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1. Hello Everyone, The past two months have quickly come and gone as per usual at this chaotic time of year. With numerous new volunteers, co-op students.

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2 Hello Everyone, The past two months have quickly come and gone as per usual at this chaotic time of year. With numerous new volunteers, co-op students and post-secondary interns we have been focused on getting up to speed both on our studio, mobile and videography productions. Our in studio volunteers have quickly adapted to the Rogers TV experience and are doing a great job bringing daytime, Mosaic, Inside London, newsmakers, #LdnOnt and The Wrap, to life. We continue to work closely with Fanshawe College and have accepted many studio volunteers to our team and also welcome the TV News 3 rd yr. students each Friday when they tape Fanshawe Learns. Staff feedback indicates we have the strongest FC students working with us this year both in Studio and on our mobiles. Each week the Producers are pleased to see so many students improving their skills and bringing talent and dedication to Rogers TV. A huge thank you to our veteran volunteers who step up in September and October to assist with training, fill in the gaps and go above and beyond to ensure our productions run smoothly. Our many Co-op Students complete our crews with eagerness to learn and a commitment to long hours on mobiles and advanced skill requirements for daytime. You are doing a great job! A handful of volunteers are enjoying getting out with our staff to try their hand at our Community produced programming including Are you Sweet Enough? Beyond the Armour and Inside London to name a few. It is hard work slugging around an XD camera (trust me, I know!) but what fun it is! Let me know if you are interested in learning. Please continue to communicate regularly and promptly to all emails and ensure you give 1 weeks notice for any cancellations. We appreciate it! Thanks for getting us off to a great season. Enjoy! This is for you. Sincerely, Marcy

3 Quick Facts We will be covering the St. Thomas, Hyde Park, Woodstock, Strathroy and Tillsonburg Santa Claus Parades in November as part of our mobile schedule. We have close to 150 volunteers working with us in London, St. Thomas, Woodstock, Strathroy and Tillsonburg. 75% of our volunteers are students who receive thousands of hours of training from us each month!! Each of our XD Cameras costs close to $30,000 including the lens! Yikes! Beyond the Armour, is a behind the scenes look at your London Knights. The players host the shows and bloopers are included in the credits to highlight the fact they are oh, so human! You got your Elijahs your Chalmers and your Bryan Hancocks. Fine, fine work, boasts Associate Producer, Ryan Robinson. Tune in Wednesdays at 6:30pm &sid=4756&gid=101311 Check out this link for a unique credit roll on #LdnOnt. XD CAMERA Zinc Banning Shaft – COST = $126.00 XD CAMERA Viewfinder Shoe- COST = $148.00 Please use the equipment with care. IT IS EXPENSIVE. $

4 Following are the productions in all of our regions either running or coming up soon. Be sure to check them out on Channel 13. Thank you to our volunteers who bring them to life. Have an idea for a program youd like to produce or host? Fill out the Propose a Show form at LONDON daytime London City Council Inside London Doggy House Calls newsmakers Mosaic The Knights Warm Up OHL London Lightning The Wrap ST. THOMAS/STRATHROY Whats Up Elgin? GOJHL- St. Thomas Stars Hockey Empowering Women In the Know Local Podiums Inside Strathroy Living Beyond OXFORD COUNTY (Woodstock/Tillsonburg) Oxford County Living Inside Tillsonburg One on One Local Podiums On Patrol- Oxford County POP Oxford Whats Up Oxford? ON THE GO OUA /IBL GOJHL –London Nationals Healthy Eating Local Podiums #LdnOnt Healthy Living Beyond the Armour In Focus-Living Fit High Performance Training

5 Teaching was a big part of my life. As I approached my retirement 3 years ago I realized that I had to join new communities and build new skills. For years I had videoed my family and school events. Volunteering at Rogers TV seemed like a good fit for me as I began my retirement. Training sessions helped me to get acquainted with equipment and the process of putting together a television show. I began working on First Local-the best London based news show ever- hosted by Bob Smith with Rachel Gilbert and Jeremy Parking along with several roving reporters. Working with producer Jeremy Cook in the control room was always great fun. The staff at Rogers TVcreated a welcoming environment. Taking the show on the road with the Rogers mobile truck afforded me the experience of covering local basketball, baseball, football and hockey. Working in the McManus theatre taping London Tonight with Jeff Leeson was another outstanding experience. In every case the volunteer crew and our professional producers (Neill Johnson, Kris Bergholz and Morgan Baker) created a very positive working environment. People are always willing to help, there are many different jobs to learn, and together we produced quality television. At the end of a long day of taping the London Majors at Londons beautiful Labatt Park my producer Neill Johnson was looking for a shot to run the credits over. Working camera four on the third-base line I had noticed a family who had a bulldog dressed in a London Majors jersey. What a great shot that would be, I thought. As fortune would have it the family came back in my direction and I was able to frame the face of the bulldog in my shot. That looks great camera four, said my producer Neill over my headphone, we'll go with that shot. Unfortunately, as my light went red and my camera was live the dog turned around. It was not a pretty picture. Zoom out, Zoom out! Called Neill. After further training I began videotaping and editing interviews for Marilyn Buggy on the shows High School Backstage and Amazing Kids. Marilyn's direction and constructive criticism helped me to become a better videographer. After 3 years of volunteering I am reluctantly retiring. My own work shooting weddings, lectures, conferences, and family are keeping me very busy. I recently posted an interview with my mother to commemorate our family's 50th anniversary in Canada. ( The training I received while volunteering at Rogers TV is evident in the quality of the work I am able to do today. THANK YOU GREG, FROM ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AT ROGERS TV! By Greg DeSouza My Retirement Plan

