Assuming 8 th graders have just completed a lesson on the periodic table, create an introductory lesson of a unit on atoms using the 5E’s Focus on introducing basic atomic components: proton, neutron, electron.

11 INTRODUCE BACTERIA DAY: ENGAGE: -Ask students what they remember from the lesson about the growth conditions of Bacteria. (clicker activity or short matching exercise) EXPLORE: (Talk about the importance of sterility) -Provide the students with sterile swabs and allow them to investigate their environment. (the greenway, areas around the school, themselves) -Have students document where swabbed -Materials needed: Sterile swabs, agar plates, petri dishes, incubator, and hydrogen peroxide. EXPLAIN: -Explain to the students how scientists determine what they find. -Explain growth media and fit the needs of the type of organism they want to grow. -Explain the importance of sterility. Have the students explain ways that scientist can prevent contamination. EXTEND: -Before growth media, what did scientist do to grow bacteria? EVALUATE: Test students on the importance of sterility and the practices that they can do to prevent contamination.


13 Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance Start Slowly Be Patient, and allow the students to think for themselves Try to get more faculty involved


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