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Info & Commentary Program

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0 中文台 English Version July, 2013

1 Info & Commentary Program
Phoenix InfoNews Programming 2013 News Program Finance Program Info & Commentary Program Good Morning China Morning Financial News Today’s Headlines Phoenix Afternoon Express Noontime Financial News Global News Live News on the Hour Phoenix Focus The Asian Journal Weather Forecast Phoenix Midnight News Update Phoenix Midnight Finance Express Breaking News Live Focus Weekend Morning News News Zone The World This Week Weekend Midnight Express Press Conference China Financial Intelligence Stock Market Express Financial Journal Elite Converge Weekend Hot Talk Global Online Media Assembly Mainland Q & A China News Live Hong Kong Viewpoint Chief Editor’s Time Taiwan Weekly Focus News Talk Phoenix Info Billboard Showbiz Report Current Affairs Debate Approaches To Politics & Business News Bulletin

2 News Program Good Morning China 《鳳凰早班車》 Morning Financial News 《晨早財經》
(Broadcast in Good Morning China) Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan, Ada Lau Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan, Ada Lau A refreshing reportage to get audience a good start of the day, Good Morning China offers the latest news from major wire services such as Reuters, Associated Press, Sky News, NHK, EETV and FOX etc. Enjoy a hearty breakfast with a nice serving of the day's headlines, financial updates and weather forecast. Reports cover financial news, including the previous night’s closing on SE Asian stock markets and early reports on European exchanges, daily headlines from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan newspapers, and world weather forecasts. Whether it be US’s Dow Jones, various European market indexes, UK’s FTSE or the Asian stock markets, none of the overnight market movements will be lost to you with Morning Financial News. Morning Financial News prepares for viewers the first thing in the morning the latest situation and detailed analysis of the US and European markets, as well as insightful forecasts of Asian markets ahead of their opening. Expert opinions are collected through authoritative reportage.

3 News Program Today’s Headlines 《今日頭條》 Phoenix Afternoon Express
(Broadcast in Good Morning China) Phoenix Afternoon Express 《鳳凰午間特快》 Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan, Ada Lau Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan, Chiang Sheng Yang, An Dong Today’s Headline brings viewers the most recently updated international news headlines from major international wire services and newspapers, giving an overview of world news early in the morning. Over the years, Phoenix has been the first in breaking world-shaking news, reporting latest headlines that set the pace for Chinese television worldwide, as well as creating a brand of gold, a mark of style and a collection of award-winners. News is always the core competitiveness of Phoenix’s success and powerful impact. For irrepressible news lovers, Phoenix Chinese Channel presents Phoenix Afternoon Express just after noon. Presenting the most updated international and financial news breaking before lunch, viewers can tune in to stay informed about events happening around the world.

4 News Program Noontime Financial News《午間財經》 Global News Live《環球直播室》
(Broadcast in Phoenix Afternoon Express) Global News Live《環球直播室》 Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan, Chiang Sheng Yang, An Dong Presenter : Jason Chien, Ren Ren Noontime Financial News is a program that reports in-depth half-day report on regional Asian stock market performances. The show also provides the latest developments in the European and US markets including the Dow Jones index, major European indexes as well as the UK Financial Times index. Time is as precious as money, which is why viewers with countless demands on their times cannot afford to miss Noontime Financial News. The Program organises the vast amount of information and reminds viewers of the most important issues as soon as they happen so that viewers can get going ahead of the others. Phoenix has always strived to become the first Chinese media for breaking news and authoritative reportage. For this worldwide live broadcast is crucial to crystalising our mission. Phoenix reporting bureaux are in round-the-clock operation to pull out Global News Live. From Israel, Taiwan, to Kosovo, Dubai, Pakistan and Türkmenistan, Phoenix superb team of reporters has never failed to probe into the hot case even it is at the farthest corner of the globe. Phoenix teams of professionals will push the envelope to cover more news for you from Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, Beijing to Tehran, Paris, London, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

