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Creating your own GYRO Facebook Page. Gyro Pages as of Feb 2013 International District I District III District IV District VII Powell Club.

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1 Creating your own GYRO Facebook Page

2 Gyro Pages as of Feb 2013 International District I District III District IV District VII Powell Club

3 Social media – one method of getting the right information to the right people

4 What is a Facebook Page? It is a portal in Facebook where a group or organization can provide information to a target audience. It is not a representation of one person; in Gyro’s case it represents the group. It provides a method of low volume interaction between members of the group.

5 What do I need? A Facebook user account An email account An idea of what I want to put on my page: –Page Photos Profile & Background images for your page –Content Announcements, Newsletters, recruiting information, etc. Photos of District & club events Club contact information –A few hours a month to maintain your page

6 Who can manage a Page Anyone who owns a computing device! No High-tech knowledge is necessary More than one person (share the work)

7 Let’s get started! If you don’t already have a Facebook account, it’s easy to create one…. Go to https://www.facebook.com

8 Enter your Name & Email account

9 Edit your personal information Apply security settings to achieve the privacy you want - this is your own account, not the page everyone will see

10 Facebook Account Settings Manage your account & who has access to see it

11 Manage your Privacy Make your account secure as you need it to be It can be a “bare-bones” account; i.e., just your name

12 Review You have created your Facebook account You have linked it to your email account You have added general information about your account You have managed your account permissions You are ready to create your page…..

13 Organize Decide what you want on your page –Cover & Profile Photos –What information to share –Who can access your page –How to target an audience

14 Select the “Like Pages” link to get to the Pages screen, then select “Create Page”….

15 Select the Page type of “Company, Organization, Institution”

16 Select “Non-Profit Organization” & the name of your club

17 Select your page’s Profile photo. This is the photo that will appear next to posts you make on your page. This should be a small image; Facebook requires at least 180x180 pixels.

18 Describe the purpose and location of your club in the “About” section – this is searchable by most web browsers. Add your club and/or District’s web page – you can find this at, via the “District websites” button on the main page

19 Set your page’s Facebook address Please use the standard format for this: Gyro.Club or District Name, e.g., Gyro.District.I, or Gyro.Powell – note the period between Gyro & the names. Once you have saved this, it cannot be modified!

20 You are now on the Admin Panel of your Page, where you will select Page Administrator(s), and determine who can see & post comments & photos on your page

21 Manage your account settings. Make your page visible. It is recommended to always post as your page.

22 We will now define the non-administrative roles for people you want to see your page & post on it.


24 Make your page visible Target the widest possible audience to view your page. If you want to limit individual posts, this can be done, but your default settings should be as “wide” as possible. Age Restrictions: 13+ Make page visible to people of all countries Everyone can post, add photos & videos. Use Post Privacy Gating (checkbox on) to customize your individual posts when necessary

25 Filtering – if you want to limit who sees your posts Make sure your Page has post privacy gating turned on: Check the box next to Post privacy gating Click Save Changes To Limit Your Post's Audience To make sure only certain people will be able to see your post, click the dropdown Public menu when you're writing your post and select Location / Language. Type in the countries or languages of the people you want to see your post. Your Page post will only show up in news feed or on your Page for people in the countries you choose or for people who speak the languages you specify. Even if people share your Page's post with their friends, only friends in the audience you choose for the post will be able to see it.

26 Filtering – if you want to limit who sees your page Target Your Posts Add targeting to your Page posts so only the most relevant people will see them in their news feeds. Unlike when you limit your Page's audience, adding news feed targeting does not affect who can see the post on your Page. Hide posts that you don't want anyone to see when they visit your Page.Hide posts To add targeting: Before you publish your post, click the target in the sharing tool. Click Add Targeting and choose one or more filters: –Gender –Relationship Status –Education –Interested In –Age –Location –Language Click the options on the right side to choose who you want to target your post to. For example, when targeting by gender, Male is automatically selected. Click Male and select Female to target your post to women's news feeds instead. When you're done adding filters, click Post. As you add filters, the number of people your post is targeted to will update next to Targeted to:. The more filters you add, the fewer people you'll target. The minimum number of people you can target your post to is 20.

