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MEDIAKIT 2002. Company Overview Mission: To transform rich media through enabling technology that energizes both corporate and personal Internet use.

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2 Company Overview Mission: To transform rich media through enabling technology that energizes both corporate and personal Internet use. In 1999 TvTaxi was created to capitalize on its strengths and experience in bringing video, graphics and animation to the Internet – to place us at the forefront of the new era of rich media on the web. Our energies were turned towards innovation… In 2000 we announced several new technologies for the Internet: MatrixPlayer, VideoGreetingCard and VideoBannerAd. In 2001, we continued developing Internet technologies with MatrixTracker, MatrixMailer, HTMLjam, MatrixEducator and PulpCHAT. As 2002 begins, we see more possibilities than ever to help our customers leverage the opportunities of the Internet.

3 TvTaxi was once called the Computer Room. Certainly the Computer Room was descriptive but it was not enough to communicate our role in the migration of video and rich media online. We were looking for a name that would convey our new paradigm. Founded by Brett Cramer in 1981, The Computer Room specialized in non-linear video editing systems, graphics, animation and web servers. Over the past twenty years the Computer Room represented such companies as Silicon Graphics (SGI), Intergraph, Softimage, Alias, Avid, Microsoft, Matrox and Discreet Logic amongst others. By providing quality products with exceptional service Computer Room was a leading supplier of custom computer solutions in South Florida. Computer Room won numerous industry awards for top sales and service. Customers came from all over the United States and South America for product and advice that they could be confident with. These customers have become, colleagues and friends over the years and continue to seek out our services. In 1999 we formed TvTaxi, a digital agency pooling our strengths and experience in video, graphics, animation and Internet to be at the forefront of the technology wave. By 2000 TvTaxis investment in people and infrastructure paid off with the development of MatrixPlayer, and VideoBannerAd. In 2001, we continued the trend with development of the MatrixTracker, MatrixEducator, MatrixMailer, HTMLjam and PULPchat. As 2002 begins, we see more possibilities than ever to help our customers leverage the opportunities of the Internet.. THE NEXT PHASE: TvTaxi

4 Brett Cramer is a self-made computer prodigy. Having grown up in the computer industry, Brett founded Y-Not Computer Products, Inc. in 1981, specializing in the sale of Atari & Commodore Amiga computers. He quickly emerged as an entrepreneur within the VAR community of the computer- retailing sector. Through the years his company grew and successfully evolved into Computer Room a store specializing in and becoming Floridas premier reseller of visual computing systems in video, graphics and animation systems, hardware, software & support. The Computer Room represented a number of products and was awarded many top dealer accolades by Autodesk, Silicon Graphics, Alias/Wavefront, Softimage, Microsoft and Intel. Many of those relationships continue to foster a collaborative effort and provide support in Bretts current endeavors. During this time, Brett also worked with Mutual General Studios and Silhouette Films as an Executive Producer for several full-length feature films as well as other shorts. This is where Brett gained his education in editing, production and project management. Applying these skills has given the Computer Room another step into the future. The result is TvTaxi. Bretts insightfulness and vision of how the Internet can be entertaining as well as informative fueled the concept of the MatrixPlayer. Brett has earned a reputation as an exceptional composite editor and expressive trainer and spokesperson for highly technical products. He has been on the panel of various prestigious organizations such as The Securities Industry Association (SIA), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the DV Expo where he has been both a guest speaker and panelist. Bretts vision, technical knowledge, and leadership skills propel TvTaxi to the Industry forefront. Brett Cramer Chief Executive Officer

5 Dan Beyer is a 20-year veteran of Video & Multi-Media Production. Dan has teamed up with both Long Island Cablevision and HBO in New York where he had the opportunity to be the Technical Director for the Mohammed Ali verses Antonio Inoki fight live from Japan. Dan then made the transition into corporate communications with Caribiner, Inc., then the world s largest Multi-Media production & staging organization. After spending several years with Caribiner and a decade with concerns such as Imax Productions, G&T Harris, Inc and Stage Struck Projection Service, Dan moved to South Florida where he became the On-Air Broadcast Operations Manager for the Caribbean Satellite Network and later Production Manager for Virtual Studios. Dan has worked on projects as diverse as an interactive exhibit, featuring a video wall in the lobby of WR Grace s Boca Raton headquarters, International tours of Multi-Media shows for product introductions, sports television programming and other varied types of presentations for both public and private audiences. Dan joined TvTaxi in the fall of 1999, and has since focused his experience and knowledge to customer development, project implementation and corporate communications. Dan Beyer Chief Marketing Officer