5 News Program Phoenix Focus 《鳳凰焦點新聞》 News on the Hour《鳳凰正點播報》
Phoenix Focus is a live daily news program featuring coverage of current affairs, finance, social issues, culture, entertainment and sports. Anchored by professional presenters, Phoenix Focus provides in-depth reviews and thorough reports on daily events Phoenix InfoNews provides a comprehensive range of news information and current affairs programs presented by the best anchors and journalists from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Featuring both hard and soft news, the program is a must for those who want to keep ahead of the days’ events. News on the Hour《鳳凰正點播報》 Presenter : Shannon Liu, Yang Shu, Ren Ren, Yang Juan, Chiang Sheng Yang, Ma Bin, Wan Jun, Li Ke Fu Aired 14 times a day, 7 days a week, News on the Hour provides coverage of news and current affairs from around the world, concise, speedy and accurate keeps viewers informed of the latest breaking news each hour. Acknowledged widely as the “Bridge” among Chinese all over the world, Phoenix presenters possess impressive educational qualifications, language skills, the ability to analyse situations and quick to respond, helping them to build a bond of confidence with the audience.

6 The Asian Journal 《時事直通車》
News Program Weather Forecast 《鳳凰氣象站》 The Asian Journal 《時事直通車》 Presenter : Sally Wu, Lu Chen, Jason Chien, Avon Hsieh, Ren Ren Presenter : Wang Qing This heavy-weight Phoenix reportage commands respect and acclaim from our inquisitive audience. An in-depth coverage of the latest social, economical, cultural and sports news from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, The Asian Journal is the flagship daily news report that also features headlines from around the world. Viewers can decide whether to open umbrellas or put on sun-shades for sure, with the Weather Forecast, Phoenix goes the extra mile to collect data from observatories worldwide so that predictions and reports on weather conditions in different countries are as accurate as possible. Phoenix’s engaging young presenter tracks weather movements and forecasts upcoming conditions in her upbeat, lively presentation coupled with music, folklore and traditional wisdom pertaining to different weather conditions in various times of the year, making Weather Forecast a true delight regardless of rain or shine. With objective reporting and in-depth news analysis, The Asian Journal is a popular news program in China with different segments including “Headlines”, “Top Stories”, “Comments”. ‘World Reports’ and “News in Brief” cover major news from around the world. Meanwhile, “Cross Taiwan Straits” and “Inside Hong Kong and Macau” carry news on Greater China, plus “Science and Technology”, “Glamours”, “Sports Focus” and “Money Line”.

7 News Program Phoenix Midnight News Update 《鳳凰子夜快車》
Presenter : Jade Lin, Shannon Liu, Echo Huang Catering to a niche late-night audience, Phoenix Midnight News Update is a current affairs program airing at midnight that brings people news from Greater China and around the world. The program is often the first to report breaking news from Europe, America and the Middle East. The program has always been swiftest in its response to major world events, showing how Phoenix is the premier Mandarin-speaking news network. Phoenix Midnight Finance Express 《鳳凰子夜財經》 (Broadcast in Phoenix Midnight News Update) Presenter : Jade Lin, Shannon Liu, Echo Huang Phoenix Midnight Finance Express is a live program that reports on daily global financial news and summaries the stock market trends around the world.

8 News Program Breaking News 《突發事件直播》
Tune in to Phoenix InfoNews and viewers can expect nothing less than the most updated breaking news on international, social or financial affairs. Our fast and accurate breaking news reports and instant summary have been compulsory viewing for those who would like to keep up-to-the-minute with the rapid-changing world. Breaking News and big headlines are put into wider perspectives with Phoenix’s professionalism. In 2011 and 2010, InfoNews Channel had live broadcast 199 and 230 hours. In 2013, we have broadcast 117 hours live as of 31 July.

9 News Program Live Focus 《焦點直播》
Live Focus connects Chinese worldwide to the hotspots through live broadcasts. Viewers can sit back in the comfort of their homes and watch world events as they unfold. Whether it is breaking news, world summits, election updates, or any kinds of momentous happenings, Phoenix’s worldwide news network and team of professional reporters posted across the globe will be on the spot to keep viewers abreast of the fast-moving situation instantly. Our seasoned commentators are also in the studio to guide viewers through each event with their well-informed and insightful opinions. Witness history in the making with Live Focus.