6 Each month we like to help you to get to know our staff better. This month meet: Kris Bergholz, Mobile Producer What do you love most about your job? The satisfaction of training someone to do something and have them succeed and then see them get a job! What are your pet peeves? Lack of discipline, not willing to try and laziness. What is the most important thing your parents taught you? Mom-She taught me how to be personable. Dad- Discipline. Hes German! I literally have polar opposite parents. What do you do in your spare time? I play video games and listen to music like Muse and The Killers. Whats it like to have a front row seat for every Knights game? Its ridonculous. I see things that people at home dont have a chance to see. I see through 5 different cameras and get a perspective nobody else does. What is your favourite sport to play/watch? I like to play baseball but I prefer to play hockey. Baseball is easier to get out and play and less work too. I kind of like to watch it all. Depends on who is playing. Are you a good husband? Damn straight I am. Im not perfect, but my wife is! I understand you are a new dad? Will was born March 4 th. Its fantastic being a father. He is so funny. He does this thing where he sounds like a baby Chewbacca. Where did you get your start at Rogers TV? I started volunteering on Knights games and did handheld for a year then I moved to directing. A mobile position came open and now I have been here for 14 years.

7 In an effort to continue to encourage accountability and responsibility, I would like you to reiterate a number of our policies and clarify a couple as well. As always, the vast majority of our volunteers are extremely conscientious and follow our policies without incident, however I would ask all volunteers to re-read the policies below to keep them top of mind. ABSENCES In the area of absences, I note there are still many short notice cancellations which leave our Producers short-handed and do not leave enough time to fill the spot. -Volunteers are expected to only sign up for shifts for which they are committed to participating. If they are not sure, they should not sign up. -We expect one weeks notice for any cancellations, (i.e. job interviews that cannot be rearranged) or a strike will be given. -The 48 hr. policy is for emergencies (death in the family, severe illness), not for change of plans, the need to study or being called into work. LATENESS As much as I appreciate that the buses sometimes run a little slow, and individuals have personal issues that sometimes mean late nights, it is still expected that the volunteers show up on time. I do not expect volunteers to be 15 minutes early, but 5 minutes is reasonable. For anyone who is continually late, after two times, I expect the volunteer to receive a strike. Lateness does not show professionalism and sends a poor message to other crew members. CELL PHONES/ELECTRONIC DEVICES As I know you have communicated on a number of occasions in the past, I expect that all volunteers have their cell phones off during their shifts. In down time, we welcome the volunteers to catch up on their communications, but otherwise, I do not want to see them in the studio, on mobiles or while shooting in the field. Failure to follow this policy will lead to an automatic strike which will be implemented by the Supervisor on site and then communicated to the Volunteer Coordinator. DEADLINES and COMMUNICATIONS Please also make note that it is expected that volunteers respond to deadlines by the date indicated. The Volunteer Coordinator should not have to chase individuals for their schedules. I also expect that the volunteers check their email briefly every day for updates including crew call changes, cancellations etc.. I genuinely appreciate the long hours you put in, and the dedication you show each time you work on a Rogers TV production. However, if we can clarify our expectations, Im sure well see a reduction in the kinds of issues weve had with the small percentage of volunteers who either dont fully understand the rules, or choose to ignore them. I appreciate your attention to this matter. Cheers. Bob Smith, Station Manager A Message from Bob Smith

8 NOVEMBER MOBILE SCHEDULE REMINDERS RE: TRANSPORTATION Thank you for helping us out and taking crew to and from out-of-town productions. Just a couple of gentle reminders that all crew should know! 1.We provide rides to and from Rogers TV, not your doorstep. 2.If the gas tank is on ½ full or less, it needs to be filled. 3.Speeding is NOT ACCEPTABLE. We receive reports on your activity while driving so be safe, not sorry. 4.Take out any garbage you bring in the vehicle. 5.If the tire pressure is low please add air. Check the side of the tire for the amount required. Please meet your deadline for signing up. Saturday, Nov. 3 Wednesday, Nov. 7 Thursday, Nov. 8 Wednesday, Nov. 14 Saturday, Nov. 17 Sunday, Nov. 18 Wednesday, Nov. 21 Saturday, Nov. 24 Sunday, Nov. 25 Thursday, Nov. 29 2:30PM-11PMBudweiser Gardens 1PM-5PM / 5PM-11PMWestern Fair 1PM-5PM / 5PM-11PMBudweiser Gardens 1PM-5PM / 5PM-11PMWestern Fair 7AM-12:30PMDowntown Ingersoll 1:30PM-10PMWoodstock City Hall 2PM-9PMSt.Thomas Studio 1PM-5PM / 5PM-11PMTimken Centre 1PM-5PM / 5PM-11PMWestern Fair 6AM-2PMHyde Park 11AM-4PMNext Wave Youth Centre 9AM-7PMBudweiser Gardens 1PM-5PM / 5PM-11PMBudweiser Gardens Our HOODIES have arrived for all mobile crew. The Producers bring them in the truck each game so please ask for one! You are expected to wear them to all mobiles. NBL Basketball HFX @ LDN "JR.B" Hockey BRA @ LDN NBL Basketball QUE @ LDN "JR.B" Hockey STT @ LDN Ingersoll Santa Claus Parade Woodstock Santa Claus P. St.Thomas Santa Claus Parade "JR.B" Hockey STM @ STT "JR.B" Hockey LTN @ LDN Hyde Park Santa Claus Parade Strathroy Santa Claus Parade NBL Basketball OSH @ LDN NBL Basketball STJ @ LDN Production Date Crew Call Venue

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