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Special Operations Command - Pacific

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1 Special Operations Command - Pacific
SOCPAC Special Operations Command - Pacific Welcomes UNCLASSIFIED

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Command Video Click the link below to view the SOCPAC Command Video from the SOCPAC Web Server (File Size approx. 350 MB – BE PATIENT!)

3 History Special Operations Center Okinawa
Special Operations Staff CINCPAC SOCPAC activated SOCPAC assigned component units 26 years of continuous SOCPAC presence Mar SOCPAC established Joint Sp Ops Aviation Component Jun SOCPAC gained OPCON th Sp Ops Regiment (Abn) Taegu, Korea Nov Special Operations Center, Pacific Command established in Okinawa Oct Special Operations Command (SOCPAC) established Nov SOCPAC activated with 18 personnel Dec SOCPAC gained OPCON 353rd Sp Ops / 1st Battalion, 1st Sp Forces (Airborne) Jul SOCPAC assigned OPCON of Naval Sp Warfare Task based in Guam May Special Operations Staff established in CINCPAC Jul SOCPAC Establish JSOTF-P Jul Center is dissolved 1965 1969 1976 1983 1989 1991 2001 2002

4 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Pacific Command U.S. Pacific Command Marine Corps Forces Pacific Special Ops Command Pacific U.S. Army Pacific Pacific Air Forces Pacific Fleet U.S. Forces Korea U.S. Forces Japan Alaskan Command Joint Interagency Task Force – West Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command Asia Pacific Center For Security Studies C Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance MISSION: Together with other U.S. government agencies, protect and defend the United States, its territories, Allies and interests. Alongside Allies and partners, promote regional security and deter aggression. If deterrence fails, be prepared to respond to the full spectrum of military contingencies to restore Asia Pacific security.

5 Special Operations Command Pacific
UNCLASSIFIED Special Operations Command Pacific Mission: Special Operations Command Pacific Mission: Plan, conduct and support Special Operations and Related Activities in the Asia-Pacific region. Enhance Regional Security and Stability through development and cooperation with Allies, Partners, U.S. DoD and other Agencies. On Order, respond to crisis in support of CDRUSPACOM objectives. CDRUSPACOM Priorities: Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines (OEF-P) LeT Network Contingency Response NSWU-1 - 254 personnel 1 SEAL Platoon 6 RIBs 4 MK V 1/1 SFG (A) 434 personnel 3 Companies each w/ 1 ODB/ 6 ODA 353rd SOG - 754 personnel Squadrons 5 MC 130 H 5 MC 130 P 2 PC-12 2 U-28 UNCLASSIFIED


7 Lines of Effort Strategic Objectives Theater Strategy
UNCLASSIFIED Lines of Effort Theater Strategy Build Partner Capacity Preparation of the Environment Gain Visibility and Understanding of the Environment Attack the Threat Strategic Objectives Shape the Operational Environment NO BUILD UNCLASSIFIED 7

8 Theater Campaign Plan (TCP) 2012 Events
12 May 09 Theater Campaign Plan (TCP) Events Approximately 70 Planned Events Event Types Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Exercises Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) Counter Narcotics Training (CNT) Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) or Mobile Training Teams (MTT) Counter Terrorism Activities Pacific Area Special Operations Conference 19 Countries Australia Bangladesh Cambodia China India Indonesia Japan Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Nepal N. Zealand Philippines Singapore S. Korea Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Vietnam 8

9 COMSOCPAC’s Theater Vision
UNCLASSIFIED COMSOCPAC’s Theater Vision We are interagency partners We will increase our understanding of potential adversaries and enemy networks… and their vulnerabilities We will strengthen the friendly network… increasingly through multi-lateral mechanisms We will contribute to conduct Operations, Actions and Activities “by, with, and through” Allies and Partner Nations Bottom Line: Over time, our focused, tailored and synchronized SOF Operations, Actions, and Activities significantly contribute or help achieve CDR USPACOM objectives and COM goals…within countries and across regions to shape the theater UNCLASSIFIED


11 SOCPAC Country Relationships
UNCLASSIFIED SOCPAC Country Relationships Australia Japan New Zealand (Treaty Suspended) Philippines South Korea Taiwan (Taiwan Foreign Relations Act) Thailand Broad base, full spectrum of engagement with military and security forces, to include Counterterrorism Treaty Allies/Defense Partnerships Bangladesh Cambodia Hong Kong India Indonesia Malaysia Maldives Nepal Singapore *Sri Lanka Building National CT capability and capacity CT Partnerships *Policy restrictions limit to non lethal interaction *China *Vietnam Laos Mongolia Russia (Far East Military District) Brunei *Myanmar/Burma Asia-Pacific Geo-Political Partnerships ASEAN – Association of South East Asian Nations SAARC – South Asia Association of Regional Nations Emerging Opportunities *Policy restrictions limit interaction Not Prioritized UNCLASSIFIED


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