10 News Program News Zone《時事特區》 Weekend Morning News 《周末晨早播報》
The program puts audiences right to the spot of news through our experienced reporters stationed around the world. Audiences are able to witness the occurrence right there and then to follow its up-to-the-minute development. They are given experience that is far more exciting or shocking than that of an interpreted one. Phoenix’s outstanding features produced for this programme have received plenty of accolades at various international TV awards. For example, “Enhancing Rural Education in China” and “The Left behind Children in China” both received the Hugo Silver Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival 2013, while “The Secret Truth of Hogwash Oil” was honoured with Gold and Silver prizes at the Chicago festival in 2012 as well as the New York Festivals 2013. Presenter : Jade Lin, Echo Huang Weekend Morning News keeps viewers abreast of events from around the world. Every Saturday and Sunday, this news program puts viewers in touch with Greater China and the world. Phoenix is dedicated to giving a Chinese perspective on the ever-changing world of news. It is definitely a distinguished voice and a brand new angle to the world, helping audience digest news with all its impact and implications to Chinese worldwide.

11 Weekend Midnight Express 《周末子夜播報》
News Program Weekend Midnight Express 《周末子夜播報》 The World This Week 《周末正午播報》 Presenter : Shannon Liu, Echo Huang, Jade Lin Presenter : Shannon Liu, Echo Huang, Jade Lin, Wan Jun, Li Ke Fu Every Saturday and Sunday The World this Week presents a 30-minute news report that keeps audiences updated on the weekend’s news events. It is the weekend version of Phoenix Afternoon Express. The professional team of journalists and editors of Phoenix are always ready and on the spot to guarantee viewers be fully informed. Amid full-fledged globalisation, information is most sought after by different social classes to make sure they are kept informed at all times. The rapidly growing Chinese middle class have enormous interest in international political and economic developments. For this, InfoNews Channel is dedicated to bringing viewers round-the-clock news in the most concise, accurate and timely way. The central spirit of Phoenix InfoNews is the accurate report of update news. Over the years, Phoenix is dedicated to providing a wide variety of information and updated news to people all across China. Presenting the most up-to-the-minute international and financial news breaking on weekend, viewers can tune in to Weekend Midnight Express to stay informed about events happening around the world.

12 News Program Press Conference《問答中國直播》
The mission of Phoenix InfoNews is to report news from a Chinese perspective, delivering balanced, unbiased and accurate reportage. Phoenix has established a comprehensive network of news bureaux across the three continents in the major cities of the world. The worldwide network empowers Phoenix to have an instant live program like this to bring viewers to the hot spots. Press Conference covers live broadcast of weekly press conference held by State Council Information Office of the P.R.C., and the monthly press conference held by Taiwan Affairs office of the State Council P.R.C. As always, Phoenix is dedicated to providing a wide variety of information and updated news to people across China as well as Chinese speaking communities around the world.

13 Finance Program China Financial Intelligence 《中國深度財經》
Presenter: Zhang Tong China Financial Intelligence takes a weekly look from the vantage point of Shanghai at all aspects of the Chinese economy, allowing the world to learn more about the country and the city. The program addresses important economic issues, dissect money matters, examines crucial data and discusses influential factors such as banking, properties, commodities, funds, forex, gold trading and shipping. It helps viewers grapple with fluctuations in various markets, and spot the trend amidst diverse indicators to make wise decisions on their investments. Bankers, fund managers, economists and academics alike are invited to offer their opinions as they examine the state of the Chinese economy and diagnose whatever problems it is facing.

14 Finance Program Stock Market Express 《股市風向標》
Presenter : Jason Chien, Belle Chou Every trading day after the close of Hong Kong Stock Market, Stock Market Express zooms in on Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai stock markets, giving key financial information of what have happened during the day. More than just facts and figures, insightful market analysis is also available. Besides Greater China stock markets, this program also gives you quick access to the latest financial headlines and stock data across the major international markets.

