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You can identity Regional Identity by looking at many aspects of the film/picture shown, the following shows what you should be looking for when looking.

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2 You can identity Regional Identity by looking at many aspects of the film/picture shown, the following shows what you should be looking for when looking to identity Regional Identity: Setting Accents Dialogue Props Make up Class of characters Costumes Etc. Regional identity is identifying a person's identity which is rooted not only in the setting of the film but also in speech, costumes etc and in the region they live in.

3 Here is a video showing examples of regional identity which I will later talk about: _ik&feature=PlayList&p=B5F132F34B3DA430 &index=0 Shameless is set in Manchester, England. This is shown in their accents, which is a strong Manchester accent which gives us the sense of their regional identity. When we see the women we notice that she is wearing middle class kind of clothes and when the camera shows the drunken man outside we see that she lives in a middle class house. We start to question the area, she's lives in, safety as when she starts to say things like no there's nobody there love, go back to bed or you can get the baseball bat f you want we wonder what there is to be scared of. She then says yes to the drunken man who has asked her to marry here at which we then question whether this is normal where they are for a drunken man to be proposing as in your and i world we would never say yes to someone in that state. Words like bugger and dick used to describe someone at the end of the clip shows a low class as we would never normally call someone these words, or just sho9ws their slang which may be normal where they are.

4 From what I already knew from east enders, its the accents that point us towards their regional identity. Their accents are very east-end and they use cockney rhyming slang every now and again. The meeting place The Queen Victoria sounds like a London pub as is has a member of the royal family in the name and an example of slang that they use is when they call is old Vic. The setting of the show is in a little village and meeting places like the pub could represent that they are in a London village. Here is another video showing examples of regional identity in East enders: 4XObqq6g6Q&feature=channel From looking at this video only We notice straight away clear cockney accents and slang like sweet meaning good adds to our belief that this show is set in London. When we see the station walford east station we know that the setting is in London. Low/middle class is shown in the market place when they are sold a cheap camera but say that they cant afford it. Everyone clothes backs this up fully. Other accents stand out to us shown by the girl nearer the end which shows that her regional identity is completely different to the character we have seen so far.

5 Again we notice the Australian accents straight away so know the country they are in already. Their clothes are very summery and as we can see that the doors and windows are opened and they are not cold we know that they are in a country like Australia. When vegemite is mentioned we automatically think of Australia because thats all they eat there so even this add to the regional identity. The beach is obviously not that far away from the diner as the boys only want to go there for a coffee which shows us that the characters are local and are no strangers to the beach setting which help us identity their regional identity. Here is the video for Home and Away: HVug

6 For Regional Identity in Emmer dale we shall look at this clip for examples: Views at 0.30 show that the setting is in the country and we see straight away that all the views we see are all of this manor also/ We see that the clothes and possessions (van) show low class as the clothes look old and used as the van that the women is driving does too. We know that they either run or live on a barn as when they open the barn we see a lot of sheep, which can only really be in the country which backs up our other beliefs. We then see people decorating a house which we can see was very old by the décor for example the curtains are very countrified which means that if the house was oringinally decorated as if it was in the country it is probably in the country. We then see the sheep again and the farm surroundings which is repeated throughout which only drums in the fact that they are in the country and that that is their regional identity.


8 The only way we would identity where this TV drama was, was by the River Thames, which we would then no was in London. Regional Identity can be seen by the views we see in the picture. We can see the Countryside in the distance and we can also see an old vehicle of which is only used in the countryside.

9 Even though it is obvious that this drama is Japanese you can tell by the Eifel tower in the background that it is set in Paris, France. By this picture you can tell that this is set in a sunny place, on the coast, which could be in England but is probably going to be set in a country where these views are seen frequently (Australia), as the logos for the dramas represents them and usually gives us a clue of where the drama will continually be set, which is not the case with England.

10 You can tell that this is set in the country also because the background of the first picture is the country and in the second picture the house is styled as a country house. Also, what the characters are wearing symbolises the country You can tell that this is set in an estate as there are flats in the background and the people look like they aren't of a high class because of the clothes they are wearing therefore we would expect them to live there and if there is a show about them then it would be set here.


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