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Impact of TV on students Presented by Students of class 1X B.

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1 Impact of TV on students Presented by Students of class 1X B

2 Our finding Study on positive and negative effect of tv Questionnaire filled by students Then we analyze the data through graphs To better understand our topic we will make posters, interview to the doctor and watch a video.

3 Questionnaire Impact of TV on students Sex------------- 2) age-------------- 3) education level--------------- 4.If you watch T.V then which type of program does you like watch? i.drama iii.informative iv.Anything 5.Which type of drama you would like to watch? i.serials ii.soap iii.long plays iv.Series 6.In music you would like to watch? videos concerts charts iv.filmy music 7.In entertaining programs you would like to watch? based program based program based program 8.information based program i.How much time you spend on watching? ii.1 hr iii.2 hrs iv.more than 2 hrs 9. In your opinion these channels fulfils the Pakistani culture? i.yes iii.Almost 10. Do you adopt the fashion of T.V? i.yes iii.Almost 11. Why you prefer these channels? i.cause of quality of entertainment ii.cause of fashion iii.cause of glamour 12. What is the source of T.V in your house? i.cable iii.Antenna 13. Are these channels shows the reality based programs? i.Yes iii.Almost 14. How much time you spend on your studies? i.1 hr ii.2 hr iii.more than 2 hour 15.Why do you watch TV? i.for time passing ii.awareness iii.for enjoyment 16.After watching TV daily, than you feel any of these causes? i.headache ii.pain in eyes iii.or both 17.There is any effect on prayer after watching TV? i.yes 18.Your prayer miss because of watching TV? i.yes

4 Which type of program we generally watch drama11 music5 inform ative2 anythi ng17

5 How much we spend time on TV watching 1 hour12 2 hour10 more than 2 hour13

6 How much time we spend on our studies? 1 hr3 2 hr5 more than 2 hr27

7 After watching TV daily, than we feel any of these causes? headache5 pain in eyes17 both1 none12

8 Poster competition With the help of these posters we show the Positive effect of TV Negative effect of TV How they provide awareness and information Which channels give beneficial information

9 Interview to the doctor

10 taking the interview We can ask the question through which we can find out the positive and negative effect of tv on our health, studies and behavior.

11 A well known doctor visit in our school and give fruitful knowledge related to our topic and share her experience

12 Clips of documentary We watch the documentary truth about Pakistan on multi media In this we see the positive picture of our country which usually not show on tv. Then we discuss about the documentary

13 Negative impact of TV Researchers have identified three potential responses to TV violence in children: Increased fearalso known as the "mean and scary world" syndrome Children, particularly girls, are much more likely than adults to be portrayed as victims of violence on TV, and this can make them more afraid of the world around them. Desensitization to real-life violence Some of the most violent TV shows are children's cartoons, in which violence is portrayed as humorousand realistic consequences of violence are seldom shown. Increased aggressive behavior this can be especially true of young children, who are more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior after viewing violent TV shows or movies.

14 Negative effect on health Effects on healthy child development Television can affect learning and school performance if it cuts into the time kids need for activities crucial to healthy mental and physical development. Most of children's free time, especially during the early formative years, should be spent in activities such as playing, reading, exploring nature, learning about music or participating in sports. TV viewing is a sedentary activity, and has been proven to be a significant factor in childhood obesity. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada almost one in four Canadian children, between seven and 12, is obese. Time spent in front of the TV is often at the expense of more active pastimes.

15 Positive impact on students The introduction T.V is service for the viewers. It has great educational value. It gives information on various subjects and increase our knowledge. Programs like Discovery, geographical and about nature have great value. They good substitutes for Traveling Sports and Games have international value.

16 What we get from this project Through this project, we know how much T.V effects on our lives. It has too much positive effects if we use it in a right way and it also has negative effects if we use it in a wrong way. In my research for this project I found that, 80% children use it negatively, they just waste their times by watching such stupid movies. News channels telecast news of murder cases, bomb lasts, kidnapping, robbery and many more which makes children depressed

17 The positive effect of TV is that Role of TV has increased prominently in bringing awareness in the society. And the strategies which they use also are very impressive, they use Film stars and cricketers in bringing awareness,as most of the fans will follow what his ICON says. We see Nadeem bringing awareness about Polio Drops and The entire Pakistani cricket team trying to bring awareness to save money for tomorrow and not to forget their poor siblings and help them step by step etc., as it is more appealing. Since every individual depends on some media or the other for the latest News and updates this is the best way to bring awareness in the society

18 Our message It is true that children spend their most time in watching such stupid programmed, Based on fighting and love stories. So, they should avoid these programs and watch informative channels like Qtv, National Geographical and many more so that they are able to write the name of our beloved country Pakistan in letters of gold.

19 Bibliography Images from google Negative effect of tv children

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