15 Finance Program Financial Journal 《金石財經》 Presenter : Vie Tseng Chin I
Commentator: Shih Chi Ping, Zhu Wen Hui For those who want to keep on top of global economy, to turn seemingly profitable opportunities into solid gold, to minimize investment risk, Financial Journal is a must-watch program for viewers to keep updated about the market movement and anticipate future trends to make the right decisions. This program gives in-depth analysis and up-to-date financial news. Such information is essential to make wise decision in today’s volatile financial market. Coupled with the professionals from the field, renowned finance commentator Shih Chi Ping opines valuable insights from different angles on the day’s hottest topics. Vie Tseng is noted for her remarkable sensitivity in reporting, which is one of her winning fortes. Shih Chi Ping is a well-known political and financial commentator. He has been Chief Editor, researcher and frequent guest speaker in various political and financial forums. The essay of Mr. Shih is logical, well-thought out, well-organised and convincing. He is known for his knowledge and reasoning.

16 Finance Program Elite Converge 《財智菁英滙》
Presenter : Yang Shuang, Bai Yan Qin Tireless, perseverant, always one step ahead, they are the self-made achievers who grasp the pulse of the time, promoting positive values and social justice. They set the standard for those with a passion for excellence. Program Elite Converge presents interviews with entrepreneurs, offering insights on how they overcome the hurdles. Rich people are not necessarily the conscientious social elites. Only those social elites with integrity, great visions will lead the world by example. Such elites are the pillars of the society, they encourage creativity, build corporate empires, accumulate capital while at the same time they are conscious of their roles in environmental protection, social welfare and charity. Wisdom is the paramount theme of this program.

17 Weekend Hot Talk 《周末龍門陣》
Info & Commentary Program Weekend Hot Talk 《周末龍門陣》 Presenter : Guo Yan Phoenix InfoNews Channel presents its brand new talk show, Weekend Hot Talk. Discussion can be breezy and blithe, even when it is on serious international affairs and historical issues with current implications. Weekend Hot Talk is a salon of renowned academics, industry authorities and thought leaders. In a relaxed mood that recharges the mind, their intelligent chat engages the audience by teasing out entire networks of cause and effect behind every topic in question. Each weekly topic is selected from significant news stories both at home and abroad. Our guests, grasping major points of interest, elucidate the gist of the matter in simple terms. On top of issues concerning the US and Europe, more attention is given to Asia, including Sino-friendly countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Central Asia, besides emphasis on Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and some smaller states in Europe. The thought-provoking discussion criss-crosses boundaries of geography and history to reflect how we, as citizens of the global village, are all impacted by the “butterfly effect” that can be traced back to any single incident from any parts of the world. Inspiring and informative, far-ranging and multi-faceted, Weekend Hot Talk shows audience a full vision on the depth of each event from a global perspective.

18 Info & Commentary Program
Global Online 《天下被網羅》 Presenter : Chu Yu Ting, An Dong, Ada Lau, Coco Chen Shwu Woan Phoenix never fails to produce information-packed program to take the lead of the ever-changing cyber world with the audience. Phoenix strives to expand the boundary of the source of info and set the standard for a well-made news-cum-info program. From news headlines, unheard-of stories, wacky photos, heart-rending depictions to frontline adventures, hosts scan through major portal websites across the world, highlight cyber fun, pass on gimmick columns, snapshots, awe-inspiring clips and many more. This program is the answer to the overwhelming demands of the info-thirsty clans. The hosts pepper and command the program with witty observation and penetrating remarks. Global Online meant to capture all the interesting info on the net, striving to hook up with the viewers via Phoenix website at near real time, trying to be more appealing to stand out from the traditional mode of media.

