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SEX DETERMINATION from these studies concluded that genes are on chromosomes and specialized chromosomes determine sex.

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1 SEX DETERMINATION from these studies concluded that genes are on chromosomes and specialized chromosomes determine sex

2 Modes of Sex Determination XX/XY (ZZ/ZW) (Lygaeus) - heteromorphic sex chromosomes XX/XO (Protenor)

3 heteromorphic chromosomes - a chromosome pair with some homology, but differing in size, shape or staining properties heterogametic sex (e.g. XY OR ZW) - the sex with different sex chromosomes; the gametes have different sex chromosomes …..the opposite of homogametic sex

4 Human Males have Heteromorphic Sex Chromosomes

5 XY Method of Sex Determination XY method common in higher organisms Y-chromosome evolved to give X a pairing partner A = autosome, any non sex-chromosome Y X Y XY XX X A X

6 Sex Determination in Humans (X) XXXXXYXOYO Primary non- disjunction

7 Aneuploid Offspring XXX -- Trisomy-X XXY -- Klinefelter XO -- Turner YO -- Dies aneuploidy involving the sex chromosomes is much better tolerated than autosomal aneuploidy

8 XXX Syndrome 47, XXX female (also see XXXX and XXXXX) 1/1200 female live births Variable phenotype, frequently appear normal, sterile, may show mental retardation. Under-developed secondary sex characteristics

9 Klinefelter Syndrome 47, XXY male (XXXY, XXXXY, XXYY) 1/500 male live births Male genitalia, testes undeveloped, fail to produce sperm Female secondary-sex characteristics

10 Turner Syndrome 45, XO female 1/2000 female live births Ovaries rudimentary, sterile Short stature, shield-like chest, webbed neck Normal intelligence Many XO fetuses miscarry

11 XYY Condition 47, XYY male 1/1000 male live births Above-average height, 2% in maximum security prisons are XYY, personality disorders, subnormal intelligence Fertile Most XYY males socially normal

12 Human Sex-Determination Mechanism XYXO XXYXX XYYXXX XXYYXXXX XXXYXXXXX XXXXY Presence of Y is male-determining Lack of Y is female-determining Y produces testis-determining factor (TDF) CONCLUSION:

13 crossing over between X and Y during meiosis occurs in pseudoautosomal region (PAR) ……necessary for normal disjunction PAR homologous to region of X-chromosome non-recombining region of Y (NRY) unique to Y chromosome human Y chromosome contains gene SRY (sex-determining region Y) which makes TDF XY females deleted for SRY region are observed and XX males with TDF gene translocated to X chromosome

14 hemizygous gene a gene present in only one copy in a diploid organism e.g. any gene on the X or Y (NRY) chromosome in human males

15 Primary and Secondary Sex-Ratio Y sperm more able to fertilize egg, or, better survival in reproductive tract Y lacks most genes on X, any subvital/ lethal genes uncovered in hemizygous males, higher lethality Explanation for primary sex-ratio: Primary1:1.20 - 1.60 Secondary1:1.025 - 1.15 Maturity1:1 Old Age1:<1

16 Autosomal genes are inherited in equal frequencies by both sexes Aa x Aa 1AA : 2Aa : 1aa (if allele a is recessive equal numbers of females and males should be affected)

17 Y-Chromosome Linkage in Man Holandric Inheritance Hairy Pinna Y always inherited father to son Gene found only on Y-chromosome

18 Inheritance of Sex (X)-Linked Traits Color Blindness cc CY CC cY Cc cY Cc Cc or CC cY = = colorblind Color-blindness is a sex-linked recessive trait trait more common in males because of hemizygosity

19 Dosage Compensation in Mammals Observation -- Trisomys- XXX, nearly normal XXXY looks fairly normal 21/21/21Downs quite abnormal 13/13/13Severely affected Why can individuals tolerate additional X-chromosomes but not additional autosomes? How is X-chromosome gene expression controlled?

