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Junk Food Science Running Discussions KS3/4 CPD Slides.

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1 Junk Food Science Running Discussions KS3/4 CPD Slides

2 Outcomes Be aware of the Junk Food Science Project videos and associated curriculum and CPD resources Planned how you will use the Junk Food Science resources to develop discussion with your class

3 Project Team Teachers TV Centre for Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University Illumina

4 Project Aims To support the teaching and learning of Food and Healthy Eating through the use of innovative contexts, curriculum and CPD videos and resources

5 Resources Student Classroom Videos Teachers Notes Classroom PowerPoints Classroom paper-based resources CPD videos CPD PowerPoints

6 Resources Running Discussions in a KS3/4 Class - a-ks3-4-class a-ks3-4-class Download this video resource from the Teachers TV website to use in this session

7 Benefits of using discussion Helps children to explore their ideas Improves communication, speaking and listening skills Encourages active participation Maximises contributions Less threatening Students learn from each other Increases self-awareness

8 Creating a climate for discussion Be open Create a relaxed and friendly, yet organised and purposeful atmosphere Make the classroom as conducive to discussion as possible Encourage open discussions Develop listening skills Create mixed groups, both ability and confidence Progress from talking partners, to fours or tables, and then whole class Dont always bail children out Encourage children to have ownership and responsibility Value what children have to say, even their mistakes Build trust and acceptance

9 Establishing the ground rules Get the group to establish the ground rules Suggested ground rules could be Dont interrupt anybody Listen to each other Be responsible for what you do Respect each others opinions Make sure everyone contributes No snide remarks Stick to the rules

10 Active listening An active listener should Sit quietly and look at the speaker Relax, and make any non-verbal responses that come naturally, e.g. nodding and smiling Concentrate on listening and suspend all judgements and questions Make verbal responses that only reflect or paraphrase the main points discussed

11 CPD video Watch the CPD video ( 4-class ) 4-class Discuss the following questions How had the teachers created a climate for discussion? How did the teachers use talking partners and small groups? How did they engage children during whole class discussion? How did the children demonstrate that they were sticking to the ground rules? What good listening skills did the children exhibit? How did the teachers organise the children for paired, group and class discussions? Plan how you will use these ideas with your class

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