19 Info & Commentary Program
Media Assembly 《媒體大攝滙》 Presenter : Ma Bin, Coco Chen Shwu Woan  According to statistics, there are over 60 satellite TV in China, not including those provincial and city TV stations. A colossal output of news and information are produced every day to satisfy the demands of the population.  They generate an enormous amount of riveting stories covering a wide variety of subjects with novel implication. Riding on information integration, Phoenix InfoNews Channel presents Media Assembly, the program gathers special social, domestic, funny technological news from all across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It feeds the audience with interesting human stories from the other side of our society. Ma Bin is a graduate of Boyin Department of Beijing Broadcasting Institute. He has a style of layman, the language of human, radiating no-nonsense and down-to-earth charisma, winning the hearts of the audience with his unique “people style”. Coco Chen is a high caliber reporter and presenter from Taiwan. Chen has a wealth of knowledge about Taiwan society. Her connections and her first hand experience in running for legislative body gave her an insider view of the complicated Taiwan political scene. Chen is also a versatile woman good at both music and sports.

20 Info & Commentary Program
Mainland Q & A 《問答神州》 Presenter : Sally Wu Sally Wu, Phoenix premier presenter, is scaling new heights to produce this tour-de-force program called Mainland Q & A to invite more high-profile leaders from China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong as our guests. Zero-distance from the heavyweights and top leaders is the draw of this program. It reveals striking details about the thoughts of the most influential decision-makers, telling viewers the pulse of the time. Since 2006, we are honored to interview as many as 6 Vice Chairpersons of National People's Congress, 5 Vice Chairmen of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference as well as many other high ranking officers from mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Important names that have appeared on the programme include Vice-chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Tung Chee-hwa; Hong Kong Chief Executive C.Y. Leung; Macau Chief Executive Fernando Chui; Director of State Administration of Cultural Heritage Shan Jixiang; President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Bai Chunli; Honorary Chairman of Taiwan’s Kuomintang Wu Po-hsiung; Taiwan’s SEF Chairman Lin Zhongsen; and Taiwan’s executive council minister Sun Ta-chuan. As one of the most recognizable TV hosts in China, Sally’s professionalism and pleasing style are much adored by the high-end audience in the Chinese community across the world. She was elected into the Standing Committee of All China Youth Federation in 2010, and was the Deputy Chairman of HK United Youth Association in 2011.

21 Info & Commentary Program
China News Live《華聞大直播》Presenter : Avon Hsieh, Shannon Liu, Yang Juan China News Live covers the hottest news of the day from Greater China and gives a complete picture of key issues including detailed background information and in-depth analysis of its impact from different perspectives. Hong Kong Viewpoint 《香港話你知》 It is all about the day’s top stories on politics, military, economy, culture, technology and society in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as international developments related to the region and the people. Phoenix news bureaux in the US, London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei file back credible stories to Phoenix Headquarters for this news-oriented program. Hong Kong Viewpoint is a rapid-paced program focusing on Hong Kong news, views, people and events. A spicy mix of interviews and on-the-street scenes, this magazine program never fails to amaze the viewers with life in Asia’s leading business and financial capital. Airing once a week, the show features the city’s hottest issues, the most interesting people and what makes them special.

22 Info & Commentary Program
Chief Editor’s Time 《總編輯時間》 Presenter : Oliver Lu, Lawrence Ho, Du Ping Living at the crossroads of globalization and diversified information sources, life is full of choices yet short of judgment. Chief Editor’s Time gives you the right bearing and the necessary senses to tread uphill. A summary of the day’s key events, Chief Editor’s Time also offers a profound look into their implications. Hosted by Phoenix’s commentator or chief editor, the programme talks you through major points in the headlines and forecasts trends in future. It is a rich program also backed by colourful tidbits, sidelines and melodies from the day including entertainment news, social observations and technology launch. Social highlights and miscellaneous stories add a dimension of fun. So please enjoy! Oliver Lu has been working in journalistic field in Beijing, Sydney, Hong Kong and Taipei for over 20 years, he has been a journalist, editor, producer and writer for major feature works. Lawrence Ho is an expert in international affairs specialized in Russia issues, cross straits and N.E. Asia. His distinct, direct and crystal clear comments are his hallmark style.

