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Contents Introduction Scrap Paper Shredded Paper Paper Bags/Sack

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2 Contents Introduction Scrap Paper Shredded Paper Paper Bags/Sack
Re-cycling cans ext. Making Sure Do’s and Do not’s Bags 2 School Quiz Credits

3 Introduction Today we will be telling you about what happens with scrap paper and why it is important to use it. Three words will be very important in this power-point Reduce then Reuse then Recycle. In the quiz at the very end we will be asking you questions to see if you can remember what we have talked about

4 Scrap Paper In our school each classroom has a scrap paper box. We have recently updated the junior scrap paper box. This is what it used to look like now it looks like this. We realised that no-one actually took notice of it so we upgraded it to the three B’s bigger, brighter and better.

5 Shredded Paper In our school office we have a paper shredder, this is what it looks like We are having a stall at school and we are using shredded paper to sell as hamster bedding. This is what some shredded paper looks like

6 Paper Bags/Sack It is very important that people use paper bags/sacks so that paper gets recycled. This is an example of something bad this is some normal paper in the bin. This is where it should be In the paper sack

7 Recycling Cans Ext. Another very important thing that we do is recycle. We have a bin outside that looks like this and we have a video of a pupil a milk bottle in it What you can put in: Milk bottles/cartons, glass and plastic.

8 Making Sure You must make sure that you put everything in the right bins. This is an example This is also an example

9 Do’s and Do Not’s Do Don’t *Put paper in a paper sack
*Use the correct bins *Use less of everything we have talked about *Reuse, recycle, reduce Don’t *Put paper in an ordinary bin *Put plastic, glass ext. in paper sacks *Don’t recycle paper when it hasn’t been fully used *Don’t waste paper

10 Bags To School In our school we have what you call bags 2 school. This is where you put unwanted items in a bag. There is a picture of them here.

11 QUIZ Q) What are we going to sell at our stall? A) Hamster Bedding.
Q) Where do we put paper? A) In a paper sack. Q) What should we not put in a paper sack? A) Glass/plastic ext. Q) What can you put in a recycling bin? A) Milk bottles/cartons, glass and plastic.

12 Credits We hope that you enjoyed our presentation and that you learned something.  Made By Meg Wilkinson and Emily Cross-Costello 

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