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TransLumen Technologies, LLC is a Service Disabled Vietnam veteran and Women owned and operated small business Incorporated in February 2000, Illinois.

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2 TransLumen Technologies, LLC is a Service Disabled Vietnam veteran and Women owned and operated small business Incorporated in February 2000, Illinois Company Patents awarded, US Patents #6,433,839, #6,580,466, with other patents applied for TransLumen Technologies, LLC Visualization Innovation - proprietary and patented visual display technologies v INDICATOR - provides increased situation awareness and advanced risk management tools which protect high value assets and lives at risk through a unique aggregating peripheral awareness notifier/alarm software application Please View PowerPoint in View Slide Show Mode

3 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 2 Image File format Brightness Contrast Object size Adjacent colors Shape Color and luminosity Environment Viewing distance Brightness Adjacent luminosity Ambient conditions Angle of view Screen Adjacent colors User Fatigue level Color response Visual acuity Attention span Age Stress level Level of interest Core Technology The status of the variables impacts the maximum rate of change allowed for STEGC constraint compliance Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change (STEGC) creates a stream of images that evolves below the level of human perception by detecting & controlling the rate of change based on viewing parameters including those of the: oImage oEnvironment oUser At any given point in time the image/object presented looks static but is in constant flux – transitioning to the next image GOAL: to present highly actionable information to the user by delivering secondary/tertiary data at the maximum rate that does not adversely impact the primary task while allowing for elevation to primary task status with the desired level of disruption through discrete change if a critical alarm threshold is crossed

4 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 3 TransLumen Overview TransLumen Markets Defense and Aerospace Visual Media Original Equipment Manufacturers Software Product Overview v-INDICATOR applied to oCommunication devices (mobile Screen3) oCommand and control oMonitoring Perceptual Training Fluidstills® applied to oArt oAdvertising Other applied to ….

5 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 4 TransLumen Aggregator Indicator Legend - critical - good workstation -Raw Display - Selected - Activated - Full drill down Multivariate Data Source Aggregation Temperature, Ground Temperature, Air Temperature, Water Wind Speed Humidity Cloud Cover Precipitation Visibility Barometric Pressure Dew Point Fuel State TA32º TA32º Status &Trend Aggregating Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change Peripheral Awareness Indicator Multifunction Display Mitigates disruption caused by conventional peripheral awareness tools such as: Stoplight indicators Real time indicators Other discrete indicators Aggregation of disparate and multivariate data to a single indicator Stress and fatigue reduction Elevated primary task performance Load balancing using non-invasive monitoring and feedback Reduced screen clutter Reduced visual noise Aggregation combined with persistence increases operator trust Provides a feedback loop for enhanced cueing of tasking

6 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 5 UAV Operations by Pilot – Example Applying Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change Anomaly detection/assessment tools Declutter visual displays by aggregating multivariate data supporting secondary tasks and fine tuning the rate of delivery through neurophysiologic monitoring Persistent but transient free dynamic monitoring, will free up the operator to make better decisions in this complex environment. Combine lower level autonomous decisions and task-based principles for organizing information with next generation subthreshold visualization.

7 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 6 Scalability PDAs workstations PCs Command and Control Alert/Notification services Network Archives Sensors Intel Wearable systems Mobile environments Tracked, Air, Sea and Space Embedded systems Micro systems Nano systems

8 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 7 Overview of the Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change (STEGC) Environment Applying principals similar to those found in gradual change blindness and incorporating interruption management to drive intelligent timing and cueing of mitigation strategies, STEGC is a predictive and adaptive tool component, able to aid the pilot/crews assimilation of secondary or tertiary data. A new paradigm precipitated by technologies that change the rules –Augmented Cognition –Neurophysiologic monitoring –The temporal visual spectrum –Interface technology advancements (hardware and software) –Back to symbology and simplicity in the (inter)face of complexity Decluttering should help operators manage their attention and concentration on the most critical and/or threatening information, taking into account real-time task assessment and prioritization of threats/information as well as information reliability and capabilities of the automation system.

9 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 8 Ultra long (5 seconds or more of contiguous change that is not noticed while the change is taking place ) Ultra short (<100) milliseconds Event Duration And The Persistence Of Vision Sub-threshold extreme gradual change Normal real time display Sub-threshold cueing or priming Emphasis on reduction of visual noise including Clutter reduction (conventional) Transient (visual signal spike) reduction Saccade (involuntary eye movement) reduction Changes visible as they occur - Perceptible Change perceived only after occurrence - Imperceptible Change is registered but not seen - Imperceptible

10 Start End 0min 2min Simulation Indicator bar indicator The bar will evolve over several minutes as follows: 1.Green (healthy) 2.Yellow (cautionary) 3.Red-solid (system alert) / Red-pulsating (alarm threshold crossed) Multifunction Display As time progresses the bar will evolve to red – an indication of system degradation The green bar replaces the previously unused lower bar of the application frame Technology Comparison – Text vs. Aggregated Graphics (2 minute animation) Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC

11 10 Sample Indicators bar - gradient with reference swatches bar - with reference swatches Examples of use include trend analysis, polygonal nomographs, image tiling and normalization, object ageing and clutter reduction through aggregation, rate of change detection and control. Direct comparison with reference swatch Multi-event Status Indicator Symbols and shapes Patterns Textures

12 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 11 System Status This is a system status indicator and will evolve from green to red and finally pulse when an alarm threshold is crossed. ( Magnified button ) This is an area of interest and will evolve from green to red while also increasing in size as the critical alarm level is reached Multi-Function Display (MFD) (2 minute animation)

13 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 12 Ghillie Suit The Tiger And The Ghillie Suit (2 minute animation) Tiger

14 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 13 Improving Situation Awareness through Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change Information overloaded displays have multiple detrimental effects, which include the following: Important information may be obscured, Irrelevant information may receive undue attention, Data transmission across networks may be delayed Decisions may be delayed, Decision accuracy may be compromised, and Cognitive workload may escalate needlessly, Diversified workforce depends upon different interface objects for decision-making Optimize Situation Awareness by reducing complexity and visual noise of the HCI with following benefits: Allowing the operator more time to concentrate on critical tasks; Balance the operators workload; Reduce screen clutter and data transmission speeds Improve the operators decision making for 1 st awareness response and return to task times Enhance operators to arrive at same and correct conclusion faster Reduce training across diversified operator demographics Enhancing the operators trust of the technology with added alarm thresholds

15 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 14 Still objects/graphics can change dramatically unnoticeably and unobtrusively over time Photographic imagery input can be utilized to create artificial life-like environments while requiring less bandwidth Displays can provide more data, more clearly while requiring less screen real-estate Emphasis on reduction of visual noise includes: Clutter reduction Transient reduction Saccade reduction Cockpit MFD Application

16 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 15 Equation for Obtaining Position on the Pixel Scale using the Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change Function (STEGC) *see patents

17 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 16 Optimized Data Visualization for Human Machine Interface (HMI) Inadequate assimilation of complex data in a timely fashion High levels of visual noise High levels of stress Diversity of cognitive skill sets Collaborative tasking with multivariate data creates complex decision-making Lack of trust in system Proposed Technical Solution The graphic above shows three discrete images, that are part of a series changing dynamically over time. Temporal cues enable the operator to absorb more information and better prioritize actions. Unobtrusive graphic feedback through the use of the peripheral awareness tool increases Situational Awareness by providing advance warnings prior to reaching critical states of alarm. Problem Key Discriminators Only technology with the ability to suppress visual change below the level of human perception using subthreshold temporal change unless alarm thresholds are crossed Aggregated secondary/tertiary data with less clutter and visual noise Prioritize and forecast critical situations in a more timely manner (early warning, (trending and predictive) Interruption mitigation Work load balancing * Current technology includes rapidly changing stoplight or analog charts and gauges that exhibit discrete changes causing visual distractions interrupting primary tasks User Defined Operating Picture optimized for display of data in reaction to biofeedback and environmental sensor data. Incremental information conveyed with increased comprehension over shorter timeframe. Latency indicator in collaborative environments. Simplified training in multicultural and other diverse demographics Capable of augmentation through intelligent agents. Simulation modeling for test and measurement of an individuals capacity to observe visual change Can be applied to command and control, vehicular transport or heads up displays. Viewing area can be displayed as an object including overlays, task bars, system tray icons, avatars, or transitioning backgrounds Capabilities and Method for Implementation Overlay Indicator Frame 10min Frame 25min Frame 3 10min

18 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 17 TransLumen Company Information Recipient of a Homeland Security Grant and NASA Grant Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business company-SDVSB-incorporated Y2K Patents awarded, US Patents #6,433,839, #6,580,466, with other patents applied for Member of Aerospace Medical Association, International Augmented Cognition International Organization (ACI with affiliation with HFES) Member Moving Autonomy Forward – Committee member Supplier to: oQinetiQ (formerly MOD) oBoeing (IDS) oLockheed (LM Simulation, Training& Support Maritime) o3M supplier (consumer art on electronic displays) Collaborations: oMuretex (UK company), Boeings Mission Systems and Intelligence, QinetiQ, Rice University, ASI Inc., Armys aeromedical area, MIT, Battelle Visual Media: oCustomers - Field Museum, Holiday Inn Express, Miller, Starcom, private collections oVideo Server test (YouTube, Google, Uncut) (50,000 downloads & top ratings)

19 Copyright 2007, TransLumen Technologies, LLC 18 Contact Info TransLumen Technologies, LLC Douglas R. Siefken Chief Technology Officer 175 East Delaware Place Suite 6808 Chicago, IL 60611 Tel 312/944-0169

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