23 Info & Commentary Program
Taiwan Weekly Focus 《台灣一周重點》 Presenter : Huang Chia Teng, Peng Shi Ting News Talk 《新聞今日談》 Presenter : Liang Yin Commentator: Anthony Yuen Immerse yourself in critical debate and in-depth analysis from wise men. News Talk focuses on top political issues, economic headlines and current affairs. Also featured is live discussion on news stories. Through the expertise of our commentators, viewers are guided to an uncluttered perspective on what matters now. News through the critical eye, transparency guaranteed. Scholars enhance the program with their extensive knowledge and experience, treating the viewers to a detailed, incisive and informative news feature. Anthony Yuen is a popular columnist for Singapore’s ‘United Morning Post’, Hong Kong’s ‘Economic Journal’, New York’s ‘East Meets West Forum’ in the past years. He has authored best-selling books that are also critically acclaimed. Taiwan Weekly Focus, a timely production by Phoenix team of veteran journalists in Taiwan, aims to bring viewers the most updated topics in Taiwan of the week on politics, economy and social life. It is the indispensable thermometer to capture the hottest events happening, with in-depth features on people’s livelihood, unheard-of customs as well as political entanglements. Huang Chia Teng has been well trained in the leading Taiwan TV stations such as TNN TV, ETTV, CTS and CTI TV for over a decade. He is uncompromising in the pursuit of truth when he reported most of the major news events.

24 Info & Commentary Program
Showbiz Report《娛樂新聞報導》 Phoenix Info Billboard 《鳳凰資訊榜》 Presenter : Chu Yu Ting Presenter : Lany Tian, Wang Qing To know the up-to-date market trends, world news, chic ideas and technical innovations, this highly-condensed program presented by Chu Yu Ting with the joint efforts of numerous news-info agencies will give you the short cut to get the not-to-be-missed info for the day. The programme: When an entertainment show storms into Phoenix InfoNews Channel, viewers know at once the fun and joy they are in for. Phoenix is rolling out more heat by featuring the splashing heat in the showbiz world, the coolest celebrity seizing the headlines on newspapers and the most bewitching romance in the spotlight. The program provides the hottest information, side stories and reviews of movies and debuts, in addition to special features on the happy-go-crazy people in town. You just can’t afford to miss this entertainment extravaganza! talks about the box office movies, blockbusters on the chart and the latest showbiz news; reviews best-selling books, magazines; shows you the hottest phrases and people on the world wide web; presents the chicest and sleekest electronic gadgets; discovers the most sought-after trendy items and vogue for pleasure.

25 Info & Commentary Program
Current Affairs Debate《時事辯論會》 Presenter: Cheng He Lin, Huang Hai Bo, Liu Qing Dong An electrifying platform where minds meet and diverse, Current Affairs Debate draws insightful views and ideas on latest news stories from the host and participants. Audience can join in the live debate by casting votes for the side they support through s, text messages and fax. Well-known commentators from China, Hong Kong and overseas are invited to participate, providing viewers an in-depth understanding regarding issues at hand through unparalleled perspectives. Fast and fierce repartees between the hosts and the guests come into light in each episode, bringing into focus the viewpoints of the particular issue.

26 Info & Commentary Program
Approaches to Politics & Business《大政商道》 Presenter : Bai Yan Qin Market are not made of numbers. They are made of passions and partnership, vision and decisions, dreams and actions. It is the people who made the market bigger. It is the competent people who made the market stronger and better. Approaches To Politics & Business redefines the possible, showing us how something impossible for some, it could be possible for those with a clear objective and determination. Let’s find out how the doors are opened for the entrepreneurs. Resourceful, mature, independent, Bai Yan Qin comes from Shaanxi, she once scored the highest esteem as one of the China Top Ten Presenters. She has a sharp eye for facts and figures, and a judgment of the right decision made by the high-flyers. She always asks the million-dollar questions for the audience.

27 Info & Commentary Program
News Bulletin《新聞看板》 The emergence of tablet computer or tablet PC has changed the way we live. Tablets are now everywhere, on roads, in the meeting and in the sky! The tablet is also rolled out on InfoNews Channel with similar outlook. In 90 seconds, eight to ten pieces of news of the day are delivered with vivid images, captivating and arresting footage. It tells you the stories with impressions. This smart bulletin is trendy and back-to-basic. It incorporates news with your daily viewing. Images are stronger than words, it sets your imagination off and makes you wonder the rationale behind.

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