27 Add your club’s basic information that identifies it.

28 You may want to allow other Facebook friends to edit your page; i.e., people who can do more than just post on the page. Note the roles available: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator

29 Go to your Mobile settings page to manage how you communicate with your page from your mobile devices

30 “Like” your new page, and invite your friends to “like” it. This will allow your friends to keep current on your events

31 You can invite your Facebook friends to like your page from the Page Admin Panel

32 You can create events on your page, and invite your Facebook friends to them

33 You can post messages, photos, run polls, etc. from your page. Click ‘Home’ to get to your Newsfeed

34 It’s easy to add photos to your page

35 You can add a poll to solicit the opinions of your friends, club members, etc.

36 What people will see Poll & results are now visible on the Page’s Newsfeed Holding your mouse over each option reveals the number of votes for that option

37 What Search Engines will see Your Page’s “About” information

38 Use your brand for your Facebook page name - Oct 13, 2009 at 11:57am ET by Greg FinnGreg Finn When naming your Facebook page, you only have one shot at giving it a “name.” This is what shows up as the title of the page and is created when first setting a page up. This is currently the largest indicator for Facebook search and is make or break for your page being found.Facebook page While it might seem simple that you would choose your brand name, it is not always cut and dry. While something like GyroDistrict1 would work for Twitter, you would rather have “Gyro District One” for being found in Facebook search in order for maximum visibility.

39 Build your following This means solicit many “Likes” for your page. If the Facebook page name is top criteria for being found in Facebook search, the fan count is second place. At SMX East in the Facebook Marketing Panel, Marty Weintraub really stressed this fact and couldn’t emphasize enough how important fan numbers (or group or application numbers) were for being found in the Facebook search results pages. If you have the same name as other pages (which is a common occurrence), the page with more followers should show up first.SMX EastFacebook Marketing PanelMarty Weintraub

40 Create fresh content regularly Wall posts, events and “posts by everyone” can now be displayed in Facebook Search. By creating regularly updated content, you will significantly increase your chances for being shown. Simple wall posts with branded keywords or branded events will give you extra visibility in the new real time Facebook Search.Facebook Search For example, if you want your page to appear in Google search results for people in Southwest Florida searching for social organizations, then post status updates using those “keywords”. An example of such a post might be “Hello snowbirds, we are a social organization in Southwest FL offering winter events such as golf, BBQ, etc.” You can repost the same words, organized differently, on a regular basis, to keep your content fresh.

41 Use the Gyro webpage(s) Post status updates on your Facebook Page that link to your club’s, District’s, or any public page at is as simple as copying the URL (the web address at the top of your browser) and pasting it in your post. If you are the webmaster for your Club or District page, you can link to your Facebook Page using publicly available “Facebook code”, and pasting it in your webpage html. An example is available at Although this is a bit of a secondary tactic, providing a link from your homepage to your Facebook page should help to get your Facebook page ranking for branded terms. Think of it as proactive reputation management for your brand. Getting people to your page via Google, Yahoo! or Bing can really boost up those fans to your page thereby trickling down to those Facebook Search ranking factors.

42 Fill in all information about your brand/company This is the information found in the “About” page. Whether it be the information boxes, mission statements, website or descriptions these could be indicators down the road. While the information isn’t currently helping your pages show in Facebook results pages, it can also help those pages in external Search Engines as most page content is indexed. The more relevant the content, the better. While these sections might not play a role in internal Facebook ranking, there is evidence that it can help the ranking of groups. This could be applied to pages in the future.

43 Spend a little time optimizing your site for bing If you need one reason to pay attention to Bing, it could be for the sole fact that it displays the web results in Facebook Pages. You will always find those web results at the bottom of the Facebook Search, so spend a little time working your site for Bing and you could see a big payoff from the Facebook search platform. Bing These tips should help your visibility in Facebook search and help to take your fan page to new heights!

44 Two settings to avoid

45 Potential of a page 69 people like this page, they have 8476 friends. 65 people visited this page. If they all posted something, it could be seen by 8476 people!

46 Likes: The total number of unique people who have “liked” your page.

47 Reach: The number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your page during the time period.

48 Organic Reach: the number of people who have seen your page content on their own timeline, or who have visited the page. Viral Reach: the number of people who have seen your page content via someone else’s timeline, but have not visited the page. Total Reach = Organic Reach + Viral Reach.

49 Questions? Creating a user account Creating a Facebook Page Managing Permissions Optimizing your page for Search engines Other

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