20 Dosage Compensation Background 1. Barr (1949) -- Observed chromatin bodies in the nerve cells of female cats. Somatic cells only. 2. Ohno -- Proposed Barr body is X-chromosome 3. The # of chromatin bodies is one less than the # of X-chromosomes. Restricted to somatic cells. Interphase X-chromosome inactivation in mammals Cells of XXX = XXXX = XY = XXY =

21 Dosage Compensation Explained 1. The chromatin body is an X-chromosome 2. One X-chromosome is inactivated - visible as a differentially stained Barr body during interphase. Genes inactivated. 3. The inactive X can be either maternal or paternal in origin. 4. Inactive X-chromosome is late-replicating. It lags on the metaphase plate during mitosis. 5. X-inactivation in humans begins about 16 days into development. 6. Once an X-chromosome becomes inactive it will always be inactive in all cells derived from that cell. Lyon Hypothesis (1962) (English Mouse Geneticist)

22 mosaic / chimera - an individual composed of two or more genetically different cell types

23 Dosage Compensation (cont.) B b B b B B B B B B b bb b b b

24 Dosage Compensation Example Calico Cat BlackBBBY CalicoBb---- YellowbbbY Exception: XXY Klinefelter male calico cat

25 Bridges Sex-Balance Theory Drosophila melanogaster XWXW X+X+ Y X W X + X W Y a) Crossed X W X W (x) X + Y The white eye gene in Drosophila was the first gene to be located on a chromosome. Exceptional offspring occurred at low frequency 1. White 2. Wild type(sterile) Wild Type White (red eye) } Primary Exceptions

26 Hypothesis X W X W (x) X + Y[Primary non-disjunction] X W X+X+ Y X W X W X + X + OX W X W YOY Metafemale dies Sterile Dies Fertile

27 Chromosomes of Drosophila X X II III IV centromere X & Y = Sex-chromosomesAutosomes = XXAA II + III + IV = XYAA = 1 Set Autosomes (A) Autosome = any chromosome that is not a sex-chromosome

28 Mutation of a third chromosome gene, C3G, leads to a high degree of non-disjunction. Non-disjunction shown for X-chromosome and complete sets of autosomes. XXXAAA(X)XYAA Chromosome Segregation during Meiosis X XX A AA X XX XA XXAA XAA XXA

29 XXAA XYAA (Triploid ) XXXAAA (Intersex) XXYAAA (Intersex) XXAAA (Meta ) XYAAA (Meta ) XXXAA XXYAA XA YA CONCLUSIONS: Female and male determining factors on X-chromosome and autosomes Y-chromosome carries male fertility genes X:A ratio determines sex XA XXAA XAA XXA

30 XXAA=2/2=1= XYAA=1/2=.5= XXXAAA=3/3=1= XXXAA=3/2=1.5= Meta XYAAA=1/3=.33= Meta XXYAA=2/2=1= XXAAA=2/3=.67= Intersex XXYAAA=2/3=.67= Intersex.5.67 1 Intersex

31 External Environment and Sex Determination 1. andhave same chromosomes. 2. If young worm is raised from an isolated larva it becomes a female. 3. Drop larva in water with females. If larva comes in contact with female then larva turns into male and eventually migrates to female reproductive tract. 4. Possibly a hormone is secreted from the proboscis of female to initiate male sexual differentiation. Bonellia Worm -- Marine Worm

32 Sex Determination in Turtles all males at 25 o C all females at 30.5 o C

33 Sex Determination in Alligators and Crocodiles Alligators: all females at 31 o C; all males at 33 o C; all females at 35 o C temperature affects levels of male and female sex hormones

34 Solving Pedigrees 5 basic types- autosomal recessive - autosomal dominant - sex-linked recessive - sex-linked dominant - Hollandric inheritance 1. Recessive characters often skip generations 2. Dominant characters are usually observed in every generation. 3. Autosomal characters are inherited equally by females and males. 4. Recessive sex-linked characters are inherited at a much higher frequency by males. 5. Y-linked characters are only inherited by males.

35 Hints: - when determining inheritance of a rare mutation - if an individual marries into the family assume that the individual is homozygous for the wild-type allele (non-disease allele) unless there is evidence suggesting otherwise - dominant mutations are usually lethal when homozygous; assume that individuals carrying dominant mutations are heterozygotes - when determining the mode of inheritance in a pedigree be sure to rule out other possibilities

36 Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy : X - linked dominant inheritance

37 Rare autosomal recessive kidney disease What is the probability that individuals 1 and 2 will have an affected child?

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