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IPC - International Patent Classification Other Classification Systems.

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1 IPC - International Patent Classification Other Classification Systems

2 Other classification systems  Larger offices maintain proprietary classification systems: ECLA - European Classification (EPO) –based on IPC; English only USPC – United States Patent Classification (USPTO) –different philosophy; English only F / FI terms – Japanese Classification Systems (JPO) –FI based on IPC; Japanese, English DEKLA – German Classification System (GPTO) –based on IPC, German only  Harmonization of ECLA, USPC, FI by IP5 Offices > to be included in new IPC versions.

3 ECLA  Internal classification of the EPO  Based on the IPC, but more detailed: 134.000 entries  Applied by EPO examiners to EP documents (obligatory) and PCT minimum documents (discretionary) > the IPC part of the ECLA of non EP docs may be different than IPC given by national IPO because the EP examiner may have a different opinion than the publishing office  Searching with the use of ECLA codes is possible on Espacenet  Access:  Brochure:

4 ECLA on esp@cenet

5 ECLA and IPC ECLA = latest IPC edition + EPO subdivisions + EPO text additions in IPC groups Exceptions IPC groups / amendments not (yet) introduced (lack of time or not good) IPC of former or future editions

6 Subdividing letters & hierarchy G02B5/00 Optical elements other than lenses G02B5/30. Polarising elements G02B5/30F.. [N: comprising dielectric particles] G02B5/30L.. [N: involving liquid crystal elements] G02B5/30P.. [N: Polarisers] G02B5/30P1... [N: in the form of a thin sheet or foil] G02B5/30P1S.... [N: comprising multiple thin layers] G02B5/30P1S1..... [N: including organic materials] Rules: Alphabetic order Letter – digit – letter - …. 1 dot more = 1 letter/digit more Examiners choice: Selection of letter Deep subdivision

7 Symbol structure & presentation A47G HOUSEHOLD OR TABLE EQUIPMENT (book-ends A47B5/00; knives B26B) 21/00 Table-ware (crumb trays A47L13/52; table knives B26B) 21/18. Drinking straws or the like ([N: as integral parts of drinking containers A47G19/22B12]; for therapeutic purposes A61J15/00; [N: adapted to emerge from drinking containers when opened B65D77/28C]) [C9804] 21/18B.. [N: combined with cutlery or other eating utensils] [N9409][C9701] [N: ] = “Non-official“ [N9409 ] = New = introduction date: September 1994 [C9701 ] = Changed : January 1997

8 ECLA "WARNINGS" A WARNING is introduced locally in the ECLA scheme for signalling deviations from IPC, or incompleteness:  IPC groups not used in ECLA e.g. see Warning after G01NG01N  Deleted / transferred ECLA groups e.g. see Warning after H01FH01F  Reclassification in progress e.g. see Warning after B01D, G01N27/00G01N27/00 A NOTE can be used to signal use of special databases in the field  e.g. see Note after B32BB32B  a Note is used instead of a Warning, because it does not impact on the completeness of groups

9 Use in esp@cenet

10 Results in esp@cenet IPC ECLA

11 USPC United States Patent Classification  160.000 groups  Not based on the IPC  Regular revision  Obligatory reclassification after revision  Applied only to US documents  Corresponding IPC of US documents via concordance list: sometimes of poor quality; better use ECLA on Espacenet, or IPC in ICP field of Depatisnet because they are given by EP or DE examiners. >

12 USPC - example

13 Japanese FI (File Index)  190.000 groups  IPC-based  Regularly revised (once or twice / year)  Obligatory reclassification after revision  Only applied to JP documents  IPC via concordance list  URL:

14 Japanese F - terms  350.000 codes  Very detailed indexation, supplementary to FI  Independent from the IPC  Revision with reclassification (once a year)  Only applied to JP documents  No concordance to the IPC

15 German DEKLA  Internal classification of the GPTO  About 100.000 groups  Based on the IPC, but more detailed; mostly only one additional level of hierarchy  Mostly available only in German language  Applied by German examiners to German and other patent documents  Searching with the use of DECLA codes is possible on DEPATISNET  Access via Depatisnet (click on IPC tab; tick DEKLA box)

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