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Overview of the Course Psych 241 Methods of Inquiry in Psychology.

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1 Overview of the Course Psych 241 Methods of Inquiry in Psychology

2 The Syllabus Name: Dr. Kohler, Professor Kohler, Libbie, but NOT Ma’am! Contact Information and Office Time Course website/Moodle and Texts Exams, Grades (199 lecture/301 lab=500), SONA Disclaimers: Talk too fast, “wobbly” (Rorschach) spelling, Microphone

3 Lecture Overview: Section 1 How do we ask questions? How do our choices along the way change and affect our answers? The basics of “true experimental design”. How to assess research for “fatal flaws”

4 Lecture Overview: Section 2 The Three Steps of the “Data Analysis Plan” Traditional Null Hypothesis Significance Testing (NHST) Applied and Theoretical Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

5 Lecture Overview: section 3 Non-experimental (Correlational) Designs Survey/Questionnaire Observational Single-case/small-n Quasi-experimental Ethics in Research

6 Overview of Labs Project 1: The Stroop Effect, deriving hypotheses and writing APA-style papers. Project 2: Survey/Questionnaire designs, 1- way ANOVA. Performing a literature review. Project 3: Jury Simulation, Working independently, ethics/proposals, factorial design,s and 2-way ANOVA.

7 Course Goal: To help students become effective consumers of research and/or researchers themselves.

8 Evaluating Researcher as a Consumer Source- reliable? Peer-reviewed? Underlying purpose- sponsoring agencies, vested interests, money Methodology- unbiased, appropriate, & ethical? Results- how were data summarized, analyzed? Appropriate? Conclusions-Were conclusions appropriate? Over-generalized?

9 Qualities of a “good” researcher/consumer of research “Child-Like” Skepticism: question everything! Curiosity: a “questioning” nature, a drive to understand and explore. Open-minded: think “outside the box”. Believe the improbable might be true. Ethical: seek/search for “truth” without influence of money or social status Methodical/logical/organized (a little OCD helps!)

10 Tadpole Tales: The story of a young researcher

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