6 Robert Giordano thrives on a constant balancing act of art and technology. His beginnings as a Programming Architect at a very young age influenced his initial decision to become an Engineer. However, the art of photography also appealed to him. Frustrated by the lack of creative opportunities in Engineering, Robert switched his major to Art and pursued a career as a photographer. Rob s technical experience gained him the position as Photographer and Digital Editor with the Boca Raton News, then owned by Knight-Ridder. The emergence of advanced computer technology and the Internet enticed Robert to begin developing again. For E-Soft, Inc., he developed a custom encryption algorithm as well as Scenario, a software application for writing screenplays. Robert also worked for other web design companies before finally joining TvTaxi in 1999. Robert and Brett took the concept of the MatrixPlayer, molded and expanded on its capabilities to reach its current state. Robert, as the key author of the code, continues to improve and create other forms that fill out the MatrixPlayer Suite. The merging of Art and Technology results in simpler and more elegant products and user interfaces. Robert Giordano Chief Creative Officer

7 Daniel Meyer brings his 22 years of experience in the IT industry in application development, Internet development, network administration, and computer technology to TvTaxi. After serving his country in the Navy, Daniel began working in mainframe computer operations transitioning into the PC industry as a computer technician for CitiCorp. Daniel furthered his computer knowledge by becoming a Network Administrator and Certified Novell Engineer. He continued to excel in the corporate sector working with Chase Manhattan Bank, American Express Latin America, Florida Power and Light, PNV.NET and The highlight during this time for him was the opportunity to work on Microsoft and IBMs collaboration for their OS/2 platform. Dan joined TvTaxi in 2001 as the lead database developer, to work on the creation of the MatrixTracker and MatrixMailer as well as custom designed database applications to suit our clients needs. Daniel Meyer Lead Database Developer

8 Awards



11 The MatrixPlayer








19 Interactive Media


21 MatrixTracker and MatrixMailer First integrated e-mail to website user tracking system.

22 MatrixTracker The MatrixTracker is a customizable real-time and on-demand tracking system designed to track user activity on a website. MatrixTracker gives you the ability to track any user at any time. MatrixTracker Stats is a real-time analysis tool monitoring user activity on a page, group of pages, or the entire web site. Useful information for testing, tracking and profiling is at your fingertips. MatrixTracker gives you the ability to track user name, IP address, browser, operating system, session duration, pages viewed and in what order. This real-time user location information enables customer service and navigational guidance.

23 MatrixMailer MatrixMailer Campaign Manager will manage an entire e-mail campaign from list importing to coupon redemption. The MatrixMailer system allows you to e-mail a user, watch them open it and track their activity on the Hot Site. MatrixMailer allows you to customize the Hot Site for each user, including name, address customer number and so on. This is very useful for an online coupon that you want them to print with all their information already filled in. MatrixMailer WhosOn interactive interface allows tracking of any user around your Hot Site. MatrixMailer WhosOn displays in real time, user location, where they went and where they did not go. With real-time feedback you can tweak your Hot Site in a testing phase before launching the full campaign. MatrixMailer WhosOn will also inform you when recipients print a custom coupon. MatrixMailer Stats is a customizable feedback system allowing you to datamine the SQL database for any type of user metrics you may require.

24 MatrixServer complete turnkey e-mail marketing solution. TvTaxi provides all the hardware and software to manage marketing campaigns System Includes: MatrixMailer –Campaign Manager –List Manager MatrixTracker –WhosOn –Stats MatrixServer –Dual Processor Turnkey Box –Microsoft SQL Server –Custom Reports –Microsoft IIS Server MatrixServer

25 Call Center Convergent Solution Integrate the MatrixTracker in a call center environment and you have a robust Customer Relationship Optimization program. Link your marketing communications, website and telephone service center initiatives into a single united effort. When a customer prints a coupon your call center will be notified instantly. The call center can follow up with the customer by phone or e-mail. Click here for instant customer support, MatrixTracker will display a list of users requesting help with their phone numbers and other personal information.


27 MatrixEducator


29 MatrixEducator is an interactive training tool with user performance tracking. MatrixEducator is configured like an online DVD player with Menus, Questions and Answers. The student logs in to the training site, select the training material and start the course. As the students watch the video there are questions to be answered before they are able to continue. If the question is answered incorrectly, the MatrixEducator replays the section of the video associated with that question and then asks the question again. MatrixEducator with the MatrixTracker option is an online real-time tracking system, allowing the instructor to monitor any student in real-time, or on demand from the archived data. The Instructor is able to pull reports on who completed the course, what questions they missed, how long it took them to finish and their total score. The Instructor can also find trends in the data, like what questions are confusing the students or what questions they are getting right. MatrixEducator is also available in a Pay Per View model with Digital Rights Management. This system will allow you to limit access to your content or charge by the class or the stream.

30 MatrixPowerPlayer




34 Encoding



37 TvTaxi Data Center


39 Clients

40 Customer Profiles





45 Press Coverage





50 Materials on CD PDF Files / PDF-Files Staff Photographs / Staff Pics PowerPoint Reader / Software Directory Adobe Acrobat Reader / Software Directory

51 Demo Reel

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