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UCB & 3C integration Written and Presented by Andy Loffman.

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1 UCB & 3C integration Written and Presented by Andy Loffman

2 Add a new soft trunk Firstly we need to setup the soft trunks on the 3c server for UCB to connect to. Page 2

3 Description – For example NECTrunk. Account – Unique name; for example NECtrunk. Service Provider Domain – IP address of the UCB server. Outbound Proxy – IP address of the UCB server. Port – Leave at default 5060. Registration Type – none. Primary MGC – Leave unchanged. Secondary MGC – Set if you have one. Contact Domain – Blank Preferred Transport – UDP User Agent – UCB Zeacom SIP Once this is completed press the OK button Page 3

4 Right Click on the newly created trunk and view properties. Total Capacity – Set the total capacity for incoming and out going calls. Inbound Capacity – Total of incoming calls. Outbound Capacity – total of outgoing calls. Page 4

5 In the settings tab, click add and add the above Creating system queues As a bare minimum we need to create the following queues Primary queue Hold queue Voicemail queue Page 5

6 1. Click on the outward routing tab 2. Click to add extension 3. Click New Extension Page 6

7 Enter the following details. Number First Name *prefix with Z We need to setup: ZUCB Zvoicemail Zhold *3 separate extensions* Page 7

8 When your finished we should have at the very least the below Now we can add any queues to the 3c system. For the course please add: Queue1 – 6 Console Page 8

9 We need to make the ZUCB queue the primary. Select the queue and click Make Primary Page 9

10 Now the queues are created, we need to setup the MOH for the ZeacomSIP agent. Follow the picture below. Page 10

11 UCB 3C Fall over ▐ If the UCB server is unavailable for any reason then we need to setup the fall over on the 3c server. ▐ This is a different way of working if your used to setting up a manual resilience mode on the SV8100. What we are about to setup will automatically move the calls from the UCB server to ring groups or extensions on the 3c server. Page 11

12 ▐ Go into the 3c number plan tab and add Extension. Page 12

13 Add a new extension number, name it and make the Type a Department. In this example we are setting up the fall over for the console queue Page 13

14 Click on the forwarding tab. Click on the new profile and give a name for example - Failover. Page 14

15 Press OK to the schedule Click Add forwarding Search for the Zconsole queue Apply this condition “immediately” Page 15

16 Now we need to setup what happens if the UCB server is unavailable. Click add forwarding again in the Failover profile Search for the extension or group you want the forward to Enter the forward time to 15 minutes, this will become immediate should the other forward fail. Once that’s done ok and ok to complete Page 16

17 Go into stations and add Softphone Give the softphone a name Then click add extension Page 17

18 Select the extension we previously setup the forwards on Click ok and ok to finish the programming What this failover will achieve is, if the UCB server is not contactable at any time, the 3c server will forward the queue calls immediately to the forward with the 15 minute forward time. Page 18

19 We now need to create a user in AD for the UCB server to connect via webservices. Log on to the AD server and open “Active Directory Users and Computers” Page 19

20 Go into users New User Page 20

21 Enter the first name Last name User logon name Then click next Page 21

22 Enter the password And tick the boxes as per the picture Then click next Then Finish Log off the AD server and go back to the 3C server Page 22

23 Log back into 3C administrator Go into users and click add Page 23

24 Expand out “Users” And click OK on the new account we have just created Page 24

25 Tick the boxes as per the screen shot Tick the Web Services Rights Enter the password for the AD user Click Apply Page 25

26 Click on the user rights tab Click add and select zone Select your sites zone and press OK Page 26

27 Change the privilege level from monitor to Full Page 27

28 Under the general tab/Zones right click view properties and make sure your UCB webservices acc is set to “Privilege Full” Page 28

29 Message waiting. There is 2 setups for message waiting: 1 st – Using the 3C voicemail and UCB 2 nd – Just using the UCB voicemail. We are going to look at the first option of using 3c and UCB voicemail. Go into stations, select the extension that has UCB VM and set as per the screen shot. These changes need to be done per extension requiring UCB voicemail. **phone will reboot after the changes are applied** IP address is the UCB server:5090 Page 29

30 2 nd message waiting option. Just using UCB voicemail. Doing this compared to the previous slide will stop the message waiting on the 3c voicemail so should only be used if completely using the UCB voicemail. Go into the general tab, into system initialization settings and set as per the picture. IP address of the UCB server:5090 Page 30

31 Call recording. This is not the full blown call recorder i.e sense, this is the ability to record into a UCB mailbox from 3C and get access to the recordings from UCB desktop, Mailbox required. Firstly we will look at the AD prep Log onto the AD server and make the user account that logs into the UCB and installed the service is a member of the spherical recordings security group

32 Log back into the 3c administration tool, go into the system properties, call recording and make sure Enable call recordings and Use the IP address of the server in place of the server name when saving the share information is ticked. *** make sure the UCB server and the 3c server are on the same domain *** Page 32

33 We now need to install the UCB software on the UCB server Double click setup Page 33

34 Browse to the license file Page 34

35 Locate your license file and install it Page 35

36 Install third party software Agree to any licenses etc and press next until install third party software is complete Page 36

37 Now run “Configure the SQL Server” Click here to let the UCB software install SQL Express If using an existing SQL 2008 then refer to the below document as it will need prep work before you install Page 37

38 Install Aculab drivers. You will get prompted several times to install, keep clicking install until its finished Page 38

39 Now the aculab is completed click – Install on Launch CTI Installer Accept any license agreements and input area code on location information if requested When finished click run to restart the cti server Page 39

40 After the server has rebooted, administrator will start automatically and run installation wizards Click on Configure Default Company Enter a site name and click ok to finish Page 40

41 Click on Define phone system type Select NEC Univerge 3C and click ok Page 41

42 Click in Configure PBX Connection Page 42

43 Enter the name of the 3C server *click test to confirm connectivity* Enter webservices username in format Domain\useracc Enter web services password Queue identifier – input Z Click next then finish to complete the pbx setup Page 43

44 Click PBX Essentials Enter the hold number we created on 3c, from our previous slides 4565 Enter the voicemail number - 4555 Enter the primary address ZUCB 4567 Enter a Voice messaging ddi number if required Click next then finish to complete the PBX essentials Page 44

45 Next click configure operator console As previously setup Zconsole on ucb enter 4568 Click close on the installation process, when you click close it will prompt you to open application manager to install the appropriate modules, click ok at this point. Application manager will start up and this screen will appear, click add the pbx module Page 45

46 Then click add announce ports Click close after that for the application checks Page 46 You should then the sip ports added Then go into alerts in the application manager and we are looking for “ports learnt Successfully”

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