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1 hguide/diagrams/greenhouse/

2 EAP 223 Reading Kubota The Global Greenhouse Effect

3 The Greenhouse Effect

4 Getting a First Idea (216) IIGreenhouse gases and how they produce a warming effect IIIReasons why global warming is a problem IVPossible ways to address the problem of climate change IThe political and scientific controversy caused by global warming (II is also a possible answer.) IIThe process by which carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere IIWhat we know and don’t know about global warming VThe need to change our attitudes and behavior

5 The Greenhouse Effect Main Idea Check Paragraphs 1-2 A.1 B.2 A Closer Look (pg. 227) 1.False (Par.1, lines 17-20) 2.False (Par. 1, lines 20-22) 3.Evidence, inconclusive; predictions;debate

6 The Greenhouse Effect Section II: Facts and Uncertainties Main Idea Check (pgs. 227-228) Paragraphs 3-6 A.4 B.6 C.5 D.3

7 The Greenhouse Effect Paragraphs 7-12 E. 10 F. 12 G. 8 H. 9 I. 7 J. 11

8 The Greenhouse Effect A Closer Look (pgs. 228-229) 1. a (Pars. 7 and 8); b (Par. 10); d (Par. 6) e (Par.5) 2. The boxes of D and F are interchangeable. D C An increase in global temperatures F A E B

9 The Greenhouse Effect Section III: Potential Effects of Climate Change Main Idea Check (pgs. 229) Paragraphs 13-16 A.15 B.14 C.16 D.13

10 The Greenhouse Effect A Closer Look (pgs. 229-230) 1.True (Par. 13, lines 1-4) 2.A (The example supports the main idea of Par. 14)

11 3. The positions of Boxes C and A are interchangeable. C Demand for irrigation will increase and may outgrow the available water resources. A B The Greenhouse Effect

12 Section IV: Responding to the Threat Main Idea Check (pgs. 230-231) Paragraphs 17-20 A.20 B.18 C.17 D.19

13 The Greenhouse Effect Paragraphs 21-24 and 25-28 E. 23 F.21 G.24 H.22 I.27 J.28 K.25 L.26

14 The Greenhouse Effect A Closer Look (pgs. 231-233) 1.True (Par. 18) 2.A (Par.22, lines 1-4); b (Par.19, lines 4-5) c (Par.19, lines 5-6); d (Par.20, lines 3-6)

15 The Greenhouse Effect 3. The government provides incentives to producers, consumers, and researchers. It also increases the price of energy produced from fossil fuels BD C A EF The country consumes less fossil fuel energy than it used to.

16 The Greenhouse Effect 4. a. The direct costs of the conservation measures will be high. (Par. 23, lines 1-7) b. The conversion from fossil fuels will be very expensive. (Par. 23, lines 7-13) 5. Boxes B and D are interchangeable. B D AC

17 The Greenhouse Effect 6. Boxes B and C are interchangeable. B C AD

18 The Greenhouse Effect Main Idea Check (pgs. 233) Paragraphs 29-34 A.30 B.31 C.29 D.32 E.34 F.33

19 The Greenhouse Effect A Closer Look (page 234) 1.a (Par.31, lines 6-11); c,d (Par.32, lines 2-8) 2.False (Par. 34, lines 6-7)

20 The End This is our last class presentation.

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