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Craven County Schools Transportation Services. Welcome & Introduction Meeting Start Ups Toni Floyd, 252-671-5460 Turn off electronic devises.

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1 Craven County Schools Transportation Services

2 Welcome & Introduction Meeting Start Ups Toni Floyd, Director @ 252-671-5460 Turn off electronic devises Restrooms & refreshments Fire drills & Code 300 procedures Desired Outcome: At end of session, prospective bus drivers will have been given basic information related to school bus driving and will have an opportunity to ask questions.

3 Requirements & Expectations NC Driver’s License & High School graduate TA & bus driver – split-funded dual roles Be certified and drive when needed Your decision if daily or substitute Paid monthly – keep accurate records Medically eligible for “bus certification”

4 Bus Driver Certification and NC DMV Commercial Driver’s License Two separate issues Certification b/w driver & BOE – BOE can issue/cancel “certification” – Proper certification allows driver to operate school system bus – sch or act CDL licensure b/w driver & DMV – CDL license w/ P&S belongs to driver – Can not operate bus w/o “certification”

5 CDL Medical Review Conducted by DMV Medical Review officer NC driving privileges are under review Applicant pays all medical review costs See Bus Driver Handbook info page DMV decision is reviewed regularly CCS uses DMV decision for employability Ask questions, if needed

6 CDL Medical Review CCS medical exemption process CCS employment eligibility DMV medical review process Driver license eligibility CCS makes the employability decision Handbook has complete explanation

7 Next Steps Class instruction: 3 days & 4 tests w/ re-tests Road skills: 3 days w/partner, need based If high priority have supervisor contact me ASAP NC CDL will cost you $93.00 Reimbursement AFTER you drive for CCS Pre-employment substance abuse screening No cost to bus driver, paid by CCS Administrator’s recommendation

8 CDL Substance Abuse Screening @ Professional Nursing on Glenburnie Pre employment for all bus drivers Random testing during school year Post CDL accident after bus accidents if 1. There is a death as result of accident or 2. Bus driver issued a citation for violation and 1. Any person involved in accident is transported or 2. Any vehicle involved in accident is towed

9 CCS Local Post Accident Substance Abuse Screening @ New Bern Family Practice on Wellon Blvd For Category A employees - CDL & non-CDL After all accidents involving CCS vehicle Report same day or next work day

10 Recommendation for Employment If on reduced rate of pay – two letters of recommendations are required When “certified” pocket card is issued by SBG After Final Recommendation then partial reimbursement can be requested ($81 or $93) No “volunteers” are allowed to drive our buses Must be employee – monthly check from CCS

11 Points to Remember Buddy system or OJT – contact me Ask for assistance Must drive routinely after certified Video & GPS monitoring Review Bus Driver Handbook on-line

12 Video Surveillance of Drivers & Passengers School system methods of monitoring GPS tracking used – Bus camera systems (both digital & video) – School staff and Garage staff observations – Bus vehicle data (mileage, fuel use & etc.) – Bus driver reports Unofficial methods of monitoring – ??? All activity is subject to monitoring !!!

13 Session Law 2010-20 & James City RR crossing Law excludes only the James City RR “exempt” crossing from state law that requires school and activity buses to stop at “exempt” crossings in NC DO NOT STOP DO NOT USE FLASHERS PROCEED WITH CAUTION

14 In the Public’s Eye All of us must remember that we are constantly in the “public’s eye” Make drivers and employees aware of the availability and capability of cell phone, etc… for recording our actions Think BEFORE you speak or act !!!! There are no “off the record actions”

15 Best wishes for a safe and successful school bus driving experience !!!

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