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Independent Learning Taking responsibility for your own learning

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1 Independent Learning Taking responsibility for your own learning
Research skills Feedback Study skills Computer skills Learning resources Learning outcomes Self and peer assessment Time management

2 Motivated to learn Being responsible for your own learning
You set challenging but attainable goals You deal with procrastination

3 Manage your own time You actively identify what is important to you in your studies You balance your studies and social life. You use your time effectively and know where resources are. You understand how you learn best.

4 Reflect on your own learning
You develop your ability to reflect on your progress. You record how you are developing a wide range of skills. You know what feedback you need from tutors and peers and how to use it.

5 What sort of learner are you?
Your Learning Dependent Learner Independent Learner Motivation to learn You predominantly respond to the pressures of the system through deadlines, penalties and marks You respond to the external pressures, but you are also seeking personal satisfaction and want to learn as much as you can What you learn The content and resources are determined by your tutors Although your tutors give guidance on resources you need, you happily seek out your own resources Managing your own learning You follow your tutors’ instructions to the letter, and do not go beyond it. You are keen to develop personal strategies for learning Reflection on your learning You find little opportunity in your studies to do this, and you may not be encouraged to do it either. You are keen to reflect on what and how you learn.

6 Understanding your learning style
Useful web sites to check your present Learning style:-

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